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Monday, October 31, 2016

Tijuana: The war between the Ministerial Police and PEP

Excerpt taken from Gente de la Tia Juana
Translated by El Wachito
Recommended prior reading: PEP elements leave a threatening message to Ministerial Cops, Agent Galvan attempts to rescue "El Pariente" from PEP elements

Galvan, is the Ministerial agent that is currently fighting the plaza for the "right to steal confiscated drugs" against the Policia Estatal Preventiva (PEP).

Yesterday, Thursday 27 of October, an email with a "Urgent/Priotity" stamp arrived at the installations of the FBI. The e-mail was sent from Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, secretary in charge of the State Security. In order for us to understand the e-mail and before we make it public, first we have to understand the problems that Commander Galvan has with the PEP.

Agent Jose Ramon Galvan Martinez is and old element of the Ministerial corporation, along his wife, who is also a Ministerial Agent and her name is Leticia Vazquez Diaz, who is also an accomplice when it comes to stealing confiscated drugs and not declaring confiscated drugs.

The couple of agents have been working for the Cartels from a long time ago, but their problem started when he was assigned as the agent in charge of Small Scale Drug Dealing Unit. He put together a team of Ministerial officers under his command and order them to steal confiscated drugs with purposes of re-selling it.

Approximately two years he suffered an assassination attempt by the Blvd. Insurgentes while driving a VW Jetta of his property. The automobile was disappeared immediately and Agent Galvan ordered the Crime Scene Investigators to clean all evidence.

This assassination attempt was because he stole 50 pounds of meth. The agent didnt suffer any injuries and nowadays he continues to operate within the organization, by stealing drugs and not declaring confiscated drugs.

The drug theft accusations became so prevalent that it caught the attention of Daniel de la Rosa, but what turn on the "red lights" for de la Rosa was when after a disappearance of drugs, criminals set on fire the car of Agent Galvans wife and left funeral flowers for her. It was then that they started to investigate Agent Galvan, by listening to his cellphone conversations, De la Rosa received a big surprise.


The Email

'Important notice for the Jefe de Enlace **********. 

After an investigation conducted by your public server, Commander of the Policia Estatal Preventiva, E******* (The only thing that we can say about that PEP Commander is that his nickname is, "El Chilango", and was a former Federal Cop). Im sending you a 'warning' against Ministerial Cop Jose Ramon Galvan Martinez, actual boss of the Small Scale Drug Dealing Unit, because it has been confirmed that he has a strong relation with the new Cartel Arellano Felix and has family links with Pablo Edwin Huerta, alias "El Flaco" active hit man.'


Galvan also attempted to rescue, Hector Gil Garcia, alias "El Kado" when he was detained for illegal arms possession and small scale drug dealing. At the moment of his arrest, Galvan arrived at the installations of la PEP to request attention for the detainee, but it was denied. 

After listening to the telephone conversation of persons who are involved in criminal activities, it became known that Agent Galvan's phone number has a relation with other several phone numbers of detained criminals. After the investigation the orders of listening to the cellphone conversations of "Galvan" were given, and authoritities found out that "El Flaco" snitched in Rosarito about a shipment of drugs coming from Sinaloa, after Galvan stole the drugs, a male known as Uriel who represents "El Aquiles" negotiated $200,000 USD to get the drugs back, and Galvan returned the drugs.

In another conversations, we can hear the how they stole another shipment of drugs that came from Sinaloa, the theft was perpetrated in BLVD 2000, where the agents stole more than 700 pounds of crystal meth. In the same manner, the conflict that occurred at the "Narcolaboratorio" in las Palmas was mentioned. Obviously, all the details were given in benefit of the PEP.
The last Manta against Galvan was posted in the morning of Friday 28, October 2016. This is the second narcomanta accusing him of stealing drugs and describes with detail what happened in BLVD 2000.

The Cartels that operate in Baja California prefer to work with Galvan than with the PEP, because with Galvan they can settle disputes by paying money, lets say that he is a "thief that has word". However the PEP, steals from you, violates their rights and puts them in jail.

Lets talk about the "bomb that detonated the case". The PEP detains "El Pariente" (He was detained at the Narcolaboratorio in las Palmas), who after a brief interrogation accepts to collaborate and claims to work for el Juanito, a nephew of Chencho Beltran. "El Pariente" takes them to the Narcolaboratorio, in Las Ferias Avenue by the Aguacaliente area, and the PEP breaks into the house. The PEP decides to extort the detainees. They speak to "El Juanito" via phone lines, Juanito informs his uncle Chencho Beltran who immediately calls Galvan, because he is an Agent under his command.

Galvan immediately got in his Patrol pick up truck and two other Patrol pick up trucks followed him. When he arrived at the site, Galvan observes PEP elements dressed in civilian clothes but he thought they were members of his instutition, that's why he arrived at the site acting in a prepotent manner and yelling at the other agents, "Avoid problems and get out of here!". Immediately PEP elements pointed their guns at him and requested support.

After a brief discussion, Galvan saw the arrival of several other PEP patrol vehicles and he ran away from the place. PEP elements informed their commander of the situation and he got offended, therefore he decided to make it public. This sparks a war between the PEP and the PGJE, where "narcomantas" with threatening messages, fake toy grenades and bags with clothes (to make it seem as dead bodies) are being left at the installations.

Who will win?


  1. Can someone please tell me how shitike this really happens? What is wromg with our world?

  2. How in the hell did that cop got a badge in the first place? Man in he was in the usa he would of been in jail aready but the again its mexico!!!!!
    John McFarlane

    1. Leyzaola purged the poolice department, only the worst of the worst made the cut, and that is what you have to work with now, all accreditables, and the same shit is happening a over mexico, with bureaucrats and teachers with the education reform, and with the police on all the states too.

  3. This must be the blue print of how to make homemade informants successful

  4. Conan does or does not work for Ministerial Police and/or PEP

  5. Lose -lose situation for one and all , especially the good people that live surrounded by dealers , drug addicts, violence, etcetc , can't trust their Govt , Govt agencies, elections, let alone any police or military agency, banks , businesses, and on and on , can't go to to work , school , shop, drive without the giant shadow of darkness hovering over them . Sad and sick........

  6. Five more people found executed between Sunday night and this Monday morning,
    Four men and one woman and the day is still young.

    1. Well, as long as the US is happy and keeps paying the mexican government mordidas, they got nothing to worry about...

  7. Wow is that ever messed up.Complicated too.Both police agencies work for rival cartels.Guess no coordination in their police work for the civilians they supposedly work for.

  8. And that is why ladies and gentleman I thank my Higher Power that I came across that border and live in the United States of America where in my words I posses the most important: FREEDOM,freedom to quit my job at any time, freedom to say whatever I feel like, freedom to come and go as I please, freedom to smoke a fat ass leño and get high and shit, ya'll gotta feel me......

    El mariguano de Zapopan

    1. 8:14 then you get very hungry y te comes un Big Snicker too, con lechita y galletitas.
      For some of us those liberties are something old that we take for granted, we the forward thinkers are about some much more advanced liberties, I hope you catch up some day when you are done "inspiring yourself".

    2. de que hablas willys everything is clear is a battle for control of power and money maybe legalize drugs and give education and a good salaries to the cops

  9. Where the people who are supposed to protect and defend the innocent are the people who are the most ruthless parasites on the planet ... With liscenses to kill and the power and resources to disappear masses of people at a moments notice .... Nice

    1. Policía Comercial de nombre Ramon Larrizabal asignado al Copeo bar ubicado en avenida revolución dejo en libertad a dos policías estatales preventivos que bajo los influjos del alcohol armaron un zafarrancho a su salida del bar en las primeras horas del sábado 29 de octubre.
      Los mejor conocidos como “Pepos” estuvieron ingiriendo bebidas alcohólicas en el mencionado bar por varias horas y al momento de retirarse `por la puerta de salida provocaron a un hombre que apenas iba entrar.
      Después de una breve discusión uno de los policías estatales apunto con una arma de fuego al sujeto que inesperadamente lo desarmo para posteriormente encañonar a los dos ebrios policías estatales.

      Fue en ese momento cuando Ramón Larrizabal de la policía comercial inicio un dialogo con el hombre que en su defensa desarmo y encañono a los estatales.
      Después de convencerlo que le entregara el arma ya que pondría bajo arresto a los “Pepos” y que a el lo dejaría en libertad.
      El hombre accedió, pero para su sorpresa el policía comercial regreso el arma a los policías estatales y los encamino por instrucciones de los propietarios del lugar ya que sus escoltas también son policías estatales.
      Es increíble como el oficial Larrizabal no aplico la ley en ese momento ya que por fortuna no paso a mayores pero ese evento pudo haber terminado en tragedia.
      Como lo hemos venido mencionando en Tijuana existen muy buenos policias pero la gran mayoría son como el oficial Larrizabal, que en lugar de “proteger y servir” a la ciudadanía parece que protegen aquellos que violentan la ley.
      Este policía comercial tiene que ser suspendido debido a que ni siquiera presento un parte informativo a pesar de que en el zafarrancho se vio envuelta una arma de fuego la cual muy probablemente la persona que la portaba no tenia permiso de portacion.
      here they are the people who are supposed to protect and defend the innocent are the people who are the most ruthless parasites on the planet ... With liscenses to kill and the power and resources to disappear masses of people at a moments notice .... Nice

  10. must be hard being one of the few honest cops in Mexico when your job is supposed to make the narcos your enemies and youre supposed to keep them off the streets, yet your goverment is infiltrated by the enemy, your superiors work with the enemy and your agency is acting like the enemy

  11. Thanks wachito for translating. Obviously the govts police vetting process isn't in effect in Tijuana yet. Sounds like most would fail and they would be suddenly left without a police force

    1. 3:46 the police departments in tijuas have been vetted, these are the results, don't blame the vetting or the lack of vetting, blame the sponsors of the new police departments for the results, they chose the worst of the worst, like when alfredo castillo chose the former ct and iagras and H3 for his "juersa rural" en michoacan, based on the selections and recommendations of his cuban santera sexoterapista...
      Only those who prove to be loyal to the party get selected. That is what the vetting process is all about, to work in pemex, cfe, teaching or on the poolice.


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