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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Narcos Are Dividing La Paz, BCS

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat                                                                      From Zeta 
 Business as usual for "El Simon" from inside CERESO">Easily, agents/ authorities of the PGJE collected evidence of yet another event but are hampered by the inability to take down the culprits.

After three days without executions, after the transfer of Simon Guillermo Hernandez Pena aka "El Simon", an alleged criminal from Sonora, two murders in La Paz gave authorities evidence of a purge among Cartels for the control of the drug dealing "Plaza" in the capitol of the state of BCS continues.

"They have a division of three sectors, la Zona Centro, the Middle, and the Southside", confirmed a police source to La Zeta. The truce lasted 72 hours. The morning of Sept.22, two people were apparently executed in the municipality of La Paz, one of them beheaded between Counsel and Independence Streets, in a workshop. Another man was thrown from an apartment complex between Allende and Rosales Streets. According to expert data, the victims had alcohol and drugs in their blood.

These events gave way to to statements by a police source, who confided in Zeta, "that we are still missing some from the purge among cartels in La Paz". The apparent calm that was lived earlier in the week came from the transfer of six suspected drug dealers in the capital of Baja California Sur, including Simon Guillermo Hernandez Pena, " El Simon"or ''The Gravedigger", who operated from inside the CERESO prison in La Paz, in addition to its armed wing, Luis Fernando "El Guero Rufles",  ''El Guayabo", "The Danny", ''The Ghost", and Rolando Gonzalez Moreno, "El Compadron", former leader of the North Zone plaza of the capital.

In three days we only received six or seven false calls regarding shootings or executions since the transfer of these extremely dangerous prisoners, according to the information that was sent by the higher security prison in Sonora, this stopped the wave of executions, injuries and kidnapping, although in the last few days we don't have the data.

So far this month (Sept.) 22 people have lost their lives due to firearms, six after the transfer of the prisoners, and two more were in doubt as to the manner in which they died, between the 21st of Sept. Until the early morning hours of Sept.22.

According to a member of the Coordination Group of the State Public Security, it is known that "there was an arrangement between those who head the sale and distribution of drugs in La Paz, and now we can say that we have a division into three sectors or zones. With this division there is an expected truce, according to the source, in which there will be no participation by security forces, they will simply wait until a "determination of territory is reached ", he said. Security officials tell Zeta that recent execution victims must have known their assailants saying that they occurred inside homes. Reports received by this weekly publication reveal that the "cleanup" that occurred in recent weeks had much to do with "El Simon" operating from the CERESO prison, "they were killing their own people, those who did not want to pull for them, some of them saying they wanted to become independent, but what is certain is that they didn't reach an agreement; such is the case of "El Chicho", who was executed in Colonia El Fuente. This person controlled a group of drug dealers, which was gradually weeded out by the work of "El Rufles" gunmen on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel."

As authorities ignore the distribution of drug sales in La Paz the criminals are dividing up the territories.

According to data provided by a member of Public Security Coordination Group, Narciso Cota "El Chicho"was executed on August 29 on Circuito Bledales near the corner of Del Rio riding in a recent model Toyota Corolla, while living he worked with the former Governor of BCS, Marco Covarrubias Villasenor. ''El Chicho" was identified as being in charge of a criminal cell of drug dealers and distributors. After the forced removal of "El Simon", along with his gunmen, from the control of the distribution of narcotics, they reached a presumable truce between leaders of these cells in La Paz, nevertheless, it is an uncertain future. "They have stopped infighting as of now, but this will most certainly not last", the source said. As far as the actions of security factions, "at least as far as the Attorney General goes what they tell you is uncertain, they work as they are able, but no one does anything that could generate more instability, our own vice attorney general of Special Investigations does not delve into seizures or investigations, anti-kidnapping actions or murders. The COE ( Commission of Special Investigations) are not going to lead in this situation and the Ministry is on another track" warned the Coordination Group member, pointing to the lack of leadership and /or the desire to stop the wave of violence and thus remain passive.

 It is worth mentioning that in order to open an investigation, one would have to make an anonymous complaint, that which would have to be made through an inmate at CERESO, who told us that there were many graves to be discovered, he told us that he belonged to ''El Simon"s gang, in which operated "El Guero Rufles", I am talking many, he revealed. According to estimates he was talking between 18 to 25 clandestine graves, some near Kilometer 10 near the highway to Los Planes and also in the drainage between La Fuente and Tabachines, only five miles inland from where five clandestine graves were found in 2013 attributed to Simon Guillermo Hernandez Pena, "El Simon" aka "The Gravedigger". Personnel of the Expert Services were seen working for an entire week in the area, nevertheless, "The rains did not stop us from working, but we couldn't find traces of the bodies they told us about, nor traces of fat and blood. The search was suspended because there were no findings from the anonymous tip.

Violent acts are still expected in the capital city now that "the Southside, controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel was defeated, including their own security forces, all the power was given to the "Northside", the Cartel Tijuana New Generation or (CTNG), and we also know that "El Mayo" Zambada was involved, we have always know that "Los Mayitos" were operating, but these strategic alliances were made here, unfortunately, including their among their own security forces", citing a police source.

In the Municipality of Comondu, there are grudges between cells of the Sinaloa Cartel, led by Juan Murillo Avendano, "El Tomatito Cherry" (the Cherry Tomatoe), and by parts of the Cartel Jalisco/ Tijuana New Generation led by Ruben Omar Castanon Nicolat, "El Chocolate",who is also allied with a group known as "The Palapas". "El Murcielago"(The Bat) was executed in Comondu in a dispute over the plaza. However, a military source added that the intelligence investigation highlighted "an unidentified hidden character, but according to the data received from the PGR it could be that Miguel Angel Vega Ramirez, "El Gordo Vega" could be behind all of this operation. The source added that "El Tomatito" is in hiding in Sinaloa, which could be due to the detention by federal forces in Zapopan , Jalisco of Martin Gaudencio Avendano Ojeda, an operator of "El Mayo" Zambada. This gives us reason to think the attempts against Los Cheyos outside of the Auto Zone Store, the burning of the businesses and the ranch owned by Murillo Avendano in the Santo Domingo Valley is about a strategy to take control of the plaza".

According to the military source this could bring in a leader of the criminal group Los Damaso aimed at creating a feud between the two groups, in which both sides have been recently quiet, but to create instability could bring a new war to La Paz, such as the one that happened with the arrival of a third group in July of 2014. The plaza was divided into The North with the cell "Compadron", while The South went to "Los Pepillos" but it was Los Damaso who destabilized the distribution of territories, using the recognized strategy of this group. "It is precisely this strategy, seeking to destabilize the control they have and then subdivide to advance control."

If we look into the cell of "Gorda Vega", what will happen is exactly what happened here in La Paz.
War is now being declared between Los Tomateros and Los Cheyos, including on social networks, some members of the association mention him , "El Gordo", but immediately some come out against defending him , saying that Los Tomateros are in charge and vice versa, including mentioning the attack and burning on the ranch of Los Avedanos, en route to Puerto San Carlos, west of Ciudad Constitution, burning cattle and everything that was found.

They placed mantas (left signs) against "El Tomatito ", Murrillo Avendano and killed several thoroughbred horses that were hidden on a ranch in Villa Morelos, located near the exit to Ciudad Constitution and claim that these attacks were planned by "El Gordo Vega" and they had committed these crimes. On social threads such as Zeta and other publications it was thought that they were opposing Los Tomateros or Los Cheyos; but left a  justification open for trying to deter the coming war from an opposing point of view.

Here are interventions: Nathanel Ramirez, "If Los Cheyos believe wrongly that if they bring war with Los Tomateros and it is not like that, then the attack at the AutoZone came from their own people, a mediocre faction, one of which was put in charge from their own organization to keep the Plaza and take out this patron "El Chayo".

Paramedics that live and work in BCS, attending to every call from the wounded to the dead of each criminal cell say: Los Cheyos think they are warring with Los Tomateros but it is not like that. The attack that happened at the AutoZone came from their own people led by a criminal who wanted the Plaza for himself and was trying to get rid of "El Cheyo".

Alberto Collins: " Hahaha, They are fools (assholes), it makes me smile/laugh that they seem so ready".

Everything indicates that since the capture and release of Miguel Angel Vega Ramirez from the CERESO in La Paz, he has had the ambition of total control of the Municipality of Comondu, which was identified by military sources as the prime location on the criminal map, that being Ciudad Insurgentes. Plus, they say the fight is ongoing and they are being directed to recover La Plaza completely. The situation originated from the events that occurred on August 31st at Kilometer 210 and 500 and Pedro Maria Anaya, Colonia Renero, on the highway betweem Ciudad Constitution and Ciudad Insurgentes, outside of the AutoZone store, where the main target ''El Cheyo" was wounded and also killed was 25 year old ''El Murcielago", Rafael Arroyo Acosta, who was in a grey Kia presumably the hitman who was hired to murder "Goro Vega".

This was the information given to Miguel Angel Vega, that a presumed betrayal occurred within his own group "Los Cheyos"and that warranted a counterattack against the rivals with the hitman being the only casualty. A military source added that a kidnapping also took place and the whereabouts of the victim, Juan Lopez "Juan Palapas" was unknown.

While the conflict continues in La Paz and Comondu, in Los Cabos a fight for control of that Plaza is coming, after the fall of Guadalupe Acosta Lopez, "El Javier/"El Javi, in Culiacan where he was executed on the way to the house of friends. "A shuffle is to be expected," says an expert on Public Safety, now that the controlling interests in Cabo San Lucas belong to the cells of the South Zone of the  State. Burning the business of Avendano Murillo in La Candelaria on the afternoon of Sept.21 near the tourist destination of CSL was a result of the conflict between cells in Comondu. We know that it was a brutal armed confrontation, a white Toyota Tacoma was found with multiple bullet impacts in the hood, the windows and windshield shattered by bullets, rear tires punctured and bloodstained. An investigation was launched by Security Agents of the three levels of government plus Armed Forces and Forensic Services to secure the evidence.

At the site, two rifles were found, along with a pistol and the belongings of the people traveling in the vehicle, such as bags, tennis shoes, cellphones and keys which could lead to clarification of the events. Moments later, nearby at dusk, two wounded people were found and transported to the General Hospital in CSL with grave injuries. Two ambulances from the IMR ( International Medical Response) were necessary for the intervention in addition to a heavy security presence which included Military, Ministerial Police and Municipal officers. The PGR ( Attorney General of the State) announced that the two people were identified as Oscar Ivan, 22 and Pastor de Jesus, 29, both from Culiacan, Sinaloa.

According to investigations, only two people were officially recognized but witnesses who saw the vehicle saw at least three more. In addition to finding the bullet ridden vehicle and the two victims, the Military forces also located a clandestine airstrip nearby which had signs of use by aircraft, indicating that the group of alleged drug dealers were headed to that point for a transfer of either narcotics and /or guns. At the close of information given to this publication (Zeta) we only received statements such as :

"Right now we have no more information on this brutal event but we will send more as the week and the investigation continues. It should be noted that this struggle has just begun and although we were expecting a succession, everything points to a restructuring, surely they will be armed and looking for a breaking point, now there is this and we can only keep working in a coordinated manner here in Los Cabos."said the police source.

These kind of armed events have been recorded not only in Los Cabos, but on Aug.28th an armed commando kidnapped Hilario Vargas Espinoza, 64 yrs old, brother of  journalist Hermilinda Vargas, director of The Colectivo Pericue online publication and his friend Jose Flores Mendez. According to the facts related to Zeta, Vargas and two of his friends were found on a sprawling property in the Santa Rosa neighborhood San Jose del Cabo, in the Municipality of Los Cabos, when a armed commando of five or six men entered the property, beat and threw to the ground a young helper, keeping him face down on the ground so he was unable to see the faces of kidnappers.  They brutally beat Jose Flores trying to get to Hilario Vargas and take him away, then amid the fighting and shoving the armed men boarded the two vehicles and the young man was left on the ground where he was beaten and the only thing he knew was the two men were taken in an unknown direction. His family said that it was as if they, the armed men, had made him swallow dirt and all we know is that the authorities are trying to find the two missing men.

Hermelinda Vargas has expressed her feelings of desperation over the disappearance of her brother through FaceBook, where she has received much support from her followers and they have united in the search. The journalist has asked the captors to respect the physical integrity of her brother. "My brother was deprived of his freedom late yesterday afternoon by unknown persons that arrived on the property in Santa Rosa. All of the family has united along with friends for the search. The facts are known to the authorities. I ask the citizens if they know anything or know of his whereabouts to please call 066, the Emergency Number, including any of the men that took him. We thank you for your cooperation."  The Vargas family has notified authorities, made an official report, and are working directly with investigators to find both men and although a faith driven hunch gives them reason  for hope, the investigation has not yet yielded the expected results.

At the close of this addition, both Hilario Vargas and Jose Flores remain missing, including no contact from their captors. "I know that you are a good brother. Your life is worth more than any material value. We want you back soon. Your family misses you, loves you and awaits you. We will continue our search for you."

Specialists in Organized Crime have told this publication that from a sociological point of view, "Violence is here to stay, not only on the streets, but in the consciousness of us all, this could cause a resurgence of events, gradually raise the tone and in the worst case scenario, criminals will be engaged at stealing everything." 

At the end of September there had been 31 executions in La Paz, BCS.


  1. What a whole lot of nothing.

    1. You should be thankful that BB translators are willing to give up their time to translate these Zeta article, why dont you add something positive, if all you have to say are comments like above, better say nothing at all.

    2. You should be thankful that BB translators are willing to give up their time to translate these Zeta article, why dont you add something positive, if all you have to say are comments like above, better say nothing at all.

    3. Thanks Otis, right on .
      Glad to see you are still checking in.

  2. I'm sick of reading about these worthless donkeys with dumb names. I'm getting real close to cleaning out the plazas myself.

    1. LOL, do it then Rambo

    2. haha make sure you ask them to put their videos online, when they turn you into pozole!

  3. Those who control the border will hold the power, Its going to be a free for all, who will be last man standing?

  4. Where did el Simon get transferred too ??

  5. So cjng keeps taking cds plazas? That's nuts, I thought cds were the toughest and smartest cartel inbthe universe.. well, at least that's what their corridos say jaja

    1. This takin over is only temporary. CDS won't give up so easy. What happens is that they are getting sloppy for the time being with some recent captures of their leaders.
      I'm not a nuthugger but it has never been easy to eliminate roaches like the CDS who don't know any better in life than to sell crap!

    2. thats the power of propaganda

    3. The only reason cds was so big was because back then there was cdg and cartel de guadaljara but when chapo became the boss he had no rivals and took over his home town but now that there is zetas cjng cdg and caf cartel de sinaloa cant compete.

    4. Idk about taking but fighting for control not fully taking over yet with chapo locked up or if he gets extradited I believe they will take over sooner

  6. "El Murcielago" himself has been topped,remember during the recent war with La China,El Grande,Cochi,Damasos,he joined in leaving bodies and mantas with a black bat on them confusing everyone ?

    1. El murciegalo es puro y al amanecer bachicha, puro pinchi rey gramero peliando "la plasa" que ni es ni será suya por más de una semana.

  7. I wonder how that conversation between Mayo and Mencho went down because mencho people have been showing up at his areas tj and baja

  8. That's horrible about that kidnapping and also those innocent horses killed.I can't believe La Paz has changed so much.I had been travelling road trips in that Pennisula for 35 years and totally safe like maybe 3 murders a year in the whole state.It's changed drastically.I guess 2015 was my last trip there.Too bad I LOVE La Paz,it's so beautiful there but can't go there any more.People thought I was crazy road tripping Mexico before but now I would be downright nuts to go there.

    1. Actually, I did not post this to discourage any one from traveling there. This has been on going and won't stop anytime soon. These hideous Cartel events are just that , hideous, however , the bigger picture is the impact on society at large. There are so many more drug addicts using this terrible hard stuff that there is much more petty theft, robberies etc , good example the poor canadian photographer killed for her camera and /or phone. There is no escaping the scourge and it is not just Mexico. I know few families untouched either in the US or Mexico anymore.
      Sad but true.

    2. She had money canna, but that is not coming back to her estate because some people will rather lose a friend than a dollar.
      Weapons dealers make no money from "friends" either...

    3. I recommend not to go to mexico, there is crime all over the place, but there are news blackouts, the pinchi government loves too much their tourist dollarzzz...

  9. Yaqui I know you didn't post this to discourage travel but I fall into a different category than typical tourist.I like adventure travel and small deserted places and Baja was my playground.The shit hit the fan a month after my last road trip there and I was hoping it a temporary thing but I think you are right there is drug addicts galore there now and all the fighting over the 'local plazas' not just at the border any more.Well maybe my next trip will be Spain or Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

  10. Yes , I know all about it , me too !!
    Backcounty Baja has been my home for nearly 35 years, before paved roads and all inclusive resorts. These rural communities are greatly affected also and I see what my many hard working tenacious friends and families do to keep their lives together in view of the ever degrading circumstances of insecurity.
    Many still comute on their " Filemons " ! perhaps I know you , ha ha, its still a small world sometimes.

  11. I was there last summer, in a heat of violence, La Paz, and I yes I stayed in the near fortress like resort Costa Baja, but I spent every day and night in the downtown areas, off the main streets....and it was safe, but I don't say that to discount the trauma and insecurity people affected are living with. Someone was executed in Los Bizmarkitos this year,, where I ate tacos a year earlier.

  12. My father comes from san lucas (we are far from the country now) and while growing up we always went over once a year. He seen bad coming, seen the future of our family business best sold, pick a country, make the move and place new investment into business. He breed our heritage out in generations to the point he told people he was Italian since once people in another country you tell them "I'm Mexican" and from "the foot of Mexico" they assume you're best buddies with El Chapo Guzman (as that's all most not interest in narco or general history of all world wide criminal organizations) know the name (Chapo Guzman) and my father is not a fan or narcos, which he hates people outside of his country assume Mexico is "cool drugs and rich narcos" asking "why would you leave the country?" And that's what hurts someone like my father, a Mexican who couldn't for the rest of his life like generations of our family did before. Go on to contribute legal dollars into his businesses of cabo (my father is originally from northwestern side of Mexico) seeing how hard it is to get up the ladder of success without crime or corruption, he sad for the country but defends it when people ride the narco dick wave and think the country is cool and rich from el chaps Guzman and drug money living in a fucking 587mil dollar mansion. He don't hate el chaps Guzman or know him or give a fuck about el chapo, the country on the other hand... loves but he will always say he once loved the country.


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