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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

San Jose del Cabo: Body Count Rises to 18 in Clandestine Grave

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from El Debate

NOTE by Yaqui:  There have been plenty of more murders in CSL, SJ del C and La Paz and in other communities in Baja California Sur since these events although I have not read of more graves or seen a report from the Investigation.

Extra Material from BCS Noticias
Los Cabos, Baja California Sur 

Beloved Veteran Journalist Max
Colectivo Pericue
War Correspondent in the 1980's
 Central America
73 Years Young
The discovery of these clandestine graves or "narcofasas", as they are known, came about due to the ongoing investigation into the murder of Journalist Maximino Rodriguez Palacios, locally known as Max, who was lost his life in April.

The Governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis, thinks the discovery of the graves could be related to the territory dispute of rival cells within the Cartel de Pacifico. He added " that few clandestine graves are usually found in BCS, it is rare, but sadly, with intelligence and a good investigation we are coming upon them".
BCS Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis
It was around 15:00 hours on Tuesday, when the institution's staff located the clandestine burial site at kilometer 4.5 of the San José del Cabo-Cabo Pulmo road, where they found human remains of four males and two females.

No Caption Needed
The search continued on Wednesday and the unit reported seven more men and one woman were found buried for a total of 14 corpses located in one place, bringing the number up to 11 men and 3 women.
The recovery work was interrupted by the lack of natural light, but tomorrow (Thursday), the search will continue.
According to the information, the bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition, so forensic  experts from the Department of Experiential Services will be in charge of taking DNA samples to be able to identify them.
Likewise, the PGJE invites relatives of disappeared persons to come to its facilities to obtain a genetic profile and thus help them to be able to identify the bodies that have been found.

On Saturday, June10, minutes before 11am Security Agencies received a call to alert them that a cooler with human body parts and heads had been discovered. The finding was reportedly at Kilometer 17.5 under the El Tule Bridge near Cabo San Lucas.

Authorities were immediately deployed to the area and corroborated the report and found the cooler with body parts and more partially buried very near by, all appearing to be that of two males.

Puente El Tule / Coolers
The area was cordoned off for forensic specialists to begin their investigation and hopefully, identify the 
bodies. This latest finding brings the total of badly decomposed corpses to more than 18 individuals found in "Narco Fosas" (clandestine graves) near the center of the Municipality of Cabo San Lucas.     


  1. Contractors with small backhoes should be looked at more closely. - Sol Prendido

    1. Or anyone that can afford a 20$ shovel? This should be easy.

    2. Good luck digging a hole deep enough 4 multiple bodies. Use the night 2 your advantage. Work smarter not harder. - Sol Prendido

    3. the is the dumbest assumption. small backhoes would leave track marks as clearly seen in all the pictures there are none. leave the detective work to the real detectives fool. The Real - Sol Prendido

    4. 7:45 Should you be the Royal Queen, chole?
      We use a few branches to erase marks on the road.
      Others just know how to dig fast with shovels and pickaxes.

  2. This are groups who don't want to alliance with El mayo and their loyalty is with El Licenciando and El mini Lic

    1. 8:26pm - LMaO! Can you provide even a morsel of evidence, rationale, or even a corrido you made up to support that anyone has a death wish and/or is dumb enough to "be loyal" to a meth head who didn't even build an organization on his own (professional rider on Chapo's coat tails), and he was not even disciplined enough to do what is necessary to maintain his freedom. Rule 1, there is no "loyalty" to anything except greed in this biz! You are both neophytes!! Lol

    2. Wrong, it's dona letty's people getting picked up by cjng. Cjng is active in that area and is after the whole plaza


  4. Y ami se me antoja una caguama bien helada

  5. Watching elchapo on Netflix. I swear I know Spanish now

    1. How accurate is the el chapo show? Watched entire first season and seemed a lot of things didn't fit what has been reported.

    2. Lots of things have been changed, the Arevados are the Arellano Felix , Cardinal Ocampo killed at Guadalajara airport in real life had two nuns in the car with him not another guy, some things are real, he did start out working with Pedro Aviles, its about 50/50 things that have been changed

    3. So where does el mayo fit into the show and also did he start with Palma like that?

    4. *Avendaños. which also happens to be the last name of another well connected family in Sinaloa.

    5. I never watch novelas, or narco-novelss, aka puras pendejadas,
      the comments here are more than enough.

  6. governor was with them...WHAAAAAT!

    1. 5:36 mexican Governors are local baron robbers, drug dealers, capos bosses, and death squads leaders.
      that is the Plan Mexico copied from the Plan Colombia that failed the colombian people,.
      Plan Mexico is failing too, but on a much bigger scale.
      BOTH PLANS were all about stealing and privatizing US treasury while using it to finance the take over of drug trafficking from the lower drug capos.
      --The WoD is all BS to make coin from all sides while appearing to be honest and sincere public servants, the usual

  7. Is Baja becoming the new Juarez?

  8. ZETA is now reporting a total of 23 bodies discovered, near Las Playitas.
    TWO bodies have been identified and clues to the murder of MAX, seem to have been recovered .
    Stay tuned for an Update.


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