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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Guerrero Cops had to ration ammunition after being ambushed. Boss says "budget limits".

Posted by DD from several articles in Milenio

scene of ambush of 15 State Police Guerrero. 
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 Gunmen who ambushed 15 state police in the mountains of Guerrero on Tuesday didn’t hold back on their fire power.  Investigators have estimated that 305 shots were fired on the police patrol

On August 23 a patrol of 15 state police were ambushed in vicinity of Puerto del Gallo in the municipality of Heliodoro Castillo, an opium poppy-growing region wracked by the conflict of warring drug cartels that are well armed with high-powered weaponry.

In the ambush and ensuing 4 hour gun battle 3 of the State Police were killed and 2 more injured.  Three of the attackers were also killed. 
according to authorities when the police drove into the ambush and they were attacked they tried to repel the attack while hiding behind their trucks.  Then other trucks with armed men arrived and joined the attackers in the firefight.  The police said they were outnumbered 10 to 1.  They estimated the attackers numbered about 150. 

The state police called for help from the army and state police and helicoptor support.  But when the helicoptors arrived carrying reinforcements they said they couldn't land because of the fog and gunfire.  authorities did not mention whether the choppers were armed or why they didn't join the firefight from the air.  Reinforcements had to be sent from Puerto de Gallo overland.

The Governor speaking at the funeral of the 3 dead state police,  said that if it had not been for the reinforcements all of the 15 man patrol would have been killed.  No arrests were made.

He didn't mention what the 12 surviving soldiers told the media that were lucky to be alive because of the their limited supply of guns and ammunition.  They had to ration their ammunition while defending themselves during the 4 hour attack.  They couldn't escape because the attacker's high caliber weapons had disabled their trucks with shots to the motors.  The bodies of their trucks, as well as their helmets  were made of fiberglass and offered little protection. 

“We don’t have munitions, we don’t have equipment, we’re lacking firearms and as if that weren’t enough we don’t have electricity at our headquarters in Puerto del Gallo; we have almost nothing,” said one officer.

`at the funeral of the three police officers that were killed,  Governor Astudillo said that  'Guerrero needs men and women with the bravery  of Alejandro Hernandez, Arnulfo Palacios and Sabino Casiano' he said, referring to the three dead officers encased in wooden caskets behind him.  

He could have said that it took exceptional bravery for a police officer to do his job under armed, with limited ammunition, and inadequate protective gear.

The Secretary of Public Security of Guerrero, Pedro Almazan Cervantes, highlighted the strength of the police officers, because during the fray ammunition was  scarce by the prolonged aggression they faced, while all vehicles they had traveled in had been completely crippled by shells that landed in the engines. 

When questioned by the media about what the survivors had said about having to ration ammunition, not having enough fire power, inadequate protective gear and the old trucks they were forced to use,  the Secretary  replied;

 "everyone wants to have equipment that is ideal but there are limits set by budgets, not by a lack of either political will or concern.

“[But] there are shortages and they need to understand that,” said Pedro Almazán Cervantes.

I am not sure that the three officers whose bodies they buried that day would understand that. 


  1. _Canadian girl hopes BB shares this editorial

    Families of Mexico’s 28,000 ‘disappeared’ fight for closure, justice.

    Mexico’s drug wars have left thousands missing, presumed dead. Most of their families will never know the reason their loved ones “disappeared.”

    *Link for story and photos accompaning this Toronto Star newspaper article:

  2. Cuando yo trai charola de federal i de policia estatal mucho culo ventajaso que me tiro a matar en sonora pero gracias a dios no se fueron lizos mis respetos para la policiaka en especial ala marina mexicana donde servi por 15 anios

    1. Gracias por servir a nuestro pais mi comandante orgullo mexicano

  3. It is bad that these me died . The real problem is there are so many untrustworthy from the police up . I firmly believe there are rich US companies that would contribute arms and ammo . The problem is the same reason the guys are underfunded . To much corruption . Besides much of the time the state police are cartel .
    I think some sort of armor should be put on the side of those pickup trucks . These guys are sitting ducks back there .

  4. One mo' nigga ta go.

  5. 150 attackers and they only fired 305 shots? What a load of BULLSHIT. 150 meth head peasants with a chance to kill cops would shot at least one mag and kill more then 3 cops. 150methheadsx30shots=4500 shots not 305
    Cops dont want to admit being shot up by 10 peasants so they made up the 150 number.

    1. Well YOU are lucky they did not accuse the narcos of having the customary 300 element Death Squad, todos "empechereados".
      It is a pity the helicopters could not land 'because of the fog' but I am sure the cops were planted to be murdered like those that got planted in michoacan, where 13 got murdered by ct while the army watched and the ct radios were recorded saying a los verdes no, a los verdes no! they are with us!, shoot the blues!
      The mexican army knows when to stand down, it cost their "adversaries" 43 students disappeared and 7 dead already, in guerrero state...and a few hundreds or thousands unaccounted for since the 60's when it started because the copreros wanted $0.15 mexican pesos pay rise per kilo de copra...about $0.06 usd, but got murdered a balazos by the mexican army and state and federal judiciales...
      --Hear: Jose De Molina, "Canto Coprero"/you tube, jose died not long ago from a beating administered by mexican police or army.

    2. Fat crooks stealing funds. Check those pigs account. . . LoL

    3. Where can I see this video ? The Ct vs The blues With Thw Verdes being on thier side.

    4. @6:57 Valor Por Michoacan y La Verdad De Chinicuila
      "Cuando el ejercito de Apatzingan dejó que la Policia Federal fuera masacrada"/info michoacan en youtube
      Captioned in spanish.
      There are other reports, they tell about hoe the soldiers in the military base put.down their comrades returning from the field where the federales were murdered while the soldiers did nothing to help them, no military commander on the zone the base or the field has been identified or tried, sedena no spiki nothin', far as i know...

  6. Why do they go pursuing without equipment and supplies? Their bosses sent them to get executed, that is the bottom line, they are the commanders in chief of the state police, and there are no supplies because they steal the budget, just go through the accounting...

    1. The remainimg 12 cops and sons of deceased cops need to shoot the mayor, the chief of police and the governor to teach the others in the country a lesson

  7. What the f-ing secretary meant was "There are limits to the budget because of how much we steal!" They won't spend from the budget to equip the officers because that leaves less money for the politicians to fill their pockets, bola de pendejos.

  8. Unless the three officers killed were morons, I'm sure that they would understand that the government - whether local or state or federal - has limits and restrictions. My 7 year old daughter would understand. Makes perfect sense. If all moneys go to law enforcement, none is there for education, health, infrastructure...etc! Let me know if you need more info!

    1. @6:42 I think you need more info, my friend.

      Kinda hard for police officers to get proper equipment or weapons when the top politicos line their own pockets.

      Police officers, school teachers, hospitals, doctors all require more tools because of the same issue; someone is taking parts of the budget and giving it to themselves.

      Understand, now? If not, ask your 7 year old daughter...I'm sure she can explain it to you.

    2. --In mexico the pooliticians who are pooliticians because of no talent for business, privatize the budget...
      --on the US the government officer pooliticians privatize the "government money" by giving their fat cat friendzzz and Corporate Welfare Queen dependents all of it in exchange for lobbyist hand me downs and campaign cuntributions and not for profit foundations for profit.
      --On both cuntries nobody sees anything wrong with their corrupt and greedy practices...

  9. Lesson learned, want fire power and good equipment, work for the guys with the money. The government just wants to put on a show at the expense of it's fighters. It's no wonder why most police work for both sides, just makes the best sense.

  10. 150 ? Unbelievable. Toyos, Nissans and black market arms RULE .
    Seems like this the world over.......sigh.
    Plus with more recreational pot laws looming , esp. CA more and more hard drugs will roll too. Sad.

  11. "No ammunitions, go to your death, you are heroes"
    Pero ahi andan de calientes

  12. Homemade chemical weapons can easily be made. Industrial cleaning agents are readily available everywhere. Hone your skills should the need ever arise. For not all battles are fought with cordite. Liquids are just as effective at killing your enemies. - El Sol Perdido

    1. For someone who claims to know so much about weapons, improvised or otherwise, you'd think you would know cordite hasn't been commonly used in decades.

  13. Desde Tierra Caliente

    Es necesario decidir. La compra de munición para una segunda casa chica.¡Hijole! Éste tiene un temperamento picante. No municiones entonces.


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