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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chilpancingo Guerrero: Six human heads left atop vehicle

Police discovered six human heads left on top of a vehicle abandoned in the central region of Chilpancingo Guerrero. 

The discovering was made Monday, after police responded to a citizen’s call made to the emergency line, notifying authorities of human heads in black plastic being seen by the residents on Nicolas Bravo Street in colonia Progreso.

In addition to the heads, police discovered six dismembered bodies within the vehicle, which had Guerrero license plates.

A message was left with the grisly discovery, but authorities have not made its contents public.


  1. Nicodemo Lil Nicky Scarfo passed away at 87yrs old...Old School Mafioso, Philadelphia Mob Boss!

  2. Martial law needs to be implemented in the whole country of Mexico. Then again no guarantee the Mexican government can actually curb the violence. Since past history has clearly shown the majority of the Mexican government is corrupt. Would say 98% corrupt still have hope there are 2% genuine.

    1. #1:51 Your perceptions of Mexico are based on the news stories you read and see on TV about the violence in Mexico. You don't know the "real" Mexico.

      I have lived in Mexico in a small city of about 50,000 people. It is on a highway that I am sure is a busy route for moving drugs to the border. I am relatively sure there some Z bosses living here. But I have never seen a dead body or a shootout nor any bodies hanging from a bridge. The scariest thing I have seen is when a car pulled up beside me and a guy got out and as he was getting out I saw 3 or 4 guys in the car all having what looked like AK-47s in their laps. I just went into the store as did the guy from the car beside me. I bought what I wanted, as did he, and we all went on our way.

      On the other hand, I live in a modest neighborhood and every neighbor gets up in the morning, goes to work at the bank or a store or a maquiladora, and other everyday jobs just like most people do in most neighborhoods in the US. Most cities, towns. and villages across Mexico are the same way. Some of my neighbors drink too much beer on Sat. night and play music from their porch or yard and start singing along with it and and keep me awake too late but I expect that happens in US too. My point is I think most Mexicans are just hard working people, even if they are in the 50% living in povery, trying to raise a family and hope life will be easier for their kids.

      I wan't comment ow how impractical your solution of declaring martial law across the whole county. but your proposal would mean that the 90$ that are honest and have committed no crime would risk getting shot if they left their home after the curfew. Is that really what you want?

    2. In reality I have family in all parts of Mexico. Mother and father both have homes as well. Things have changed not only in Mexico but the world itself. Nevertheless there was a time when one can literally walk and enjoy the tranquility of its country and its respectful citizens. Loved my summer vacations with grandparents. Unfortunately times have changed. The brutal killings and extortions have made one to be vigilant . America has its violence but not as brutal as to what Mexico is experiencing. Cartels have gotten bolder without an end in sight. Visiting family members in Mexico for me and family is definitely a no- no. Fearing getting mugged if your lucky due to the out of country plates of a vehicle, the clothes on your back indicates you have money. Things have changed. Which sad to say I missed horse back riding on my father in- laws ranch. He retired unfortunately wish he can move to Texas . However real estate market value for the property is high and not many have to purchase but the cartels who would rather take it than pay. It's my opinion on how I see Mexico now. Sorry

    3. Mexico is a lost cause, it needs a reset button. Just heard the governor of veracruz (the Z governor that killed a bunch of reporters) was stealing the money from little kids that suffer cancer, he was keeping the money and gave them tap water making them believe it was chemotherapy medicine. Swear this people no tienen perdon de dios.....

    4. If that is the case we should implement martial law in Chicago.....

    5. @7:44. I have been writing a story on Duarte's fake chemo for the last couple of days. Hopefully get it up tomorrow. Look for it.

    6. I would not oppose military presence in Chicago if it curtails the gun violence. Senseless killings of citizens is a problem here. Ignorance and parenting is the major question here. Strickter laws and stiffer penalty for gun violence definitely needs to be applied. Unfortunately the bad side of this implementation is the loss of our children's future. An Education, a second chance in society to be a productive citizen. With the discrimination policies communities and employers hold upon individuals with criminal records. It's a broken system. A rotating door for continued incarceration.
      Minimum wage is not adequate to live and feed ones families. Without society to give a second opportunity for these individuals for prosperity and hope. America will continue to have this issue.
      Many issues face our countries . Broken systems, broken family values. What is the perfect solution so we all can live in peace?

    7. Look forward to reading articles posted and opinions, discussions and views.

  3. Damn DD got a temper second time i read DD going off on someone lmao...gud job DD!!

    1. U can laugh all u want. Reality speaks for itself. There is an epidemic of mass proportions inflicting the people of Mexico. Chaos and the lack for human life. Where 40 something students can be slaughtered with no real accountability. Where families grieve and government officials cant ( won't) give any Acceptable closure for victims and families. Now please tell me Mexico is truly safe .

    2. @4:52am
      Ya le dije al DD que no se deje mover por cualquier comentario que ponga cualquier pendejo :)

      El Barrabas

    3. Whatever. Won't post again. See ones opinion is criticism to others. Where in reality this site is supposed to be a discussion forum where opinions from readers are considered and not ridiculed. .....

    4. @9:16 I am sorry you got offended that I disagreed with your proposal to declare martial law across all of Mexico. There are cities and towns where I think martial law might be appropriate and I have proposed that idea before. But not a blanket martial law across the whole country.

      I wrote a long reply because I wanted you to know why I disagreed with you. I don't think I said anything that was ridiculing you and I certainly didn't intend it that way. I hope you reconsider your decision not to post any more comments.

      But a Forum like ours is intended to encourage debate and discussion so you can expect someone to disagree with you on most posts. Civil debate is not ridicule.

    5. Truth is called a pendejo is offensive. Moreover I know martial law is a harsh implementation. Especially with the common every day routine in life's activities.
      I love Mexico truly do . Being of Mexican ancestry has opened my eyes to discrimination here in America. But that's a total separate issue. Racism will and continue to exist.
      The only reason I see fit for martial law was not to inprison the citizens of Mexico but maybe eradicate the violence itself. It's not a perfect solution which in theory who knows if the Mexican government will become the big bad wolf in the end. A revolution will consist of many deaths of its citizens . Where evidence and moral of its citizens consider the government to continue to steal , rape the country of its wealth, allow criminal enterprises to feed off its citizens, and the impunity officials receive with no consequences for their actions.
      Maybe u do have a point: certain towns , cities etc.
      Nevertheless, I will be sticking to my New York Times and Washington Post for awhile.

  4. Aren't the police gonna line up the heads for a photo like they did last time?

  5. Los tequileros getting killed by cjng...


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