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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quintana Roo:Former Governor Mario Villanueva, leaves U.S.returns to Mexico prison system

Guest Reporter for Borderland Beat

The former governor of Quintana Roo, Mario Ernesto Villanueva Madrid was extradited from the U.S. returning to Mexico.  He was received by PGR (Attorney General Office) and AIC (Criminal Investigation Agency)elements at 12:30pm at the Mexico City Airport.

The prisoner had been detained at the Migrant Care Center in Louisiana since  Dec. 30 when he left the Lexington hospital prison.

The family of Villanueva Madrid reported making a  request for house arrest because of chronic health issues.  For years, Villanuenva, has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which had been acquired during his imprisonment in the high security prison of Altiplano, in the State from Mexico.

He is expected to undergo a medical examination upon arrival and will then be transferred to a hospital or the northern prison.

His motto was “Don’t bring your bullshit, in this state I am in command”, his moniker is “El Chueco” meaning crooked, not for his character but his asymmetrical facial appearance, the result of  a paralysis.  Villanueva, who on December 23, 2016 exited  the United States prison system for extradition returning him to Mexico, to serve another 22 year incarceration. 

The former governor of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo who admitted  conspiring to launder money, in a New York drug case,  was sentenced in June of 2013  to just under 11 years in prison, but only served 3 ½ years behind bars in the United States.  To read further information use this link.


  1. One governor arrested here,
    another governor arrested there,
    One governor returns to mexican prison system,
    another governor is investigated.

    It's Mexico.

    If I was Donald Trump I would build not just one wall, I would build 10 walls to separate the two countries.

    1. 6:38 Ignorance must be bliss (for your sake I hope).

    2. @6:38 All of those governors and ex-governors are very likely corrupt and I think we will see several more in the spotlight in the next few months. Not because PRI is interested or concerned about corruption, but they want to appear to be as clean as driven snow before the presidential elections in Mexico next year. They want to be able to say "look how good a job we are doing. We exposed or caught all these corrupt politicians."

      But you will have to explain to me how building 10 walls or even one wall will secure our borders from
      the corruption of these corrupt public officials.

    3. I couldn't agree more 6:38!! This many DECADES of corruption in the mexican government is ridiculous. Its only a matter of time before a US president puts an end to a narco state next to the US border.

    4. All of these crooked politicians & cartel killings make for interesting reading material, but i couldn't imagine raising my children in mexico. its a wander people aren't fleeing like syria. what a shame.

    5. Plata? Or Plomo?

      Plata = you are corrupt

      Plomo= you are dead

      I reserve judgement because I have not had
      To walk I people's shoes

    6. Another pig in the pig pen. Wonder if his early release had anything to do with shortys us extradition.

    7. What convinces you that all our United States Senators are "righteous" and "honorable"?
      They are incredibly corrupt and protected.

  2. Most likely a connection to the Blue Parrot shooting.

  3. Well hopefully his sister can help him transition back. She should be flush with all the properties she stoled with Borge.

  4. Any news on Alfredo BL sentencing?????

  5. No mercy for this corrupt full. PUT him in a cold dark cell, like Dr Mierles. Remember him.He is innocent.

    1. Dr. Mireles is no innocent, he stole epn's cover in Time nalgazine, and did not pay one red cent to anybody, epn spent about 1 million dollars of the mexican treasury in the propaganda, of course, half of it was his "comission".
      --that's crookeyed shifty robbing of epn by Dr Mireles, made epn look like a dumb fool pendejo without make-up.


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