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Friday, August 26, 2016

Gun battle leaves seven State police wounded in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article with extra data from Valor por Tamaulipas

Subject Matter: Police vs sicarios shootout in Tamaulipas
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The events occurred in the town of Miguel Aleman, where subjects that were travelling in a van attacked two patrols of the Tamaulipas force, the aggressors fled.

Reporter: Milenio Digital
Location:Miguel Aleman
An armed group attacked State police of the Tamaulipas force in the town of Miguel Aleman, it left a toll of seven injured police, including one lady officer, and a patrol car burnt out.

The events occurred approximately around 13:00 on Boulevard Miguel Aleman, when the officers were carrying out a reconnaissance patrol in two police vehicles.

At this point, the occupants of a white Chevrolet van drove past the police patrol and opened fire on them, as well as throwing Tyre puncturing spikes, informed the Tamaulipas group for Coordination.

During the attack, the criminals shot the fuel tank of patrol 032, that caused the vehicle to catch fire, which led to five of the officers being burnt, including the lady officer.

Two other officers travelling in the other police patrol vehicle were injured by gunfire, all the injured officers were transferred to a hospital.

During the confrontation the police did not manage to detain anyone, the criminals managed to escape the Los Guerra and Arcabuz common land, and were not located.

After the confrontation, elements of Sedena arrived to support, manning the perimeter and carried on the search for the armed men.

Because of the events, the Mayor Ramiro Cortez Barrera asked citizens to avoid the area of risk that were reported on social media.

Valor por Tamaulipas has a different take on events.

They report that the above events were the official version of what happened, according to witnesses on social media, they reported a chase from this scene and gunfire that extended up to the town of Camargo.

Around 14:00 military that were pursuing a convoy of four vans shot and killed four of the aggressors at a peaje stop before the crossroads to Camargo.

In this shootout two soldiers were injured and were supported by elements of the Marines, who took them to hospital in a helicopter.

Miguel Aleman is the epicentre of what is known as the frontier Chica, that integrates the towns of Guerrero, Mier, Camargo and Diaz Ordaz. There exists in this area multiple breaches that are utilized by criminal organizations for the trafficking of drugs and persons, and is known as "La cuna del narcotrafico", "the cradle of narco trafficking" in English.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. Avoid all cunas by all means , esp the poor innocent gente that have to live in this horror show.
    Gracias guys and BB .

  2. Replies
    1. Lo que queda de eso comando son puros deportados de usa o fujitivos, drogos ,niños y morros alucines. La semar/sedena no perdona perros roba civiles.


  3. San Comandante Mellado protegerá a Miguel Alemán y la maña por los siglos de los siglos.

  4. sicarios del Chapo are no play games.

    1. Are you being ignorant just so you can be told that el chapo nor el mayo who is the most powerful capo in Mexico nor el menchos people enter tamaulipas.they would get destroyed period.

    2. Comandante Toro wei

    3. Comandante toro el Rey de las brechas, el señor de la guerra, el jefe de Los comandos dominando toda la frontera

    4. Del Toro no del chapo

    5. Ariel really le canto al rey de las brechas en trampalip-ass, in person, no wonder he got killed running away from the devil

    6. 4:15 not Ariel but his band yes they have a new lead singer this was a year after Ariel died the band never even came to Tamaulipas when he was alive

  5. In between Los Guerras and Mier theres a freakin military and they still manage to flee??? Theres 3 fukin choppers sitting in the cuartel de sedena in cuidad mier... this is so dumb.

  6. Where is el Commandante R1?

    Where is el Rey de reyes?

  7. The military go for the gas tank, but these may have been real narcos, when the police do the killing and murder everybody in the car it usually is innocent people, women and minor suspects, some are 1 or 2 year olds in the 'comboyes' ambushing the police "officers" that get killed, see the difference when da police pick on somebody their own size? They even hide the confusing news the downed choppers, their casualties, heheheee...the former soldiers working for the cartels don't lose their cool nor their turf so easy

  8. It was actually zetas thay went into Miguel aleman

    1. No zetas enter north east tamaulipas no chapos no blo none of that.cdg reynosa faction commands miguel aleman that's it.

    2. I agree cdg controls Miguel aleman but it doesn't mean they have it on lock down zetas went in there in 5 trucks with 50 cals mounted on them. That's how the hit the Mexican police

    3. A lot of zetas know those areas very well. You forgot that before the split all those areas were protected by Z not CDG.

  9. Correct CDG
    Which cell I don't know


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