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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Guerrero lives through 5 days of gun battles

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from Reforma article

Subject Matter: Los Jefes, Los Rojos, Cartel de la Sierra
Recommendation: See link to article on current groups disputing Guerrero

Reporter: Jesus Guerrero
For five consecutive days criminal groups of antagonistic sicarios carried out gun battle in the streets of Chipancingo. Some of these events have happened during the day, and the Police corporations have not detained the alleged criminals.

According to the authorities, the plaza of Chilpancingo is heating up, because of a dispute between the criminal groups of "Los Jefes", against "Los Rojos" and the Cartel de la Sierra.

On Sunday night a gun battle was registered in the 20 of November Colonia, the Guerrero 200 Colonia, and the La Adolfo Viguri Colonia in the south of the City.

During Monday morning and the evening there were further shoot outs. The most intense gun battle occurred a little after 23:00 when in the Calles Miguel Allende and Juan Aldama, in the Los Angeles Colonia, armed men aboard Tsuru Nissan, shot up a house, but it is not known if there were deaths or injuries.

This Tuesday afternoon, in Calle Eucaria Apreza, armed men attacked a Blue Chevy vehicle with rifle fire. The vehicle, according to Police reports, had bullet impacts in the rear panels and in the front passengers door.

The gun battles between these criminal groups in diverse zones of Chilpancingo started last Friday, when armed men, shot up two dry cleaning stores, located in Lazaro Cardenas Avenue and the other in Calle Trebol, opposite the local hall. On Saturday there were gun battles in the Galeana and El Amate Colonias.

Before the recent violence started to show on the streets, the Secretary of Municipal Public Security maintained an alert in which he bid that all citizens stay in their hours during the hours of darkness.

In the case of having to leave home during these hours, he said one should not travel on unlit streets and to never travel alone.

Since 2015, the Municipal Police only have 105 elements, which make up six patrols and six motorcycles to patrol the city.


  1. Corrupt since the Santana days... Mexico Muere..đź’€

    1. 2:57 pendejo since birth, born a pendejo.thanks for the ignorance.

  2. You mean to tell me even with FB and Snapchat these criminals still getting away ...i just got back from Cd Victoria i will tell you even the kids have cell phones an everyone i met from kids to older folks had FB but the Law cant set up a way to report crime or post vids or pics online to help with leads or prevent crime from happening???? Ayyy Amigos they can but they wont the law in Mx is a circus where even the shortest clown gets paid$

  3. The polisia is out gunned, out numbered and paid in cash, so much more than counting the corpses can hardly be expected

  4. I'm sure biger cartel groups like cjng or fAmilia michoacan is involved somehow

    1. lol familia Michoacán hahahaha
      Good one

  5. 6:02 yeah, sure thing, probably, or maybe not.


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