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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Report: "Violence and Terror: Findings on Clandestine Graves in Mexico”

 Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from La Jornada 

        More Than 1000 Clandestine Graves Found in Mexico, 
                Report Confirms and NGO's Denounce

BY: Fernando Camacho Silva
June 22, 2012

Extra Material from TeleSurTV

Mexico City. Throughout the country there are more than a thousand clandestine graves, in which 2,114 human skulls have been found, according to the report Violence and Terror: Findings on Clandestine Graves in Mexico , carried out jointly by various academic and human rights organizations.
During the presentation of the study, Jorge Ruiz and Mónica Meltis, two of the authors of the paper, explained that the methodology of the analysis consisted of gathering hemerographic notes on the subject and data sent by the prosecutors of several states of the Republic , via transparency requests.
Ruiz said that only 12 state procuratorial offices provided information on the clandestine graves found in their territories (Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Sinaloa, Coahuila, Durango, Sonora, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi, Campeche and Quintana Roo), meanwhile the others stated that they had no data on them or were not obliged to provide them.

Another point that draws attention is that prosecutors of some of the entities with the highest levels of violence in the country, such as Guerrero, Jalisco and Chihuahua, are among those who denied having information on the matter.

Likewise, the vast majority of state prosecutors did not give figures on how many bodies were identified, while federal agencies such as the Office of the Attorney General and the Ministry of National Defense provided incomplete numbers.
According to the study, the states with the largest number of clandestine graves are Guerrero (59), Jalisco (53), Chihuahua (47), Coahuila (45), Tamaulipas (40), Nuevo Leon (33) and Michoacán .
Also, the municipalities that concentrated the largest percentage of graves were Durango, Durango (21 percent); San Fernando, Tamaulipas (12 percent); Acapulco, Guerrero (6 percent); La Barca, Jalisco (5 percent); Juárez, Nuevo Leon (5 percent), and Taxco, Guerrero (4 percent).

The country’s decades-long, military-led crackdown on drug cartels has resulted in hundreds of “disappeared” people, with many that are missing or who have been murdered, having no known links to criminal gangs. 

Over 250 human skulls were discovered at the Colinas de Santa Fe area, near the Veracruz harbor. Earliest traces of the mass grave were found in August by the Colectivo Solecito, a grassroots organization of relatives of Mexico’s disappeared.

Ortiz, who is in charge of investigating the discovery, believes the skulls belong to victims of drug cartels. He is currently waiting for US $1.8 million dollars promised by the Mexican government to buy sample materials to identify the remains.

In March, Veracruz Attorney General Jorge Winckler Ortiz accused the Mexican Government of knowing about the mass grave of at least 242 bodies that were discovered in his state earlier that month.

“It is impossible for anyone to have realized what happened here, with the vehicles that were coming in and out, if not with the complicity of government authority,” Ortiz said and added: "I do not understand  how else." HispanTV reports.

Despite having to depend on federal authorities who are believed to be “complicit” in the case, Ortiz continues to work independently with families to find answers.

"They give us just the bones but at least I have them. I can keep (them) somewhere ... I can put a flower on (them)," Colectivo Solecito member Martha Gonzalez told CNN en Español. "And I can know that they are really there and resting."

Veracruz, one of Mexico’s most violent states, is home to armed conflict between drug cartels Los Zetas and Jalisco Nueva Generacion. Within the last year, over 120 graves of suspected drug war victims have been discovered, Mexico’s Secretariat of the Interior .

Many believe Mexico’s federal government is involved in both recruiting members for these cartels and hiding the bodies of victims.

One day for example, policemen in Culiacan were filmed arresting eight young men before handing them over to what was believed to be an organized crime group. The incident echoed the circumstances that led to the disappearance of 43 students at the Ayotzinapa teachers' college, which sparked international outcry more than two years ago.

In 2016, more than 20,000 homicides were reported across Mexico, the highest level registered since Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto took office in 2012.

                               Disappearances Still Rising in Mexico 2 Years After Ayotzinapa

“Despite this alarming estimate, Mexico has still not realized how serious was the situation of disappearances,” said CNDH state official Ismael Eslava, adding that over 80 percent of the cases were concentrated in 11 out of the 31 states in the country: Guerrero, Nuevo Leon, Veracruz, Zacatecas, Coahuila, Colima, San Luis Potosi, Durango, Jalisco and Sonora.

Most of them are related to confrontations between rival drug cartels, sometimes with the support of authorities, said the report, which based its conclusions on over 500 requests before state and federal courts to find their relatives.

Relatives welcomed the report as an improvement on the usual work of the CNDH, often criticized for reluctantly investigating the cases of disappearances or human rights abuses, especially when they involve local or federal authorities.

The relatives of the victims complained that they have to carry out the search themselves for their loved ones, as the state fails to guarantee justice. However, running such investigations usually exposes them to death threats and other risks.

Between 2007 and September 2016, a total of 855 illegal mass graves were found across Mexico according to the official estimate, while a staggering 30,000 people were reported disappeared, according to a report by the National Commission of Human Rights. 


  1. All it is the gov getting rid of the natives

    1. 12:09 middle.class people with properties or trokes, business owners, political rivals, beautiful young women needed for a week or two, entire towns whose land is wanted by the governor, ranchers, nobody escapes.
      But it happened during before and after the murder of alvaro uribe velez' daddy in Culombia, and the murder of the only.witness shortly after, his pilot...
      Noé former president uribe velez is accused of stealing lands and of being a mass.murdering drug trafficker that worked with the FARC, ELN, as easily as with the PEPES, the AUC, the Policia.Nacional and the culombian army, I wonder how many land titles of ownership he has, but his children "los Chakis" sure own their own, Uribe denies ownership of La Macarena mass.grave, 2000 bodies or more, right outside the army.quarters, AND ALL OF THAT YOU CAN SEE IN MEXICO, including "the forced draft" of young men for the army or the guerrillas, depending on their luck...EPN has been consortium heavily with the.colombian authorities and dignitaries that helped him steal his election, contributed the."fiscalia" concept where mexico used procuradurias before, and computer hackers, plus giniral Oscar Naranjas to organize for the government a wining force no volunteer is going to defeat.
      One thing colombia does not do for mexico is su side or pay for the mexican government theatre, like in culombia, the US government pays for it.

  2. 'Che gob vale v**** en Mex.

    God bless the family of the dead

    1. 3:47 mexicans have all the best government the US can select, elect, buy, and pay, for the mexicans, because the mexicans are not able to elect a good civilized suitable self sustaining government for themselves since they discovered mexico, much less since they cooked LatinAmerica independence and revolutions that only leave them more pennyless indebted and enslaved.

  3. Strange how Durango ranks the highest yet we never hear much about them.

    1. In durango the prisoners go out at night to do their murdering and work and party, then they come back in the morning, was the home of vicente.carrillo fuentes until his arrest a few years ago, durable is the home stste.of the greatest mexican criminal in chicago, Mister Harry "the Hook" Aleman, the Outfit really went to bats for him and paid dearly for their sins, but still rule in chicago somehow.

    2. The leader of CDS is from Durango Ivan Archivaldo guzman. Also many heavy drug traffickers are from Durango , if CDS didnt have Durango under control
      they wouldnt be where they are at now.

    3. 10:30 ur are 100% right Sinaloa won't be were there are from past to present if it wasn't for mi Durango puro topía Durango plebes! -tu Papa

    4. Ivan is from Jesus Maria

  4. I read somewhere that there are over 250,000 immigrants from South of the border that are missing. Their families have never heard from them once they crossed into Mexico on their way to the USA. They have been picking them off for years and I truly believe over time that these figures have been piling up to come to that total.

    1. please provide any info or resource material you have on this subject. very interesting. numbers are staggering.

  5. Well, somebody organized the EXODUS from central america on the tops of the Death Trains because the mexicans quit trying to emigrate...
    Once the problem was.created, those very same somebodies protested angrilly about the Obama administration politics full of lack of GÜebos, and statesmanship and foresight AND GOT THEMSELVES A CONTRACT IN MEXICO tk fix the illegal flood of central american immigrants by the old time honoredethd of mass murdering, terror, rape and pillage, hiding the carcasses is ok, destros the evidence, but it worked.
    The creators of the problem, solved the problem, easier than ISIS, these illegal immigrants were not empowered with IEDS or other weapons first, then all te private contractors he to do is get their mexican assets to do their dirty jobs of murdering immigrants for dos o tres pesos each, and the free bullets, it may have subsidized veracruz
    SSPE Arturo Bermudez Zurita home buying sprees on the US, hey javier Duarte de Ochoa "la Marrana sin cola" also has million dollar homes on the US, and expensive boats, maybe their employers, partners and masters knew it woud all come back.
    Era cruz was also involved in training murderers for the mexican government and the Nicaraguan contras, on the shippies and receiving of weapons and wounded contra casualties, dirty drug money by the plane load on its way to drug traffickers and money launderers to panama or the Cayman Islands, and on shipping after receiving of Rafael Caro Quintero to "neutral armyless" Costa Rica in CIA planes.
    Don't just complain about the disappeared, check the spider webs of corruption and all the spiders involved on all this genocide, and don't accept for a fact that all the young women eloped with boyfriends and are hiding on the US affraid of la migra o de pirujas, call girls, teiboleras or corcholatas, the usual police state excuses...

  6. In a country like mex, with a population in the 10's of millions, the death count in the cartels wars being in the 100,000, the US won't waste bullets or lives u til it reaches Syrian conflict levels at least. Especially when our Texas city's directly across the borders are some of the safest cities in the US. In the mean time, we will continue to TAKE their product from cartel bathtubs in the oceans, and build the wall. We call the shots. No matter how many Rolexs and lambos these idiots post on social media. They know when the US wants ANYTHING they have, we will just take it. END OF STORY... The innocent citizens caught in the crossfire is collateral damage. And self inflicted Mexican stupidity. The real story is, we confiscate, or JUST TAKE way MORE dope than the cartels pay top dollar to smuggle kilo by kilo across the border. We pull a $300 million coast guard cutter up to a $50,000 fiberglass bathtub, and unload TONS of coke onto our ships and sink the garbage where it sits once empty. That's DOMINANCE. So keep dreaming people of Mexico. The US has been TAKING for decades. Get a history book and read. Mexico is just another cog in a giant wheel of US dominance. We've dealt with the NAZI's, the IRAQ's, the AFGAN's, the JAPANESE, the N.KOREANS, the VIETNAMESE, the ISIS, AL QUADA, etc, etc, etc. You my friends in mex aren't even a blip on the radar yet. When you've killed a few million of your own people, then we will look into dismantling these low budget cartels that u sing and dance to like they are gods. So I the mean time, u should try fixing ur own situation. God knows we've givin u more than enough equipment to do so. So good luck to u. Maybe in another 10 yrs we may feel Mexico as a semi serious threat to our country. And by the way, the opiate crisis in the US was a problem created by US pharma companys, not el chapo and the like. These are facts my friends. We handled our own issues over the yrs, kicking the Brits out, the civil war, communist backed Cuba pointing missles at our shores, gang violence, al quada flying planes into our buildings, and now North Korea killing hostages of ours (Otto warmbier). WE handle our problems. And we surely don't celebrate these enemies of ours through corridos and song. So get a grip mex. maybe if u showed as if u were actually hitting these cartels with force, ( with the $ Billions in equipment we've GIVEN to u) that might push mexicos issues to the forefront of our gov. Stand up people of Mexico before it's too late. Ur are already 100% a third world country in the eyes of the people of the US.

  7. @7:39- It's as if u are reading my mind sir😱👍🏻 Nothing to add. You've said it all friend.


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