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Friday, February 24, 2017

OPINION: Mireles Is Dead! (To The Media)

Father Gregorio López Gerónimo | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

My primary intention when I first translated the article wasn’t to create misinformation or write a “fake news” piece or “clickbait” as other websites have done and as I have been accused of.  I know I should’ve added a disclaimer the first time I published this piece but I forgot to and I posted it in a hurry and for that, I apologize.  I was hoping that readers would read the article and make sense of the metaphors Father Goyo was alluding to. - V

Today, February 24, 2017, four years after the surgeon, in the repletion of violence and impunity, he left his practice and joined the men and women who decided to leave their anonymity and cowardice to be the voice of those “without voice”; after his heroic deed, José Manuel Mireles Valverde is dead and nothing could be expected from the criminal government of Enrique Peña Nieto, who has murdered him as he did with the 43 young men of Ayotzinapa, and as with other innocents in Tatlaya, Tanuhato y Apatzingán.

Only a state crime of such magnitude is possible, when the government is usurped by those who do not possess the slightest intuition of law, justice, dignity, or human rights.  Foolishness is abused when someone is condemned to life imprisonment when that person is recognized for his innocence and courage, leaving in exchange seven free and covered up former governors in payment for political favors and who have plunged 39 million inhabitants, from the states that they have stolen from, into misery.

An outrage is also committed when the privileges of house arrest is granted to Elba Esther Gordillo, who today has 20 million children falling behind in education; as well as when in Michoacán, it releases another scum of the same party of the institutionalized corruption for seven thousand pesos.

For the current administration, it is not a crime to steal education and the future of a generation, to wring out jobs and the livelihood of a people, nor to collaborate with criminal organizations in the disappearance of more than three thousand Michoacanos.  However, it takes a weapon, to defend itself in a failed state, where there was no law, no justice, and no rule of law; only corruption, impunity, kidnappings, uprisings, and deaths.

Four years after the historic February 24, 2013, Mireles has died for defending life.  His agony began on June 27, 2014, when Alfredo Castillo took him to jail so that he wouldn’t interfere with the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas, where the juicy businesses of the dominant cartel are.  From that moment, Mireles began to be veiled by the Mexican people; unaware that that’s how it was done while he reviewed the media obituary in the police sections of the newspapers.

Mireles is dead to the media, for those who stopped being news like the one that rots in the dark and does not fertilize red events or important dates that keep it in the sideboard.

Mireles has died and they have been killing him ever since their lawyers, for whom we do not know for sure whether the doctor is a showcase to sell or an important trial, one of many, of which give them popularity.

Mireles has died and it is not known whether he was poisoned or if he died crushed by the meaningless paperwork and denying him basic care, the same basic care that criminals are granted.

Mireles has died and from the day of his apprehension in La Mira, Michoacán; “this dictatorship throwing him, already had him in its eye,” that he’ll leave jail with his feet in front of him, on a stretcher, with an important entourage of people in pain, howling, shouting, empowered by their rancid tradition and media opportunism.

Mireles has died, rest in peace since then, since he stepped foot in jail.  Rest in peace amidst the vivid impunity of the thousands of white-collar criminals; of those who are the bulwark of the new cartels, since they have the try of the “Fuero” (Forajidos Usurpadores del Estado para Robar Organizadamente) (Outlaw Usurpers of the State to Steal in an Organized Way).

Mireles has died.  He rests in his delirium, knowing that Mexican justice is bound by factual powers, those that prevent his judgement to be resolved in good deal, because it is convenient for them, because he treads on many calluses, because they themselves would be imprisoned.

Mireles has died and in the memory of millions of Michoacanos for whom he fought, today is a shadow and a silence that adorns his shroud.

Mireles has died.  Every day, we are killing him, with our indifference, with our complicit silence, with our selective deafness, knowing that in our hands, we don’t have to write his epitaph, nor his obituary; we only need a date, the day and time of his funeral.


  1. Michoacan was a place where some one had to stand up and fight this was not like in Sinaloa where the cartel dint mess up with people here they extortion kidnapped people all you can think off and miracles was our Chapulin colorado viva
    Michoacan 03

    1. alo menos no los ponemos de perro pa que los de con la riatona del gobierno ahora que van ser los michoacanos van a dejar que el mencho y el gober darles por el culo o se van a levantar en armas aver si tan cabrones son sin el ayudo del narco.

    2. Para 11:43 am....Michoacan si se avia levantado, no en total pero para ya iva. Guerrero ya tambien

    3. Para 11:43 am....Michoacan si se avia levantado, no en total pero para ya iva. Guerrero tambien, a mi Punto, a Los que les falto huevos fue a Los demas estados, para que se armara buena la cosa.
      Tu commentario suena lleno de odio contra la Raza Michoacano. Que es tu Raza Tambien , todos somos Mexicanos! Pero bueno, que encuentres buena Salud y pas...mis respetos al Snr.Mireles y a Los que deveras Estaban con El. Y con esta me despido, en Michoacan, la neta nos sobran huevos!!!

  2. Que triste. QEPD. - Sol Prendido

  3. Hey valor, could you share the spanish version of the article? I want to share it with my friends.. thanks

    1. I knew I was forgetting something

    2. 9:20 yeah, time to leave the mariguana, Valor, we have work to do.

  4. This is just incredibly sad, I held Dr Mireles in the highest esteem, indeed I looked up to him probably like no other man currently alive, for his morals, dignity, and determination to do the right thing.
    In reality we all knew that he would die in prison, the Mexican government mean about as much to me as the dirt on the sole of my boot for letting this great man die in prison. I for one will be writing personally to the Mexican ambassador to the UK, I will be writing to Enrique Pena Nieto personally to tell him exactly what I think of them both.
    Long live the spirit of Mireles, his courage and fortitude will be a lesson for centuries to come and people will speak of him and Don Alejo as true Mexican heroes.

  5. Also, he didnt really died, its more of a metaphor!

  6. I was in Tepalcatepec over the holidays. I had not been there in about 8 years due to the violence. We had gatherings with friends and family every day and talking to the people you hear personal stories that really put things in perspective as to how bad things were. One young guy approx 28 years told me about how he fled to the US border and filed for refugee status. They basically put him in some type of camp and he was there fo six months. He basically put himself in an internment camp rather than live in that area of Michoacan. On another occasion we had this big carne asada with about 30 guests. We had music, drinking cold beer in 90 degree weather they over there December. I asked a friend how things were when the CT had control. He shook his head and said " look you see how we are gathered here; if they would drive by they would stop and tax us just for being here." So words can't explain how much we Michoacanos owe Mireles. Sad day for me.
    Mr. Villano

  7. Mireles is alive, this is just a metaphor like Wachito said. Maybe this could be hard to understand to some, I believed he was really dead until I read it in spanish.

    At least add a note to it.

  8. Might as well be dead, Pitufo n Mora ain't doing nothing for him and El Americano is free n happy

  9. I agree this style of writing although creative is a dangerous way to mislead ppl especially when a lot of us come to BB for news and updates on our breaks from work or study and might not have the time to read an entire article . Just my humble opinion i love this website . Im addicted to it when everyone at work runs to smoke a cig at breaktime i run to my phone and consume as much as i can ! Keep up the awesome

    1. 4:18 forgetabout dangerous, it is just what we needed, I stopped commenting about Dr Mireles because I felt like it was old not really welcome, now I see that is how everybody stopped commenting about it, that is where the crooks win, when their shenanigans become old and the norm, instead of bigger crimes. Let's post every day how many days Dr Mireles has been in prison and keep counting every day.
      Like Otis says, write to your congreys man and to the consulates, the state associations on the US, the mexican government help them stick around for the mo ey they send back to mexico and for the votes of the exile communities, they should help somehow.

  10. Its difficult with Metaphers when not all are familiar with english language. When i was reading This article i was shocked.i read The article a few times as my english is limited.
    I did some Google but found was almost clear for me that This must ne a methaper due to The "mireles is dead" (had similar things in school) but finaly i was thinking they killed him.
    Please Do not let The stupid posts get to your heart and keep working. The World needs more pages like Bb.

  11. For all his faults this man is a true hero. He probably knew something like this would happen but he sacrificed his life for it.

    We need to make sure his memory will never be forgotten!

  12. Valor, thank you for this great read. The speech was made by Father Goya? I thought El padrecillo jumped ship. And was laying low somewhere. Do you know where and when he made the speech? Was talking to the public, I mean to a group of citizens?....thanks to all at BB.


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