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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Guanajuato: Eruption of violence continues, 3 bags found of human remains

Story sent in by a Borderland Beat reader- Thank you!

In the last 24 hours 9 violent deaths

As criminal groups clash over territory, violence continues to erupt in Guanajuato.  Additional explosives and murders terrorized citizens over the weekend.

It was Saturday morning on an old access road to the community of “La Estación La Piedad” that three plastic bags were discovered, inside the bags contained dismembered human remains. The authorities of the State of Guanajuato are conducting investigations into the incident.

The gruesome discovery was reported by people who passed by the road, a road just 200 meters from the Pénjamo-La Piedad road.  The witnesses called the emergency line and informed the police that there were three plastic bags thrown, that apparently contained  human body parts.

Elements of the Municipal Police Penjamo, confirmed the discovery of a dismembered corpses and proceeded to cordon off the perimeter and notify the Regional Office.

Because of the way the bags were wrapped it was not possible to determine how many bodies the dismembered parts belong to.  This will be determined after the bags are moved to the Forensic Medical Service Unit (Semefo).

Another of the events, having the most victims, was in Comonfort three killed and four more injured.
This as a result of an attack by armed men who fired against all those present to the interior of a hair salon located in the downtown area of that municipality.

A few minutes  after 11 a.m. yesterday, a report came into the emergency center  that  several people injured by gunshots on Vicente Guerrero street near the corner with Magueyal in the center.

Incinerated body found in San Felipe

The body of a man burned, about 35, was found lying on the dirt road leading to the La Estanzuela community in the municipality of San Felipe. 

It was on the Friday afternoon, when the body was discovered.

The deceased  man  was burned and lying in a fetal position with his hands and feet tied.  

The body of a man shot in the head was found near Lienzo Charro ‘Los Gavilanes’ de Manuel Doblado.


  1. Also the attack in a barbershop left 3 dead and 4 wounded in comonfort guanajuato can you guys post something about that

  2. 9 dead people in the last 24 hrs in the state of Guanajuato

    1. Its time for removal of the government. The Mexican government has demonstrated over and over its failure and inability to protect its citizens. It is a fail state and unless we start making changes in the government, things are going to get worse.

    2. But, how? CJNG can do it. Why don't they

  3. You have certainly been a very busy guest reporter ! thanks for your work.

  4. damn i leave for there wednesday. Going to manuel doblado

  5. Tonces los del CJNG están "limpiando" Guanajuato de "Templarios" y "LetraZZZ"???

    Por ahí se rumoraba que después que el gobierno debilitó a los Templarios en Michoacán se hizo el efecto cucaracha es decir que muchos Templarios huyeron de Michoacán por los golpes que les hizo el gobierno y muchos se fueron hacer su desmadre a Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo y Puebla.

  6. Drug Cartels are winning the War

  7. If you remove the government, who would do the removing & who would you replace it with?

    1. 11:16 anybody that robs too, but only a little bit, like the mayor that confessed he stole, but only a little,
      first of all, declare that foreign loans and their interests will not be paid because the money can't be found, and the investments can't be found, and mainly because if they got defrauded like little babies, that is their motherfacking problem, set up autodefensas all over the towns, kick or kill the federales and estatales out of business. And hang all the corrupt pooliticians from los güebos.

  8. I am sure that whats going on in Guanajuato would be like childs play to people from a bunch of other places. But one big thing has changed here and thats the anxiety people are feeling. I have lived in San Miguel off and on for 30 years and this really sucks. It used to be kind of fun to have corrupt and inept cops when your trying to drive home drunk from Hanks. But now that we have real killers in town those police are nowhere to be found. I wish they'd bring in the marines before shit gets worse.

    1. I agree with you 100%
      Cops would let me and my cousins go for a couple hundred pesos back then when we would visit Guanajuato. Now we don't even visit and if we do we don't leave our house to go out and drink.

  9. the foud a pic up truck wth 1 dead body and 3 head. beween san miguel ad celaya


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