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Monday, May 8, 2017

After three years in prison, autodefensas of Tumbiscatio obtain their freedom

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Michoacán 3.0 article

Subject Matter: Autodefensas of Michoacán
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Gustavo Aquado
In Morelia, Michoacán, 16 autodefensas of the town of Tumbiscatio obtained their freedom, they were imprisoned in the David Franco Rodriguez prison better known as Mil Cumbres, since 2014.

They obtained their liberty around 3 in the morning of last Thursday, the 16 persons, among them a woman, were in prison accused of violation of the Federal law of firearms.

It was in a press conference that the Citizens Movement gave details about the imprisonment of those that formed the Autodefensas of Tumbiscatio to confront organized crime in the region.

The head of the movement mentioned that in actuality there are around 200 Autodefensas imprisoned in different prisons of the country, among them the leader of the Buenavista Tomatlan Autodefensas, Jose Manuel Mireles.

Their release was achieved through the payment of fines, that were paid in the majority by the local deputy and ex candidate to the government party MC , Manuel Antunez, this amounted to 620,000 pesos.

The legal defender of the former self defence groups, Ignacio Mendoza said that despite the recent release they are not satisfied, because "our intention is to completely free them from an unjust accusation. What unfortunately has been achieved is only their release on bail, unfair of course, but the process continues", add the Lawyer.

Ignacio Mendoza considered that their release should generate sensitivity in the charges subjected to the former leader of the Autodefensas Dr Manuel Mireles Valverde, so that he may also be released, since he said it was the same crime he was accused of, he had the same rights and the same circumstances.

This was made from two articles from Michoacán Tres Punto Cero


  1. Freedom will always come with a price. - Sol Prendido

  2. And the Doc still locked up, these guys are going to eat good.

  3. That sucks... at least they are free though. The question is.. when are they going to release Dr

  4. Wow, it took three years to raise and pay roughly $30,000 dollars.
    Well, it's a start
    Free Doc Mireles !

  5. Yes, guys, her name is Selene, and she is cute:

  6. Brave men all; the CT was at its most dominant in areas like Tumbascatio and Arcelia. These men stood alone against an army.

  7. At least someone is doing something and a political party to boot.That's impressive!

  8. ¿y Dr. Mireles, apa?

  9. You know what that means? Pump up the quebradita music and later tone it down and reminisce with some tropa chicana. Ajua!!!

  10. Please correct me if I am wrong . I very well can be but I thought Mireles was also charged with drug possession at the same time he was charged with the machine guns . Somebody that knows more than me can answer this .

  11. WHAT! RELEASED AFTER ONLY 3 YEARS! I hope they were tortured so that they learned the lesson to not challenge the governments monopoly on the right to protect its citizens!

    1. Sounds like you need a lesson 3:13 am
      for stating such.The Torture of good citizens to employ the common sense of government practices ?

    2. I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic lol

  12. I think 3:13 was employing irony Nobody in this online community believes that the Mx gov is protecting anyone but themselves, surely. And they, the "elected officials," are afraid. I think many of them would show some backbone if they didn't fear for their very lives.

  13. What ever happened to "papa smurf" ?


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