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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Javier Duarte and Roberto Borge Seek Legal Protection Against New Arrest Warrants

Javier Duarte (L) and Roberto Borge (R)

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Javier Duarte and Roberto Borge Angulo, two of four former PRI representatives who currently face issues with the Mexican justice system and with the United States, began to move their legal pieces in search of breaking down or at least alleviating the crimes that the Mexican federal government and the local state authorities from which they governed have against them.

For the time being, the former Veracruz governor, who since yesterday has been held in the North Male Preventive Prison, managed and obtained the provisional legal protection of justice against two arrest warrants that were filed by the Attorney General of Veracruz.

Sandra Robledo Magaña, the first district judge in protection matters, granted Duarte de Ochoa a provisional suspension against five crimes: embezzlement, influence peddling, failure to fulfill legal duty, coalition of civil servants, and abuse of authority.

The constitutional hearing which will determine whether it grants the final suspension or refusal to grant protection to Duarte will be held on August 3.

From Panama, where Roberto Borge, who has been detained since June 5th subject to an extradition trial based on an arrest warrant from a federal judge from the State of Mexico for the crime of money laundering, has also began to make his play and filed his first legal protection against any arrest warrant or appearance made against him.

On Friday, June 14, Ciro Carrera Santiago, the 5th district judge of Quintana Roo, based in Cancún, entered the proceeding pertaining to constitutional protections filed by the former PRI governor, and by default, granted him the provisional suspension against the acts that he claims, according to The Council of the Federal Judicature (CJF).

Borge had to pay as collateral the sum of 59,000 pesos, according to the agreements published by the court in relation to the legal protection 1096/2017.

The indictment against Borge Angulo arises from the sale to his next of kin of 25 land properties from the state government’s reserves at lower prices than the market value.

Nevertheless, there are six complaints against him, four from the Attorney General of Mexico (PGR) and two from the state’s district attorney’s office (FGE).

Source: Proceso


  1. And THIS is the root cause why mx is so fucked up. Not the gringos and their demand for drugs. Its a shame for all Mexicans that these guys will be free soon and getting their next term.

    1. The reasons Mex is fucked are (in order of importance):
      1. Poverty (i.e. inequality)
      2. Corruption
      3. Demand for drugs from the US

    2. Wrong...

      1. Corruption
      2. Drug cartels
      3. Poverty

    3. Drug cartels get money from the demand of drugs from the US. the demand was there way before the cartels were.

    4. you clearly are an idiot, the number one root cause agreed upon by , scholars, law enforcement anyone else who studies drug trafficking organized crime is the U.S. consumption of drugs. - El Sol Prendido

    5. Wrong... LOL Corruption was there way before, before 'poverty' was just other excuse to turn the place into some type of drug wharehouse by many sorts of greedy individuals who also steal from the citizens. The presidents they always have had criminal organizations they supported, then they keep complaining for all the mess. Obviously the location & proximity to the north was never noticed by none of the fatsos & nonfatsos with tails.

    6. Before someone came offering drugs there was no comsumption and even less addiction, people barely had money to eat, some sold beer and spirits, even had their grifa, or opium.
      Then the british came to conquer Asia and China and make peace with america and 5HEY started enhancing their economy by creating mass addiction, because there was a lot of money to be made from the poor and the middle class addicts, still is.
      And forgetabout legalization, the profits are in ILLEGAL DRUGS AND UNACCOUNTED FOR EARNINGS and no reporting on investments whatsoever, that way you just pay NO TAXES either.
      Don't blame the addicted broke asses or even the rich ones,
      --it is all about the uncontrollable greed of the World's Vulture Capitalistas.

  2. CREEPY Javier Duarte needs to be locked up.

    1. 11:15 well, look at him all day, wanna poster?
      Now if you can put two land whales in a sardines can, put el trompetazz with la Marrana Duarte, they will look sooo nice toghether.

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    1. Interesting! Looking forward to watching it.
      I will assume its during the time of Oliver Norths criminal prosecution?


    2. It will be interesting to see how a big budget movie handles the 'facts'. To me, alot of these movies are made to control the masses by creating a safe and sanitized version the masses will believe is the truth.

    3. @756Am--
      That is exactly my point. With all of the big names and budgets involved it will be harder to cover up the truth. Tom Cruise woke up and saw what the feds are doing. In his last film--Jack Reacher, he depicted a military contractor smuggling heroin back from afgahnistan.




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  4. Where are their wives? They can't live off that stolen money from the people.

    1. Duartes wife is immune from prosecution due to a plea made with Mexican government. Moreover she filed for divorce.
      In other words sh can't be touched and keeps the ill gotten funds they both stole from Mexican citizens.
      Where's justice in that!


    2. Luego se quejan...

    3. What agreements? Las nalgas de duarte de ochoa en la carcel for 1 year for her freedom and impunity?
      She "deserves" a lot more than that, and some balazos por el jundillo, her family also participated in all the robberies and cover-ups, and from prison they would return most of it,
      even their US investments.

    4. Agreement with the mexican government of his compa epn?
      Pile up the bullshit, I hope the "new 'panista' governor" accused pederasta and robbing priista minister with multiple million dollar investments in "Niu Yoark" at least get some millions of dollars from this motherfacking family for himself chingadamadre, como son pendejos los are los del pinchi "gobierno mexicano".

  5. And life goes on, it's excepted by our people. The corruption is all over the world

    1. Exactly 3:06am Life goes on...we never heard of The Mayor of Gurrrero n his wife no more. People in Mexico dont lose no sleep over it.

    2. You probably never gavre it much thought (even less experience) but the world is VERY unequally corrupt.

    3. 5:12 Iguala mayor jose luis Abarca and his wife maria de los angeles pineda Villa sister of the pineda villa sicarios of El Barbas secret lover of former governor angelico rivera
      Formed "la pareja imperial" de iguala.

  6. Y para acabar la de chingar vestidos de blanco como si de a tiro fueran palomas blancas. Andan más embarrados de cagada que la chingada. - Sol Prendido

    1. You definitely hit the button with that true statement!


  7. The government officials alwats get a slap on the wrist world wide, Just like joe arpaio in phoenix Arizona for example.

    1. 6:16 las nalgotas del sheriff apache arpaio tienen un fundillo muy chiquito comparado con el jundillo de la Marrana Parada "javier duarte de ochoa" and the other peña cartel ratas
      narco-goberandores asesinos.

  8. What will be interesting is to see the final outcome of his corruption charges. The legal proceedings will certainly entertain many. Moreover, the back door illegal agreements brewing .


  9. -Desde Tierra Caliente-

    Mi hija me lee estas cosas. Tengo una pregunta si se me permite. Un hombre muy malo viene a ti. Tienes miedo de él. Se pone sobre tu escritorio cincuenta mil pesos. Luego te mira y te pregunta. Hay una opción para usted. Este dinero o usted muere. Tienes que hacer algunas cosas por mí. Dime que prefieres?

    1. Y otra cosa es ser político puerco robando recursos (dinero) de la gente, hospitales, organizaciones etc. para uso personal. Los políticos son los verdaderos criminales así como los ves de pendejos y con corbata y traje

    2. Prefiero matarlo asi de fasil ay ke tenerlos bien puesto nasimos para morrir yo no nasi para ke me manden

    3. Ese hombre "Muy Malo" no llegaria a tu escritorio sin permiso, compita, y menos si no te va a hallar con los chones bajados.
      Do not blame the hombres muy malos, they do not own soldiers, marinas police and weapons and accountants to rob the pubic treasury and sicarios to kidnap, extort, torture, murder and disappear their victims in cahoots with the federal.government.

  10. Precisamente ese es el efecto que los trae todos asi en esos lugares, ya nadamas se duplican mas y mas como las ratas, esos marranos politicos a veces tambien reciven el mismo trato de los carteles, por eso hasta se pasan de lanza cuando estan en el poder, robando y haciendo lo que ellos quieren. Luego nomas se quejan...

    1. Los gobernadores que los maleantes, los maleantes que los gobernadores. Y en veces las dos cosas son la misma basura

  11. Remember when they used to kill leaders for things like this.
    Bring back the guillotine

    1. 7:31 the guillotine was used to decapitate the french royalty for good after the US refused to pay the loans the french king made to the american revolutionaries.
      The british took revenge on the french monarch after making peace with the american independentistas, the french revolution was never exactly "french", and american independence has always been subject to the british whims, up to today, kind of a pipe dream, fueled by opium and other shit
      like poppycock and chicken shit.

    2. OTIS, DO YOU AGREE with this revisionist opinion at @9:16?
      I thought secrets of state wsa.secrets of state, even for gossiping england, thanks...
      Scarlet Pimpernel.
      PS even Janes Bond never came close to me.

  12. ¡¡Par de Jotos!!...


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