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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mexico newspaper announces closure, citing risk of violence

Posted by DD Republished from Reuters Yahoo News

The facade of the El Norte newspaper office is pictured after the paper announced its closure due to what it says is a situation of violence against journalists in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico April 2, 2017. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (Reuters) - A Mexican newspaper in the border city of Ciudad Juarez is shutting down due to the risk of violence after a string of killings of reporters around the country, the paper's owner said on Monday.

"Norte" ran a headline that said "Adios" on the front page of its Sunday edition and its owner, Oscar Cantu, explained in a letter he was shutting the newspaper down after 27 years. He said on Monday the online version would also be closed.

"No company, no business is worth more than a person's life," Cantu said in an interview. "Keeping going with the company, or on-line version, would put people at the same risk due to the type of journalism we do."

Cantu pointed to a string of recent murders of journalists including the death of Miroslava Breach, who was shot multiple times last month in the northern state of Chihuahua.

Earlier in March, the attorney general's office in the Gulf of Mexico state of Veracruz said it was investigating the murder of journalist Ricardo Monlui.

At least 16 more journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2015, according to the Committee to Project Journalists.

The closure of Norte came as a surprise to reporters, editors, photographers and other employees of the newspaper, and many found out about the decision from the front page letter.

"More that just losing a source of jobs, what is being lost is press that can be a counterweight, a press that indicates what is really happening in our environment, what happens in our government and society," said Norte journalist Salvador Esparza.

Juarez became the murder capital of the world last decade due to a war between drug cartels while El Paso, Texas, across the border is one of the safest U.S. cities of its size.

The murder rate in Ciudad Juarez had fallen in recent years, but strong demand for methamphetamines in Juarez has triggered a turf battle and a new spike in violence.

(Reporting by Jose Luis Gonzalez; Editing by Paul Tait)


  1. A win for the cartels for allowing the closure and intimidation of the press. A voice suppressed from citizens whom journalists capture and inform the public of interests.
    A statement, a stance of protest and hopefully not indefinite. World awareness is evident of the perils journalists undertake in Mexico. Where it's lack for justice is clearly evident towards those responsible. Statistics has proven that only 3% of crimes committed against journalists are punished.
    Unfortunately freedom of speech and freedom of the press in that country has always been challenging . An uphill struggle for rights and protection from government.
    My opinion , majority of government are ecstatic since it's the government who are being investigated and implicated.
    Silence the masses!

  2. This is exactly what criminals like some politicians and drug lords want! Complete silence of the press so that everyone is ignorant of their bad deeds!
    It is to be admired some of the issues reporters report of sometimes but other times for some reason or another criminals think they cross the line and in I, would venture to guess half the countries in this world and most third world countries like Mexico they run the risk of getting killed without justice working for them.
    This Norte newspaper was no big investigative type of paper but other factors like online news could have also contributed to their shut down. Hope no other newspaper closes in Mexico or the world and that journalists are given some protection so that we can all be informed of our surroundings!

    1. I think a lot of people like this concept, Wallstreet, Bankers, lawyers, corporations, pharmaceutical companies ect, ect, ect.
      Anyone who engages in " Grey Areas" of practice.
      Being polite here. But you know who you are!

    2. It's a probability that on line news and economic factors may have contributed to closing.
      But choose not to believe such. Rather the violence attributed towards all journalists. A small news publication taking a stand . Protesting with silence with blank pages for awareness and assistance.Hopefully the spark which ignites all news / media outlets to show solidarity.
      Journalists should not be expendable. Rather respected and protected. Our knight and shining armor of awareness to the world.
      Truthfully an undervalued asset to mankind.

    3. New governor Javier Corral, should feel the heat, El PRI party does not like him or his persecution "for political reasons" of super criminal murdering pig sized RAT "la Marrana Duarte" who left the state bankrupt and pennyless and flooded with criminals, Exactly the same shit is happening in veracruz.
      I think there is meth for everybody all over Cd Juareeez, but not enough "business", and even if there was, Panista Javier Corral is not welcome by the establishment, juarenses will be burned on the ass to teach a lesson to all the chiguagüeños for betraying "their beloved PRI PARTY".
      poa a güebo! Pa que andan ahi de calientes.

  3. Hey borderland beat crew just random question do y'all own the borderland beat channel on YouTube? If y'all do and load new videos I'll subscribe I really don't subscribe to non active channels. Give us a history on to why y'all chose to come up with borderland beat I like reading up on history and y'all have made some history, like we're you guys bord one day and just said hey we should do this or how did it come about? Keep up the good work on journalism.

    1. Sarai,girl,there is a BB wiki you can check out if no one answers you,started in 09 by Buggs and other bits and pieces just google it.

  4. Is Azulito dead?

  5. Very very sad,this is why journalists are a valuable part of our society,to inform and educate,to shine a light on criminality,of abuse of power,to investigate and actively find out the abuses venal politicians employ in their seemingly never-ending quest for money and prestige.
    Sometimes journalism is more important than any other job in society.
    Does this tell us all we need to know about the political philosophy of those in power right now in Mexico.
    These really are black times under PRI

  6. Big win for the cartels. They'll look to use more violence against newspapers and journalists due to this.

  7. If the big boss from Sinaloa amado Carrillo was alive no reporter will live in fear in ciudad juarez eso hombres de la mafia son de respetó puro Sinaloa

    1. Stop living in the past so that you can deal with the present. - Sol Prendido

    2. I, love across cd Juarez where this newspaper was based. Believe me there were no direct or imediate threats to anyone working for this newspaper when it decided to close so all that crap about the Sinaloenses is just that - crap!

    3. Your talking about the same people from sinaloa that displaced thousands and killed more thousands in the state of Chihuahua right?...

  8. Mexicans just lost their free press. Bad news

  9. smart move. might as well move to us

  10. Thats sad my opinion i wouldnt close or run but im not there either


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