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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Unnamed former Zeta claims gang paid Humberto Moreira US $2 million per month

Posted by DD republished from Borderland Beat
Archives and Mexico News Daily

DD;  Borderland Beat has published numerous stories  about the alleged corruption of former Governor Humberto Moreira of Coahuila.  The story that is hyper-linked above is one that Chivis wrote several years ago but is well worth reading.  I have included a video immediately after the MWD story that was sent  to Chivis and a text translation by Chivis following the video.   If you want to read more BB stories on Moreira just type his name in the search box  at the bottom right of this page.
From Mexico News Daily

New testimony has surfaced linking former Coahuila governor Humberto Moreira to the Zetas drug gang.

An unnamed high-ranking member of the criminal organization told officials from the Attorney General’s office last September that Moreira directly collaborated with the gang during his term as governor, according to information obtained by the newspaper Reforma.

“Governor Humberto Moreira allowed us to set up over 400 tienditas [small convenience stores] to sell drugs and alcohol in Saltillo and its surrounding areas [as well as] 240 in Piedras Negras, 100 in Acuña and 80 in the Cinco Manantiales region,” said the informant, who is being held at the Altiplano maximum security penitentiary.

“In return, [Moreira] received US $2 million dollars per month.”

“We set up round tables with the governor and Juan Manuel Muñoz Luévano, whose function was liaison between the governor and business people,” continued the witness.

Those meetings were attended by “business people, ranch owners and politicians, like senators.”

“The arrangement was: we protected them and we murdered, kidnapped, stole and extorted people they singled out. In exchange, we had the freedom to carry on with our activities throughout the state.”

The fallout between Moreira and Los Zetas happened after the nephew of gang leader Miguel Ángel “Z-40” Treviño Morales was killed in a confrontation with state forces.

Allegedly in retaliation, Moreira’s son José Eduardo was executed.
Jose Eduardo ("Lalo")
“We cut all communication with the governor, but we still dealt with Muñoz [also known as “El Mono” Muñoz]. He recently sent me a message telling me to remain quiet about all I know,” said the PGR’s witness.

“But that bastard has no right to order me around, he’s nobody and he’s in no position to ask anything from me. He well knows that when I speak, his and the heads of many assholes will roll,” he declared.

There have been allegations that Muñoz Luévano, singled out as a Zeta liaison, was a close collaborator with Moreira while he was governor, and has been linked to several other politicians and government officials.

He was apprehended last March in Spain on suspicion of being a representative of Los Zetas in Europe and is about to be extradited to the United States, where he faces drug trafficking charges. His extradition was approved yesterday.

Moreira is currently seeking to run again for public office, this time as a state Deputy. Opposition party members have suggested he is doing so in order to obtain a fuero, which grants immunity from prosecution to government officials.

As governor he ran up a huge state debt before resigning to become national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. He resigned that office after news of the state’s debt surfaced.

A former Zetas member linked Moreira to the gang while giving testimony last summer in Texas at the trial of Marciano Millán Vázquez, one-time Piedras Negras plaza chief.


English translation of video:
(0:05 -0:08)
In the State of Coahuila, behind the face of what is supposed to be a social government that helps people 
(0:09 – 0:17)
is a well-armed criminal net of corruption, shadowy businesses and influence peddling; by Humberto and Ruben Moreira, their relatives and unconditional friends.
(0:18 – 0:28)
Thanks to a very serious investigational work, secretly obtained several months ago, it has been discovered the tentacles that form the corruption net, that is headed by Humberto and Ruben Moreira,   through front men - ( Prestanombres 0:30)  that cover and hide sources of illicit enrichment
(0:34 -0:38)
It is  a casualty that the government of Coahuila is in debt for around 20 thousand million pesos.
(0:39 – 0:43)
Much of this money was derived from the honest effort of the people of Coahuila.

(0:44 – 0.55)
The reality is that it has been blatantly destined to enlarge the personal fortune of the Moreira Family and their unconditional friends. These are some of the unconditional friends and partners of the brothers Humberto and Ruben Moreira:
(0.56 – 1:06)
Javier Villarreal Hernandez: Former secretary of finances and actual head of the SATEC (Tributary Administrative System of the State of Coahuila) He is an employee of the Moreira’s.
(1:07 – 1:15)
From his strategic position inside the government of Coahuila, he has become the head of the financial operations of the Moreira net.
(1:16 – 1:18)
Javier Villarreal Hernandez has been very careful that his name doesn’t appear in these transactions.
(1:19 - 1:28)
He does everything in the name of Francisco Javier Flores Valdes, supposedly the nephew of the Moreira brothers and husband of his subordinate Anabell Torres Leza
(1:29 -1:32)
Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes, his wife’s brother in law; Aurora Villarreal Hernandez,
(1:33 – 1:37)
his sister and his father, Hector Javier Villarreal Garcia    (continues next page)

(1:38 – 1:42)
Who have under their names, ownership of  gas stations, car washes and expensive real estate.
(1:43 – 1:50)
Vicente Chairez Yañez: Former Secretary of administration of the State and current Finance Secretary of the Directive Committee of CEN of PRI.
(1:51 – 1:55)
He is the main operator and protector of Humberto and Ruben Moreira’s interests, as well as for their family.
(1:56 – 2:06)
Vicente Chairez Yañez
is a dangerous man that enjoys of the trust, Humberto Moreira, has granted him. He is his lieutenant in dirty businesses and operations with abusing authority and police force use in Coahuila.
(2:07 – 2:10)
Vicente Chairez Yañez is the direct link of all the corruption net
(2:11 – 2:20)
With Ruben Flores, a questionable  attorney of San Antonio, Texas, that according to the proof obtained, he is who is in charge to legitimize and sanitize the operations of the Moreira net in the foreign country. (US)
(2:21 – 2:24)
He is also the personal front man of Humberto Moreira in construction enterprises
(2:25 – 2:28)
and real estate in the city of San Antonio, Texas, such as  
(2:29 – 2:31)
Transnational Construction and Real Estate Co, LLC,
(2:32 – 2:33)
Procon Marketing, LLC and
(2:34 – 2:36)
VICAP Global Investments LLC, among others.
(2:37 – 2:40)
Among the properties, and enterprises that appear under the name Vicente Chairez Yañez
(2:41 – 248)
include a mansion in Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas with a contractual value of more than 700 thousand dollars,
equivalent to approximately 10 million pesos.
(2:50 – 2:55)
attention is drawn to the fact that Vicente Chairez and Roberto Casimiro Gonzalez,
(2:56 – 3:02)
owner of the powerful communication media group RCG of Coahuila and one of the principal
(3:03 – 3:06)
partners and benefactor of the Moreira’s , creating operations out of the country
(3:07 – 3:12)
as front men of Humberto Moreira , Vicente’s wife’s brother in law is  Arnoldo Rivas Duron.
(3:13 – 3:18)
On September 16th, 2009, Vicente Chairez suspiciously, through a questionable transaction became the owner of channel 22 of Piedras Negras,
(3:19 – 3:21)
previously it was  as part of the RCG group and owned by Roberto Gonzalez another front man for Moreira,
(3:22 – 3:31)
furthermore as the enterprise Radio Communication of Saltillo S.A de C.V., that was obtained through Super Medios of Coahuila S.A de C.V. in October of 2009.
(3:32 – 3:35)
Oscar Moreira Flores, uncle of Humberto and Ruben Moreira is the brother of their father:
(3:36 – 3:39)
In 2009, the newspapers El Norte and El Siglo de Torreon
(3:40 – 3 44)
exposed his dirty businesses with a value of over 50 million pesos.
(3:45 – 3:50)
Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes: the nephew of the Moreira brothers and husband of Anabell Torres Leza,
(3:51 – 3:54)
former secretary of Programming and Budget of the State of Coahuila.
(3:55 – 4:01)
Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes amassed an unimaginable fortune for his 26 years of age,
(4:02 – 4:04)
thanks to his unconditional relationship to the Moreira Family.
(4:05 – 4:21)
Numerous signs and evidence place him as one of the principal front men inside the corruption net of the Moreira’s. He is owner, majority shareholder or stockholder of the enterprises and properties that the net possesses in Saltillo. It is estimated that altogether,
These businesses have a value that exceed
(4:23 – 4:24)
1000 million pesos.
(4:25 – 4:39)
His enterprises are favored directly through his wife, Anabell Torres Leza, former secretary of Planning and Budget of the Government of Coahuila or through third parties with acquisitions and millionaire contracts by the State of Coahuila in an illegal covert method.
(4:40 – 4:44)
Some of these enterprises are JP Incorporated S.A de C.V.,
(4:45 – 4:49)
Grupo Inmobiliario e Infraestructura Los Alpes S.A de C.V.  (real estate corporation),
(4:50 – 4:52)
Business Storage Corporation S.A de C.V.
(4:53 – 4:54)
 Servicio El Toreo S. A. de C.V.
(4:55 – 4:56)
and a ranch named Los Mimbres, near Parras, Coahuila.
(4:58 – 5:08)
One of the multiple procurements of Javier Villarreal Hernandez, and operated by Francisco Xavier Flores Valdes, was the acquisition by the State Government through the Secretariat of Finance,
 (5:09 – 5:13)
of the offices of the Governmental storage center in Arteaga Coahuila. This property was deviously purchased
(5:14 – 5:28)
 by the business Storage Corporation S.A de C.V., under the mane of Marco Antonio Martinez Saucedo and Francisco Xavier Flores Gonzalez, partner and father of Francisco Xavier Flores Valdez. The property was acquired with 
(5:29 – 5:40)
15 million 500 thousand pesos, to be sold just 23 days after the purchase in 68 million 400 thousand pesos, 4 times more than the original price.
(5:41 – 5:49)
Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes: Javier Villarreal wife’s brother in law and front man. He is the head of the Tributary Administrative System of the State of Coahuila (SATEC)
(5:50 – 5:58)
 and the principal operator and front  man of Javier Villarreal Hernandez in the purchase of properties and business openings in the state of Texas. The participation of Schuessler Reyes in the Moreira net
(5:59 – 6:05)
consists in acquisitions of properties in different cities of the state of Texas under the name of Schuessler enterprises.
(6:06 – 6:10)
Some of the enterprises under Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes’ name, within a very long list, include
(6:11 – 6:22)
MPV Family Partnership, LLC, Peninsula South Padre 1, LLC, Aero Premio, LLC, Alpes Group, LLC, Barcelona at Stone Oak, LLC, Villa Premio Gas, LLC and IXE Systems, LLC.
(6:28 – 6:38)
Additionally, several properties are registered in the Public Records of Texas, under the names of Lorenzo Schuessler Reyes, and/or his wife Itzel Rotelo of Schuessler, sister in law of Javier Villarreal Hernandez.
(6:39 – 6:51)
Ruben Flores Jr., lawyer of San Antonio, Texas: His law firm is in charge of giving legal representation for the multiple commercial, financial and property transactions that the Moreira net create in the foreign country.
(6:52 – 7:08)
The law firm, The Flores Group, specialized in International Corporative Rights, Tax and Migration Services operating for the Moreira net, and the transactions and operations in the foreign country. The address of The Flores group is 7272 Wurzbach Road Suite 901, San Antonio, Texas.
(7:09 - 7:13)
Rodolfo Camara Ahuja, representative of the Government of Coahuila in McAllen, Texas.
(7:14 – 7:17)
Multiple properties of the Moreira in the foreign country are registered under his name.
(7:18 – 7:33)
In addition to all this net of corruption, illicit businesses and influence peddling, through front  men of Humberto and Ruben Moreira, exists strong evidence that with no doubt show how members of Moreira Valdez Family have acquired
(7:34 – 7:42)
numerous properties and buildings in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, so blatantly, that without shame they are acquired  under their names
(7:43 – 7:55)
as the compound  that Humberto Moreira possesses  in San Antonio, Texas under the name of his mother in law, Herminia Martinez de la Fuente, with swimming pool, spa and 5 spacious bedrooms with a value of more than 1 million dollars.
(7:56 – 8:11)
This is just a part of the criminal corruption net that head Humberto and Ruben Moreira, and is what they plan to continue doing in Coahuila with Ruben Moreira as Governor. 


  1. breaking news about people getting killed at the BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen

  2. Here's more info on the shootings in Playa Del Carmen

  3. Nice work BB thank you for taking time out of your day to post.

    1. And more thanks for not letting go of "EL BERTIE BOY" and his cartel, which by the way, how come they have all those properties "if the zetas are the bosses and the bad guys?"
      El Pelon Ruben Moreira is also married to a former congresswoman from the home state of El Lazca and MAO OSORIO CHÓN, that other "elite zeta" that got to be "secretario de gobernacionb of epn, but also was governor of hidlago, is a comadre of javier duarte de ochoa and all the other elite zetas of their time, z1 fidel herrera beltran, a long list if elite zetas now hiding their fundillos, I remember they also needed to steal the pipes of chivis little school.
      "Se enojan las comadres y salen las verdades"
      --I hope everything is confiscated soon in spain and the US at least, and the state of coahuila clears or disowns its debts and sends the moreiros begging in prison for a piece of cardboard to make a bed, in the company of their favorite priistas and panistas and "ecologi$ta$" del pvem

  4. The witness is the guy that was selling like 2000 keys like it was nothing

  5. It will be a disgrace to the Mexican citizens if he would allow to run better yet succeed. But then again it's Mexico. Which seems to display continuous disregard to the legitimate interests of its Mexican citizens.

  6. The killing of Lalo Moreira shows a little insight into how close these rats operated..The killing of 40s nephew in a firefight with gob must have enraged 40 and Lazcano especially.
    The best guess is that it was actually Lazcano that gave a green light to put a cap in Lalos head(Lalo killed Oct 3,Lazca killed Oct 7)coincidence?It was fatal consequences for El Lazca,cause i dont believe for a minute that Marina just happened to be cruisin and get lucky finding Lazcano.They knew exactly where he was and he knew what was up,he had no choice but to get on his toes.The intelligent Lazcano went up against the gob,but,he was the one who was responsible for the crazy shows of dismembered people and wholesale brutality such as the 49 headless bodies at Cadereyta ? Lazcano,what a loss to humanity..

    1. Lazcano and el judas aka la seta chorrienta also got their JEFE out of the way, z1 arturo guzman decena, and got crazy doing their own deals, but about "1 000 tienditas" in the state? Looks like they have been pissin'n crapping in the nest, 2 million dollars a month "kickback" do not get produced from one thousand tienditas, that is from trafficking to el norte, the tienditas would barely support the grameros and the carwashers, and the illegal coal miners digging under averybody's house in coahuila.

    2. @6;35 The Zetas didn't want the tienditas for the little bit of profit that a typical mom and pop tiendita makes. They wanted them as retail outlets for selling drugs. I am sure sure some of those stores did quite well.

  7. Why isn't the US Treasury Dept freezing these accounts and siezing all their properties / businesses.

    1. Sssh! the US government is preparing a trap, but there are american interests like former US politicians that own coal mining in coahuila...

  8. Definitely a narco country. By no means legitimate government. With majority of government officials in collaboration with cartels. I am a bit surprised that world leaders acknowledge Mexico as a legitimate country. With Bandidos running the country , stealing and killing endlessly. Poor citizens are like an episode of the walking dead. With each day struggling to survive. Prayers go out to you Mexican citizens.

    1. Wow that was very well said. I was speaking to a Colombian about the narcos in his country and how the Mexicans have taken things to a level that it's going to be hard to top by any other criminal group EVER. They don't need to do the things they do to their own people. There is so much money to be made just dealing.

    2. You hit the nail on the head partner.

    3. @8:42 This is very well said. It is a travesty that the Mexican government is afforded any legitimacy by the int'l community. The real victims have nowhere to turn. Thanks for your comment.

    4. 8:42 The mexican governments are legal, the US takes great care of the legality, because the nasty deals they extort and exact form the mexican governments are even more legal and binding that way. The US also "gives" billions of dollars for.weapons and gorilla training for the mexican military to keep the people down, I hope that explains shit to you...

  9. I wonder the price on that informant's head?

    1. I wonder what how bad they would treat him before they put him out of his misery. The life these guys lead, as immoral as it is, is fascinating. I don't know how they sleep at night.

  10. This continues to make me crazy as a person living, working and paying taxes in Coahuila!! As far as I'm concerned these rat politicians are far worse than any cartel. The come to power saying there are here to help the people when all they do is steal, kill and look after their own interests!! Yet the people continue to put them into office! Wake up people!!

    1. 10:22 the vote gets stolen by fraud, now even on the US, don't blame the mexican voter, blame politicians, their tricks, and computers

  11. He's provably z40. Because he's talking like a bosz.

  12. A Real Piece of Garbage. Best to take him for nature walk. Smell the flowers.

    1. 3:51 no, no, no, he deserves to live to spill the beans,
      leave our newest friend "la seta chorrienta" live.

  13. I don't condone a government official taking bribes but if he said no.....I'm sure the zetas would have rained hell down on he and his family.

    1. I would imagine so. The old silver or lead adage.

    2. Las setas were not so powerful when they started dealing with "el bertie boy", they all grew together, probably even before he got elected "Robbernador", but in the book or report "los zetas infiltran a la AFI, PGR, SSP..." they write about a colony for
      retired mexican military personal before the zetas appeared, about that time carlos salinas de gortari had stolen the budget for the military, my guess is the military were given turf to support themselves with drug trafficking, and to make them shut the flock up, soon they were deep up in Osiel Cardenas Guillen's ass, as "policias federales" former GAFES headed by mexican army lieutenant arturo guzman decenas, if only they had known how to "spic inglish" they would have been judas free, there is also all those zetas communications towers, mexican army has an excellent military school of communications, they get out of there to become carlos slim helu workers with his private police corporations, genarco garcia luna is part of that too.
      Thanks for the capirotada, ahi viene la cuaresma...

  14. ¡¡Moreira...devil and hell is waiting for you..¡¡Your time is gonna come!! ¡¡You´re going to cry for eternity!! Devil is your father and your everything!!...

    1. 7:00 please, just pray that he gets extradited to the US and he gets all the enhanced interrogations processes the law doesn't know about and some rectal feeding, I bet some evil american vice president of the recent US past will oppose that...his coal mining concessions and rail road partnerships in mexico are in play...hey, Tomas yarrington's compadre governor rode it all the way down to the White's House...word!

  15. Damn that's a lot of cash!That's no chump change.That's $24 million a year over 6 years wow and that doesn't count collecting from all the other plaza's/cartels plus kidnappingd,extortions as part of the deal plus the treasury,plus,plus,plus.OMG what pigs.Turning their communities into crime infested holes that effects everything,industry,jobs,tourism,etc.These guys don't go out millionaires but BILLIONAIRES!The thing is they may have started out honest but none end up that way.Where does it end?Is Mexico that much a bottomless pit of wealth?It has to end somewhere but when?Is this the beginning of the end with the reforms and everything being sold off?1 day everyone will wake up and there will be no funds in the bank for anyone then who rescues 120 million people?

  16. That's the reason the zetas are getting hunted by the soldiers so much. You don't win if you go against the government..

  17. @5:22

    Are you insane? That's the reason why people in Mexico think like they do for people like you. Governments officials should know the risk for doing what they do and if a cartel came and theatened their lives then they should ask the military for protection. It's stupid the way you Think. I hope this corruption problem gets taken care of soon.

  18. @ 5:22

    I forgot to add.... these rats aren't just taking bribes, they steal money from people money that's suppose to be for improving people way of living .

  19. he's a zeta boy with connections. no doubt.


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