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Thursday, June 22, 2017

MAY 2017 : The Most Violent Month in 20 Years

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from Zeta

The Baja California Peninsula / West Coast of Sinaloa and Sonora
The Gulf of California
June 21, 2017

According to data released Wednesday by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) of the Ministry of the Interior, in May of this year there were 2 thousand 186 intentional homicide cases, which surpassed the record figure  of this crime in the last two  decades, since the compilation of data is made monthly from 1997 to date.

The level of intentional homicide in May 2017 is greater than the maximum recorded, which was the number of 2,112 intentional killings in May 2011 during the last leg of the government of Felipe de Jesus Calderón Hinojosa.

The 2 thousand 186 records of intentional homicide cases of May of this year, signify 2 thousand 452 victims of violent acts. The figures are different because in a same preliminary investigation, open in state procurator's offices and state prosecutors, more than one death may be included.

The highest number of intentional homicides in May occurred in the State of Mexico, with 225 cases. It is followed by Guerrero, with 216 and Baja California with 197.

But considering the number of inhabitants of each entity, the highest percentage of intentional homicides occurred in Colima, with 31.69; Followed by Guerrero, with 26.47, and the states of the Baja California Peninsula, with 20 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.

Mexican State of Colima Active Volcano
 June is getting off to an equally grim start: On June 14 their were six murders and six attempted murders in less than 24 hours inn Tijuana.


  1. So if the official number is 2,186 intentional murders, what is the actual number? I seem to remember past reports in the media and BB that the real number is actually higher because deaths go unreported because it is in the governments best interest to keep the numbers down.

    1. 100 percent spot on. Virtually no one believes the government numbers.

    2. @10:07 Chivis used to use what she called "Mexican Math". If there was a number that reflected unfavorably on the government, multiply that by 10. If is was a number that reflected favorably on the government divide that number by half.

    3. OK, dd, now don't get me started with the black math,
      because you are going to wish you was never been born.
      But i'd welcome BB scientists and mathematicians input.

    4. @10:31. Chivis used her "Mexican Math" formula to make a point, not to come up with and actual number. It is impossible to come up with an accurate number. The numbers the government puts out are based on the number if reported homicides that are submitted by the states. Some states don't even report to the feds. Even in the reports that are submitted are usually based on the number of investigations (cases that are opened) and one case my involve multiple homicides. The reports also do not include the 1000's of bodies that have been found in Fosa's all over Mexico or the "disappeared".

      Scientists and mathematicians are welcome to comment, but without the correct data to work with they will never come up with a accurate number either.

    5. So...can anyone tell me what the definition of "intentional homicide" is? Is there such a thing as "non-intentional homicide"?

    6. @2:24PM Intentional homicide (murder) is killing someone "with malice aforethought." Manslaughter is The unlawful killing of a human being without any deliberation, which may be involuntary, in the commission of a lawful act without due caution and circumspection.

    7. 2nd most dangerous country in the world. Only Syria is worse... ( and there is a full blown war there involving 4 different countries )

    8. Thanks dd. So, just to be clear, 'intentional homicide' is homicide. MMmm...when would a homicide be non intentional then?

    9. Ok, db are you that guy that hijacked a plane and parachuted out of it during flight? Db Cooper they call him

  2. Agreed with 10:07. These are not the actual numbers. This is a government guesstimate at most.

    1. The politicians shave the numbers and the facts and give them some make-up, them comb-over the bald truth.

  3. I know there's a lot of factors involved, but I wonder directly and indirectly how much Chapo's extradition has to do with this. I'm guessing a lot

    1. Well 10:57 it's obvious that Chapo's incarceration is a factor when it comes to the infighting within the CDS. But I doubt it has anything else to do with the May 2017 intentional homicide numbers. Whatever is going on is much bigger than Chapo and his incarceration.

    2. 10:57 completely agree. I would say the shit in Sinaloa accounts for a huge amount of the violence so yes Chapo extradition biggest new factor in the violence going on

  4. Every shot that thunders
    Through the nighttime don't you wonder
    What potential was extinguished
    To keep the flames burning under?
    Through the underworld and over world
    Principles are so the same
    Though we pretend they're not as if they do not control cocaine
    But you'll find it's connected
    Every kid in the hood that's living with a death wish
    Is the same as the King who kills for the bling
    But he is just much more reckless
    It's the King that I'm talking about
    Though he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth
    He still gonna clap for the slightest of chat
    At any world leader that can't back it
    If he is sitting on the boxes
    They are just oil or mineral deposits
    Food he is moving fucking with our profit
    So he better stop it
    They say money makes the world go round, but it don't
    That is just not true
    If you ain't got guns to protect that money
    I'lI regret that, Sonny, it is more fool you
    Only murder further agendas that money couldn't force
    Eliminate the foes who propose
    To suppose a different course, of course
    A little torture is usually a big supporter
    Though there's nothing quite like killing
    Good riddance to non supporters
    We demonize the man on the corner
    Paint him as a thug
    We worship murder so much
    It's just that he ain't killed enough
    You wanna commit murder
    But not end up in cuffs?
    You gotta make it to the Premier League
    A thousand murders plus
    -La Siempre Viva Politica Negra-

    1. 12:58 we a precise the input, but, WHY In the hell's calzones can'you say names and situations as you figure them?
      Don't be so biblical, honey,
      --don't waste your and our time with your putas mamadas...

    2. Let's get a little clarity
      You ain't got the capacity to internationally
      Have a say in the ways things happening
      You expect to collect more battering
      Your arsenal it ain't got no nukes
      Armies equipped with too few troops
      We're laughing at you when you call truce
      It's part of the ritual to shoot-shoot-shoot
      You got no background in colonization
      Or public resource privatization
      You can't bang with the big boys, face it
      But you still wanna play like Satan
      You got no death squads to call your own
      Or a pilot to fly your drones
      Much less bulldozers for their homes
      Talk gangster and you want to name Al Capone?
      He was an amateur, silly little boys don't understand
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      For missing a payment in the payment plan
      To the man, one with invisible hand
      And a hidden fist to enforce plans just because i can more wicked than the Summer of Sam
      Kick your shit and I kick mine fam!
      You bust your gun and I bomb your land
      Only murder further agendas that money can't control
      Nothing like a massacred village to get the problem solved!

    3. @ 5:12 Don't give up your day job

    4. 8:00 actually if you read that crap at least 10 times and use your head you can start understanding,
      it is like you acquire the taste.
      Talking about whole villages massacred as a solution to some problems is something some powerful indebidos do in revenge against "elusive enemies".
      --I appreciate the message, but there is nothing like a clear comment with NAMES, THE STRAIGHT SHIT AND THE DIRTY LINEN.
      tht leaves no room to interpretations.

  5. Not to steep. Tiene que ver ley. Y esa va ser del Senor.

  6. No. But disapearence is not considered a murder or death. Same as USA

    1. 4:50 es que en los US se la jalan mucho.
      Y en mexico les estan enseñando las misma mañas, empezar do con la Sagrada presunción de que el pinch presidente de la republica es todopoderoso e infalible y nadie puede decor ni pio aunque le arda toda la pinchi cola.
      As they sey on the US it's not your family or you,
      mind your own business, get along, notin' tu see, buddy.

  7. And yet there seems no end in sight for such violence. No solutions to the epidemic which has plagued Mexico for years.
    Correction? There is a solution to the violence which ravages Mexico. The legalization of of drugs in the US.
    Just a thought. Billions of dollars wastefully spent on a war against drugs.


  8. Given that homicide is the gravest of crimes it is very likely that all other crimes are also on a historically very high level.

    That means that rapes, assaults, robberies, kidnappings, theft, child abuse, fraud etc. are very likely to be very high as well.

    Given the high level of impunity the last couple of mexican generations learns the following: crime pays and the bigger, bolder and dirtier the lower the risk and the higher the payoff.

    Civilized society on its way down!

    1. It sure has been the beginning of such.
      But to what extent and what will be the final outcome.


    2. 9:45 the final outcome, of Benito Mussolini and Nicolai Ceaucescu, after a while the government can't be living off their lies and pantominas.

  9. IN a perfect world we'd all be pacifists. And great LOVEers of peace. But the one WE live in actuALLy calls for WARmongers. - Sol Prendido

    1. On this imperfect world I am a perfect lover sol.
      And I would not trade for anyhing with anybody,
      not even a big paycheck from my masters...

    2. 11:04 Sorry bro but we don't all work 4 $. Many of us can actually VOLUNTEER. In return 4 these things many many doors open for us. Put my words 2 the test. I challenge you. - Sol Prendido

  10. Either way, puerto Vallarta here I come! Let the endless margaritas flow and blare the outdated hip hop music.

    1. Haha going to manzanillo and barrancas del cobre man!!

    2. @7:40- hahahaha!!! Right?? We skipped out this yr. Last yr narcos had a couple road blocks. My wife about shit. Love it there. What a shame. B safe!!

    3. Have a great trip! I hope to go later in the year.

  11. There is a lot of deaths that go unreported because of fear. In my home city alone there has been a lot just 2 last week beheaded but nothing got reported not even on the newspapers.

    1. Unfortunately lot of the news is censored by unforeseen circumstances. News agencies all over the world are corporate run with client interests. In other words a yea or nay is given for reporting or publication.

  12. My friends and family tell me that 23 people were found in a fosa on someones backyard in Villa Jimenez Mich but not a peep from the goverment or news outlets.

  13. Mexico has to get or have more records in narco war categories!! But this is a big accomplishment, I'm sure they tired hard to set it.

  14. Is dieing by natural causes and accidents considers war casualties? Im guessing thats why the numbers are higher

    1. These are homicides bob

    2. So dieing for natural causes and accidents are consider homicides? I know thats homicides. Im asking if dieing by natural causes and accident are also homicides. Mexico is also the capital of car accidents.

    3. 12:51 gotta be one of the dumbest comments Ive read on BB

  15. What places are and arent safe in mexico to visit ? Anybody know ? Is piedras negras safe ?

    1. just surfed rio nexpa in mich y la saladita in guerr. drove during day. almost zero police just an occassional army truck packed with machine-gunned checkpoints or issues.

  16. What I find interesting is that no such efforts are being applied by other nations to assist with stabilizing the violence which has plagued Mexico.
    Such a sad world we live in .

    1. 1:41 german guns, chinese and american AK 47, Bulgarian weapons, catholic church owned arms manufacturers also supply, because their anticonceptive pills are not fast enough at population control, so some artificial depopulation pushing is needed on the ground. Please, no more foreign help, even the US is suffering the.consequences of "foreign help" in their elections and business practices...please GOD help!

  17. Most are cds, especially in Tijuana, the just need to throw in the towel cuz they are just getting smoked


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