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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mayor and 4 police arrested for murder of 10 people

Posted by DD sources the GuardianIbTimes, ABC News AU, Mexico Daily News

 Arreygue during campaign for Mayor photo Mexico daily news
A Mexican mayor, Juan Carlos Arreygue, and four police officers have been arrested in connection with the murder of 10 people whose bodies were burned, officials said, in the latest scandal involving the country's security forces.

The blackened corpses were discovered near a gas pipeline in Cuitzeo, said Michoacán Governor Silvano Aureoles according to reports on Tuesday (2 August).   

Aureoles of  said in an interview with Imagen Radio on Tuesday that authorities initially thought the bodies found in a pickup near a gas pipeline in Cuitzeo had been somehow connected to illegal pipeline taps.   Authorities initially believed the vehicle had exploded during a fuel theft.

However, Aureoles said that the investigation eventually revealed that police from the town of Álvaro Obregón had detained the victims.  Speaking with Milenio television, Aureoles said that interviews “point directly to the mayor who gave the order”

 Authorities said the mayor gave the order to the police to detain and kill the 10 victims, apparently as part of conflict over control of the illegal drug trade in Michoacán, which has long been wracked by violence linked to narcotics trafficking.

The victims were picked up at a local convenience store and driven away in 3 police cars on Friday 29 July, according to witnesses.

Aureoles said that interviews with people linked to the crime "point directly to the mayor," who officials believe was on the scene when the victims were murdered.

After the victims "were detained, on instructions from the mayor, the civilians were transported to a place in Álvaro Obregón where they were killed," said state prosecutor Jose Martin Godoy. The bodies were then taken to Cuitzeo "where they set them on fire."

The state's attorney general, Jose Martin Godoy, said the mayor of the municipality of Alvaro Obregon and four police officers, including a commander, were arrested over the deaths.

Michoacan Governor Silvano Aureoles had earlier said the town's police chief, his deputy, and an investigator were detained for questioning.  He indicated that the mayor is believed to be linked to the Caballeros Templarios — or Knights Templar and that the motive appeared to be related to a rivalry over street-level drug sales, Aureoles said.

One of those detained by the officers had "differences of a personal nature" with the mayor, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors are continuing the investigation to "determine the level of participation of public servants in this terrible event," Mr Godoy said.

 The mayor ran for election last year under the banner of the Labor Party, but not until he had tried to run as the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) candidate, according to Michoacán Governor Silvano Aureoles, himself a PRD member, who said yesterday that Arreygue had been rejected by the party after it detected he had connections with the Caballeros Templarios crime gang. -

That claim drew a response today from the Labor Party’s president in Michoacán, who charged that the governor was trying to create a political issue of the mayor’s arrest. Reginaldo Sandoval said Arreygue had been given a background check by federal authorities before the election and no evidence of criminal ties had been found.


  1. Very sad on one hand u have innocent mayor's getting killed and on the other you have mayor's killing what could possibly be the innocent what a shame!

  2. Yo pense que los caballeros templarios sigen los mandamientos escritos en su libreta de honra que incluye respetando los derechos de los pobladores.

    En este caso, el alcalde preferio eliminar la competencia en debes de dar major servicio o producto. Ya se le acabo su reino en ese pueblo. Y la Cheyenne pa?

  3. Desde tierra caliente

    No es importante la conexión con el gobernador LCT está demostrando . La importancia es el alcalde está conectado al PT. Se trata de alimentos para uso político. Se puede olvidar el enlace a la LCT. La parte importante es el PT hizo la aprobación. Es importante para ellos el toque de dinero de los carteleros. No hay dinero única competencia proviene de PT.

  4. We need to do some "ethnic cleansing" in Mexico, and I'm not talking about the innocent citizens, I'm talking about the Government, from bottom to top. Revolución, good idea.

    1. 8:25; Learn what ethnic cleansing means before making another stupid comment.

  5. DD, there's a lot more to this story. The Mayor had close ties to Kike Plancarte and El Chayo, both dead. So close that the Mayor's son stars in a music video put out by Plancarte's daughter, Melissa: //////////////////


    Also, it's now being reported that the Mayor's ranch was the location of a huge narco summit, year not specified, in which representatives of the Sinaloa, Tijuana, Juarez, Golf and LFM cartels got together to divide up territory. Including Ignacio Coronel. Zetas left out, so probably 2010.

  6. They will be out soon, it's Mexico. .

  7. And people wonder why mayors keep getting decked left and right. They work with organized crime!

  8. Weren't the Mayors getting killed, n Now they are being arrested, fucks going on??

  9. Mayor Juan Carlos Arreygue era mañosito en la poolitica, no lo quiso el PRD y ganó por el PT, this suggests, gobernador silvano augrioles conejos se anda haciendo pendejo para quitarlo de enmedio, en Michuakann de los Augrioles, puro compa perredista que se le doble a epn y su retrato.
    I don't believe the mayor would have been tan pendejo to kidnap 10 people in front of everybody and murder them, it was the state police and the governor's falso positivo...

    1. So he's the fall guy then instead of the correct 1?

    2. If Martin Godoy and Augrioles Conejo are able to have Dr Mireles en el bote, after the pgr and all the federal government have said there are no charges against him, imagine a PT mayor against the PRD and el PRI...
      --I DOUBT GODOY AND CONEJOS MORE THAN THE MAYOR, and don't try to confuse me with no facts, Canna...

    3. Silvano Ugrioles prd is sooo facking corrupt, he got fingered to be michoacan governor by super corrupt epn, he will get the state in debt for 100 more billion pesos a year, no room for little mayors from PT, that may want to come back later and run for independent party governor candidates...

  10. De len el mismo castigo.


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