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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Morelos: Two Families Attacked on Separate Occasions, 5 Dead

By: Jaime Luis Brito | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Cuernavaca, Morelos. — Two families were shot in the municipalities of Cuernavaca and Jiutepec, leaving five people dead.

 In the first instance, three members of a family, among them a 10 year old girl, were killed by gunfire this past Sunday (Feb. 19) morning in the neighborhood Lomas de Ahuatlán, located north of Cuernavaca.

Two of the victims, a woman and a ten year old girl, were found aboard a gray Nissan Tsuru, with plates from Mexico City.  While the third victim, a man, was lying outside the vehicle, on the street, Santa Ana de Amanalco.

Police forces belonging to the State Commission of Security, Attorney General of Justice, and other organizations arrived at the scene in order to carry out investigations and to remove the bodies.

At about the same time, a group of armed men attacked several people in a cemetery located in the Jardín Juárez neighborhood in Jiutepec, where at least two of them died: a man at the scene and a woman on the way to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) hospital.

According to the police reports, a man, a 9 and a 10 year old minor, and two women, were outside a cemetery on Jesús Achavitia Street when a white Suburban attacked them.

The man, who was in a metropolitan taxi, died at the scene.  Meanwhile, the other victims were transferred to the clinic #1 of the IMSS, located on Plan de Ayala Avenue in Cuernavaca.  One of the wounded women died along the way to the clinic.

On February 6, in the neighborhood Lauro Ortega in the municipality of Temixco, a family of five was attacked.  All were wounded, while three died: two men and an eight month old girl.

This past weekend, other violent acts occurred:

On Saturday, two black bags with the remains of a man were left on the road Tehuiztla-Tilzapotla in the neighborhood Guadalupe, located in the municipality of Jojutla.

The finding occurred at 7 in the morning, when neighbors discovered the bags at the side of the road, which were next to a card with a message signed by a criminal organization: “This is going to happen to the ball of extortionists and kidnappers[,] the cleaning continues.  Att. Comando de la Muerte.”

Meanwhile on Saturday morning, at the gate of the secondary school #2 in Cuernavaca, a narcomanta was placed with threats towards different criminal groups.  It is not the first time that narcomantas with messages appear in this school as it had happened in 2014.

“Alta Vista excuse us for the inconvenience we are causing you, but…the authorities don’t do anything and they support pigs like Franco Peñaloza Olivo and Beatriz Peñaloza Olivo[.]  We will start to clean up people of all scourges and sicarios[,] we’re coming with everything, get ready faggots.  Mario Cortes Olivera ‘El Mayín’, Memelas Nene Rojas ‘El Anfora’, Isabel ‘La Chavela’, Don Adan, Jesus Alexander ‘El Chucho’, Richar Parker ‘El Ojitos’, ‘El Pineku’, ‘El Chuky’, ‘Brendan’.  To all those sons of motherfuckers…we already know in what you move in dogs so we recommend you to not be out so late gentlemen [,] and don’t even be playing sicario in cars, trucks, or motorcycles.  Your mother would run away…

P.S. Thanks for your understanding!  Attention [,] we don’t get involved with innocent people.”

Source: Proceso


  1. I have a contact in Mexico who said word on the street is that Mencho has been quite lately because hes all lit up on meth now and has serious porn addiction. Anybody hear anything?

  2. Well they must be real baaad motherfackers, when they are female criminals at 10 years of age.
    Truth is state sponsored terrorism does not need excuses to murder anybody, anyday, anytime, except to make up excuses to justify their murdering.

  3. Sounds like vigilante group taking out the trash? And others incidents like criminal gang wreaking havoc? Thumbs up to those who are protecting their communities.
    As for the other idiots who are simply stupid asaulting innocent people, hope these vigilantes catch you and deserve what's coming to your pathetic life.
    Clean house baby !!!!!!!

    1. If anybody wanted to clean house, there would be stops and curfews, and COURTS.
      These murde ring sprees are federal and state government sponsored terrorism because city mayor cuauhtemoc blanco refuses to pay the big bucks to have federal policia nazional and federales in the City of Cuernavaca payroll...
      Municipal police in mexico must pay for their own weapons and bullets, state sponsored terroristas are financed by the federal and state governments.

  4. I never understood the point of the violence, only uneducated savages seem to openly commit pointless acts of violence like this.

    Look at the yakuza or russian mafia - far far richer than any cartel in existence. They don't commit pointless acts of violence which in the end only makes things worse.

    1. This could be a random act or as the Zetas would do and CJNG is to kill innocent people only to heat up the plaza

  5. Thanks for the Morelos updates, such a mess down there, since the CPS/Negro Padilla days, and the saga of El Ponchis.

  6. They kill innocent and non innocent. To these criminals is all the same.

    It causes panic and terrorizes citizens while police quietly see it occur.

    The government uses this as something to keep poor people to focus on while they sit and enrich from plaza monthly fees


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