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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mexico accepts that Yarrington will be extradited to the United States

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Tomas Yarrington's extradition from Italy
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Information has arisen that after taking careful analysis of evidence for crimes into account against Yarrington, that Italy will proceed with an extradition request from the United States and not Mexico.

"The Governments of the United States and Mexico have agreed to solicit the Italian Minister of Justice to authorize extradition proceedings of the United States, as well as seeking authorization for the re-extradition of Yarrington to Mexico, they indicated in a joint declaration of the Attorney Generals of both countries, Raul Andrade and Jeff Sessions.

The Attorney Generals met this Wednesday in Washington, and after which they gave out a pronouncement together that they highlight that the detention of Yarrington in Florence this past 9th of April was the result of cooperation between authorities from Mexico, Italy and the United States.

In the pronouncement, the Attorney Generals states that Yarrington faces serious charges both in the United States and in Mexico, which are the product of criminal acts allegedly committed by the ex Governor in both countries during his mandate as Governor between 1994 and 2004.

"The United States and Mexico have agreed that at the conclusion of his judgment in the USA, Yarrington, subject to the possibility of extradition, will be tried in both countries, he will be ceded to Mexico on a temporary basis, so they he may stand before the Court for the offences he has committed there".

"The United States and Mexico have compromised equally to an interchange of information, and to collaborate with their respective authorities against Yarrington, and to utilize all of the legal instruments available to this end".

This indicates that both countries extended an agreement with the Government of Italy, and to its Minister of Justice, for the detention of Yarrington.

In the same manner, they expressed their gratitude to Interpol, the PGR, and the ICE, also the Department of National Security, and the Office of International Affairs of the Justice Department, for their work in localizing and detaining the fugitive.

Original article in Spanish at Noreste


  1. Ya might just want to extradite the whole Mexican government. Or hang them all high

    1. On the contrary ; hope is what drives many still for a better government. If hope is lost then mankind seizes to exist.
      Let's all cross our fingers for a better Mexico!

    2. I am trying to.keep faith

  2. Let's face reality for bit here. The only true justice can be obtained is in an American judiciary system. Drug trafficking and his involvement in organized crime are stiffer sentences here.
    Moreover Mexico has political turmoil from such continuous corruption in government.
    What better way for political parties to wash their hands off.
    Then again it's the same old cycle of corruption within government.
    Nothing will change until the people get tired living on their knees.

    1. Talking about justice... what happened to the teenager who kill 4 people and was set free for influenza ?

      Is that American justice?

    2. 7:48 . I agree to some extent . Then on the other hand for many , court is being held on the street . Once they get into custody yea send them to us . But you have to admit the lower level bullet catchers are being executed on the street . Not a critic of this method , just a observer .

    3. Anonymous @ 7:48: You say "Nothing will change until the people get tired living on their knees."

      After many generations of oppression the peoples' knees are totally permanently and hopelessly locked ...ossified. End of discussion.

    4. Yes only true justice happens in America where fraudulent mortgage backed securities were sold on a scale that brought the world economy to its knees, 7 million US homes were foreclosed, millions of the middle class in America lost the bulk of their life savings, and not a single high-level executive has been sent to prison. On the contrary these politically protected thieves are enjoyong their I'll-gotten gains and being appointed to US government positions while we're putting kids in prison for selling dope to our fine law abiding middle class. Yarrington's fraud is chump change compared to fraud in the US, and the illusion that America is "Just" is a joke that only those living in a bubble could believe.

    5. That's something I haven't heard in decades (assified ) 12. 30 pm.
      My intentions are never to degrade its citizens rather energize the long overdue injustices that continue to flourish and suppress the country from governing.

    6. You are correct 2.41 pm as to the fraudulent mortgage which transpired in America. Millions of homes were lost by a Wall Street practice.
      It iwas definitely an abusive and illegal activity of world financial institutions .
      An irresponsible behavior and lack of government intervention.
      Actually what's surprising is that new laws were implemented against protestors due to the huge Wall Street movement. Protecting financial vested interests.
      America is run by corporate giants . Designed to protect vested interest and keep the Lil guys (citizens) at arms length.
      Never said America is perfect nor its structure.
      That's capitalism for you!

  3. I was reading an article I forgot to bookmark. Hopefully I will find it again. It was about justice statistics in Mexico. Long story short, less the 5% of all criminal arrests are they found guilty. There is so much impunity it is pathetic. The world is opening their eyes to Mexico and the corruption and lawlessness that world organizations want nothing to do with the country since the pols they deal with are members of various criminal cartels. Ah, such ignorance....ill fated country which will tumble completely out of control in the near future with a civil war.

    1. 5% might be high

    2. Yet with the overwhelming incarcerated prisoners Mexico houses,many have not seen any judgment. It's a slow judiciary system which can take years for any outcome.
      Only those with monetary access can get some form of knowledge and judgment.
      It's sad but true as to the statistics of which Mexico's judiciary proceedings indicate.
      A housing system of discarded citizens with issues when released.

    3. @8:30 yes only 5% are found guilty whether they are or not. Mexico's corrupt government will find you guilty or not depending on who you piss off.
      Does Dr. Mireles fall under the 5%? Probably not but Mexico's corrupt government want him there.

    4. El Dr Mirreles sparked a movement belittling Mexican government. A movement that was a threat to the political system of power and corruption.
      A political prisoner in the end . Resulting with his non cooperative apprehension. He was a figure with a vision for Mexico. To eradicate the political corruption practices which have embedded its country for decades. His vigorous stance against government were that of a Super Hero to the eyes of millions of its citizens.
      I truly hope that humanitarian activists are continuing to fight for his unjustified incarceration.

    5. @830 check Fox news

  4. Hang em all high

  5. “The decades of impunity have generated a level of audacity and absurdity that we have never seen in Mexico.”

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. No government is flawless from injustices.
      America like others have skeletons in their closets. That's indisputable.
      Playing by oppressors rules and wishes has been historically recorded since civilizations arose.
      You can either accept reality of life's flawed system or decline ones living. Referring to fighting against a political powerhouse with no possible win.
      We are merely pawns of a big wheel continuously turning. Expendable!

    2. That is so true. U.S just wants Mexico to point the finger and say there goes the bad hombres. Lol In reality, the U.S has it's own drug lords and politicians that will NEVER get indicted or ever see a judge for their illegal drug sales or involvement. Like i said before, if the U.S really wanted to stop the drug flow, they would. Real sp!t

  7. Most my mexican friends who r rich in live in the US. Do not like the US trying to run their country. I agree leave tomas in mexico. He not be punished but that's the way it is in mexico

  8. In reading these comments its fascinating yet unbelievable how people cast judgment on Mexico's corruption while choosing to remain blissfully ignorant that America's sensational demand for illegal drugs is what drives the corruption and violence they castigate in Mexico. How can so many people ignore the hypocrisy in not recognizing that American citizen's recreational use of an illegal (key word illegal) product is what drives the victimization of millions of Mexicans by the cartels and corrupt politicians?

    A county's willful refusal to acknowledge reality on such a massive scale is reminiscent of German society under Adolf Hitler who were not inconvenienced by Hitler's policies.

    1. I definitely agree to this conception.
      America like many world countries should accept responsibility of what's transpiring from A to Z .
      The high demand for recreational drug use all over the world is a suppliers fortune. Thus making the process of monopolize rigorous by any means.

    2. 3:51; Well stated observation - "key word illegal". Jaja!

      The comparison you end with is powerful but I believe different because in Hitler's Germany Hitler fueled anger towards minority groups for problems in the economy that the victims did not create. In Mexico however corupcion could not exist at the level it exists without the multi billion dólar demand USA citizens fund for illegal drogas, that a relatively very small number of criminals of Mexico help supply. Without the illegal consumption that millions in USA fund illiterate mountain peasants in Mexico could not top the Forbes list, and corupcion of Mexican elected office would not be so profitable or endemic.

  9. This means the justices and I are allowing the United States to find and keep all stolen assets from Yarrington while Mexico observes.

    We avoid embarrassment and a better chance to win curules and states on the upcoming elections.

    The best way out of it for both politicos (greñas and copetón?

  10. Next? Bertie. Hernandez? Is their an actual reward for Eugenio? T. Montana

  11. Corruption is a management tool,indeed Mexico dinamic is heading to scenarios​ described by most of blb commentarors.
    And yes We will pass our new Internal Security Law to contain and clear the contingency by our future military government!

  12. @9:26 yes!, because the shit birds want everyone to give up, and that is more than enough of a reason not to, ever. As it sez in the bible "the righteous man is as bold as a lion"

  13. Y Juan Miguel garcia


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