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Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Javier Duarte de Ochoa told Guatemala that he could not hire a defense lawyer, since he did not have 'the financial resources to do so'

Posted by DD some material republished from Sin Emgargo

By DD for Borderland Beat

Let the Games Begin;  The ex-Chancellor or Guatemala issued a statement that Duarte could have been deported in one day, just as Chapo was in 1993 for entering the country illegally if Mexico had really wanted him.  Mexico initiated the extradition process (which Duarte is fighting for now) which stopped the deportation.   You have to ask why Mexico would want his return slowed.  (Possibly it is an "election detention") 

But things may not be going exactly as Duarte had envisioned. Between his capture on Saturday night and his first audience on Wednesday, Javier Duarte's trek in Guatemala is a sequence of unthinkable scenes before he escaped in October.

"After having humiliated so many women, karma comes to Javier Duarte, who in Guatemala was booed by the prisoners of Mara Salvatrucha and comes out in handcuffed photos, lying on the ground," says the reporter Veracruz.  These are the same prisoners he will be incarcerated with.  

 Before his hearing, Duarte was not well either 'fired' by other detainees. In a video shared by Víctor Hugo Michel, editorial director of El Financiero Bloomberg TV, maras and narcotraficantes shout: 'Son of the great whore!'.  Surrounded by reporters, police, prison guards and other officials, one of the detainees reached through the crowd and "zapped" Duarte on the back of the head.


And he will not be close to his family.   According to sources from the Ministry of the Interior, quoted by the national press, Macias Tubilla yesterday took a flight from Guatemala to Bogotá, Colombia, and then to London, England, where this day she would have arrived.

 Duarte's wife and family could only be detained if the Attorney General's Office (PGR) requested an arrest warrant for alleged offenses Committed in Mexico.  The Guatemalan authorities confined themselves to reviewing the family's immigration status, which was in order.

 The accusations against Duarte are not minor. The first prosecutor of the Specialized Unit for International Affairs of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Guatemala read for 40 minutes the accusations against Duarte during his first hearing in Guatemala.


 By Efrén Flores

Sin Embargo

Fact checking has been resumed massively in the world. Especially in the press of the United States, where they have a president who is accustomed to speak, we Mexicans would say, without the hairs of the donkey in hand. Or with lies. The SinEmbargo Data Unit launches this exercise, called simply "Sayings and Facts" , to review phrases, affirmations or documents of public figures to know if they are sustained.]

EL DICHO: "Javier Duarte de Ochoa notified the court that he could not designate  a defense lawyer, since he did not have 'the financial resources to do so', as recorded in file [3741-2017], which was set up in the Fifth Criminal Sentencing Court [Of Guatemala] "( Organización Editorial Mexicana-Informex , April 18, 2017).

THE FACT: When one thinks of the former Governor of Veracruz (2010-2016), Javier Duarte de Ochoa, the least one thinks of him is that he may suffer from economic shortcomings. After all, there are dozens of charges against him for the crimes of illicit enrichment, diversion of local resources and federal subsidies - such as education, health, and infrastructure - and money laundering through "ghost" companies. At present, the Superior Audit of the Federation has filed before the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) at least 60 criminal indictments against him. If all were verified, the Veracruz would face charges for a patrimonial damage that would surpass 60 billion pesos . However, in November last year, a few days after the change of government in Veracruz, the Panista opposition stated that the damage to the property of Duarte's mandate amounted to 16 billion pesos .

Then there is what the authorities have found - so far - a wide array of luxury homes linked to him, in several countries (Las Mesas ranch in Edomex, houses in Veracruz, Campeche and CdMx, properties in Houston , Miami, New York and even in Madrid, Spain), which together total some 472 million 643 thousand 988 pesos ; A minimum of 34 "ghost" companies, which according to the Tax Administration Service, had contracts with the Veracruz government for 3,300 million pesos ; 112 bank accounts frozen by the PGR in November 2016; 20 million 467 thousand pesos confiscated during the searches to three houses of the former president of Veracruz, located in Mexico City; A Lear Jet 45 aircraft (with a cost of 50 million pesos) and a helicopter (15 million pesos) embargoed at Las Mesas Ranch. The list seems to have no end. However, the above does not suggest that Javier Duarte is a person with liquidity problems. Despite what has been seized by Mexican authorities, Duarte has yet to clarify what happened to the billions that disappeared, as if by magic, during his six years. That is, for now, they have only scratched the tip of the iceberg, but the great mass of opacity, still remains submerged.

#DichosyHechos (Happily Facts) say that, beyond the illicit fortune of the former Governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, his lifestyle during his stay in Guatemala, contradicts his statement before the Fifth Criminal Court of that country, according to which ensures Not having money to pay a lawyer. The above from the following data.

· The luxurious hotel La Riviera de Atitlán: On April 15 of this year, Javier Duarte was detained in one of the four best hotels in Guatemala. It is the hotel La Riviera de Atitlán, which is located in the area of ​​Sololá, in the town of Panajachel. The price per night in that place ranges from 1,600 to 3,000 Mexican pesos . And some will say that it is worth it, because the place of rest offers panoramic views of Lake Atiplan and its volcanoes. It has gardens, a private beach, rooms and activities for rest and recreation ... plus a heliport. Duarte had to pay for those luxuries and more, although he says that it is not enough for his defense.
According to the newspaper Reforma , a source quoted from the hotel La Riviera de Atitlán, stated that Duarte and his family had arrived at the accommodation two days before the arrest occurred. According to the informant of the means of national circulation, the hotel staff did not know how much the former president paid. The truth is that it should not have been little. Being a single month in that place, would have cost between 48 thousand and 90 thousand pesos . In any case, there was money because Duarte stayed - otherwise he would not have done so in such a luxurious place.

· The eight family plane tickets: The relatives of Javier Duarte were key in their apprehension, since, on Friday the 14th of this month, the State Coordination of the State of Mexico registered eight members of the Duarte family at the airport Deprived of Toluca, heading for Guatemala. According to the logbook, the registered passengers were: the children of the former Governor, Emilio Duarte Macías, Carolina Duarte Macías and Javier Duarte Macías; María Virginia Yazmin Tubilla de Macías (mother-in-law); Mónica Ghihan Macias Tubilla (sister-in-law); Jose Armando Rodríguez Ayache (concuño); Paula Rodríguez Macías (niece); And Santiago Rodríguez Macías (cousin). They would have flown on a Beechjet 400 with XA-STK registration, which belongs to the Redwings airline, owned by Moisés Mansur Cysneros and Bernardo Moreno León, both designated as financial operators and prestanombres of the former Governor of Veracruz, Intelligence and National Security. Although it is not possible to know the cost of this trip, however, there are quotes that could help us imagine the proportions. According to some tour companies and executive flights consulted by #DichosyHechos , until a year ago, each hour of flight in a Beechjet 400 (with capacity for seven people and crew) cost between $ 2,500 and $ 3,500, or between 47 thousand and 66 thousand pesos per hour.

The opulent life of Karime Macías: At the beginning of March of this year, it was made public that, who was the first lady from Veracruz between 2010 and 2016, she spent up to eight million pesos a year in shopping - or shopping -. Between December 2010 and January 2012, Karime Macías would have spent seven million pesos in personal purchases in the United States. In addition, during that same period of time, it disbursed one million 27 thousand pesos in national territory and about 51 thousand more pesos in a jewelry store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to the information released in national media, Macias used to give sticks. Among the plastics used to pay for his expensive tastes  has an additional card to an American Express account owned by Moisés Mansur Cysneros - who also named Javier Duarte as heir to his property. Karime consented,  She "deserves abundance", as was read in an alleged journal of hers. On April 25, 2011, she went shopping to her favorite shop: Bergdorf Goodman of New York. He spent one million 526 thousand 600 pesos 

. Between July 22 and 26 of that same year, in a normal day of purchases , spent 3.1 million more in New York , in addition to paying more than 185 thousand pesos in lodging in the Hotel The Peninsula and 150 thousand more to walk in Limo during her stay. Her outlays did not stop there. Thousands in thousands passed the card over the months, visiting stores like Scottsdale in New York; The Galleria and Neiman Marcus, in Houston; The winter resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek in Colorado; Hermès, Saks Fifth Avenue and Max Mara in Mexico City, among many others.

just a tiny portion of what they left behind in warehouse

new Governor Yunes describing to press what was found in wharehous

the warehouse and  booty they left behind

True or false? LIE. That Javier Duarte de Ochoa does not have the financial resources to pay a lawyer does not seem to fit the reality of his finances and those of his family. If something proves the facts, it is that he, and some relatives of his, does not spare in expenses.

PD Yesterday, Javier Duarte appeared before the Fifth Court of Criminal Sentence for Narcoactivity and Crimes against the Environment of Guatemala. There, along with a contract lawyer, he refused to be extradited to Mexico to face charges against him for organized crime and money laundering. "At this moment I can not get in touch until the formal request for extradition arrives and is evaluated by my defense. This does not mean that I will not do it, but reserved that right up to that point, "said the former Governor. With this decision, the process for Javier Duarte to face Mexican justice could take several months if he uses the legal resources of that nation to delay its shipment. In that sense, could it be that Duarte said "I do not have a fifth of what I need for my lawyer" in order to delay, even a little more, his extradition process? That is in the opinion of the reader.


  1. Keep those corruption stories coming DD.You mentioned that PRI is probably cleaning house because of elections and makes them look good but it seems they are just going after too many which I think makes them look bad like that ever single governor could be guilty of embezzlement.I have noticed though that when they go after them it's when their 6 year term is up (and money safely tucked away) rather than half way through that they start investigating.

    1. Duarte was sitting in the office of Chong the day before he asked for a leave of absence, and fled the country (in a gov. provided aircraft.)

    2. @7:29 Could you give me a source or link to that info. That potentially is a big story. At a minimum Secretary Chong has some explaining to do.


    4. The HUASTECA REGION governors tried to name it its own military zone with its own military and government, almost as if it were another country, the mexican military opposed the idea, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, and all the surrounding states like nuevo lion and coahuila, all the way to the yucatán peninsula, "almost nothing".
      --The "dichos y hechos" mean "sayings and facts",
      Like things people say against the truth, nice report, and good that facts are being put up against the lies, i've been telling about "communist lies" for a while, as a kind of a joke, sad to see there was something there there.
      Thanks again for the good job!!!

    5. And along those same lines they certainly weren't planning a tea party that day!

    6. @dd - you saw the link above? Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong tuvo sentado en su oficina al todavía Gobernador de Veracruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, un día antes de que renunciara y se diera a la fuga.

    7. @9:09AM Yes I saw that and my guess is that they were finalizing the plans for the Fed. Govt. to provide protection for him and his family after his planned disappearance.

  2. Replies
    1. Maras are from el Salvador not Guatemala lol there might be a few but not like in El Salvador

    2. The said a prisoner reached through the bars and "zapped" him in the back of the head. Lmao. The gonna zapp his manhood if they get ahold of him. Lmao

    3. Huh maras are all over Central America and not just a few but thousands

  3. But will he be jailed with Maras and angry low level narcos??

    If so, it will be woth the extended stay in Guat.

  4. Damn, DD, you been on a roll lately. keep it up mano. cheers.

  5. Beautiful put and an interesting piece of reading. This is definitely worth giving full attention to like my Washington post.
    Great job of investigative reporting and the facts attributed to this story.

  6. Pinche cara de limon pateado.

  7. DD: Props to you and BB! Please keep the stories coming on the family of Mexican political/oligarchic rats.

    They provide valuable insights into what Mexico "is" .... I am convinced that he is just one of a multitude of corrupt government officials in Mexico who behave the same or worse.

    IMO, this is why "honest' investigative reporters have short life spans in Mexico.

  8. M'F was smiling the whole time when he got caught hope he pays for everything

  9. Like George Lopez said. Fu@k that putooo! But they need to go after the rest of them starting with sinaloa, michoacan, guerrero, and get them ALL because they are ALL corrupt

    1. In defense of the mexican narco-government that rob all and everything, and murder the opposition at will, the US keeps them well supplied with billions of dollars, weapons, equipment and gorilla training, and most of all, assured impunity for life.

  10. Hopefully the wife is next.

  11. I wouldn't be surprised that his family goes to Europe it's to transfer or remove stolen riches stashed who knows where. The trip to London via Columbia was spontaneous and it happened immediately after Duarte's arrest.

  12. This rancid slab of lard is shameless and he'd do well to string himself up.

    _Canadian girl

    1. C-gurl, some Poco Rabónne, and throw the bedspreads on his face, and he will not look or smell so baad.


    This is a great opinion piece.


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