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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Witness in S.A. trial testifies not just Humberto Moreira received bribes but brother Ruben also

Posted by DD.  Sources Reforma and Mexican News Daily

Humberto and Ruben
On July 8 of this year Borderland Beat reported in a story entitled "Bribes, Murder, and Scarface: How the Zetas Bought a Mexican Border State". 

In that story about the ongoing trial in San Antonio of Marciano Millan Vasquez, for drug trafficking and murder,  a convicted drug trafficker and money launderer , Rodrigo Humberto Uribe Tapia testified that he helped arrange and deliver $2,000,000 in bribe money to then Governor Humberto Moreira.

This past week on Thursday  US Prosecutors put another ex-Zeta, Adolfo Efrén Tavira, a former
drug and arms dealer currently serving a 30 year sentence on the stand.  During five hours of testimony he  testified that the Zetas crime gang operated freely in the state of Coahuila thanks to the collusion of local politicians. 

Governor Rubén Ignacio Moreira Valdéz, brother of Humberto Moreira,  was among the politicians he named . Tavira testified that he was involved in the preparation of a delivery  of 'campaign resources' (campaign contribution) for Ruben Moreira,

According to the testimony , it was in 2012 at the ranch 'Beto Casas', near  Piedras Negras, when he placed suitcases full of  money in a Suburban van.

'Everyone told me that Beto Casas gave a Suburban with a lot of bags of money to Ruben Moreira as a 'campaign contribution', Tavira told the jury.  Although he helped load the money into the Suburban van, he was not present when the delivery was made.

The witness, Tavira, was arrested by the Navy and once he was released escaped to the United States, where he was arrested, pleaded guilty.  He is a former employee of the Piedras Negras office of the television broadcaster Televisa. During the 1990s he was responsible for removing the names of certain drug traffickers from news reports.  He was considered the "front man" for the Zetas in Piedras. 

During the five hours of his testimony sitting on the witness stand, Tavira wept, remembering how Marciano Millán gathered a group of 40 men, women and children who he led to a walled farm west of Piedras Negras, where they were forced to kneel and then gave them coup de grace.

 Before the jury, Tavira said that within the group of kneeling people he recognized some that were unrelated to drug trafficking, but still were shot 'in cold blood' by the gunmen. 

Tavira’s evidence was given last Thursday. That same evening, before the testimony was published in the electronic media,  the government of Coahuila issued a statement denying the veracity of his testimony.

The testimony of a protected witness before a court of the United States concerning the governor of the state was false, said the statement.

“We strongly reject these statements. They are falsehoods and lies.” The state government also pointed out that although the witness claimed the “campaign contribution” was delivered in 2012, Moreira’s campaign took place one year earlier.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party also rejected Tavira’s account, saying Rubén Moreira’s administration had “fought organized crime head on.”
As a side note, on Monday of this week President Pena Nieto signed into law new anti-corruption laws and said this day "“will be remembered as the beginning of a new era for democracy and the rule of law.” 

 In the presence of the Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies, Jesus Zambrano (PRD)
and the Senate, Roberto Gil (PAN),
President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the order for the publication of the National Anticorruption Laws
Photo: Cristina Rodriguez
 Many analyst believe that Congress gutted the citizens initiative that came to be know as the 3x3 Ley. it's basic requirement would have required the publication of three statements: assets, investments, and tax returns, as a legal obligation of all elected officials. However the legislation which Congress presented to EPN and which he signed left it discretionary with the public official as to whether to make those statements public.

Believe it or not there has never been a definition of  corruption in Mexican law.  The new law now defines it as :
0 acts that will be considered acts of corruption

    Misappropriation or diversion of public funds
    Influence peddling
    Abuse of power
    Hidden financial gains
    Obstruction of justice
    Illegal use of false or confidential information
    Conspiracy to commit acts of corruption
“will be remembered as the beginning of a new era for democracy and the rule of law.” - See more at:
“will be remembered as the beginning of a new era for democracy and the rule of law.” - See more at:
It also provides for severe penalties for public servants and a blacklist of those penalized: Penalties that prevent corrupt public servants from participating in any activities of the Mexican state. Prioritization of the recovery of resources and assets derived from acts of corruption.

At the signing ceremony EPN took the opportunity to apologize for Casa Blanco.  He said that although he did not act illegally, he acknowledged that his actions concerning the scandal over the Casa Blanca might have appeared improper and he apologized and asked for forgiveness.  He did not really specify what he was apologizing for.



  1. Of topic . meanwhile wack as anthrax are going against cjng to take over Veracruz . good luck on that...

    1. Primero deverian limpiar las lakras en el norte de sinaloa z beltranes antes de ir a otros estados

    2. 5:48 agárrese la DIVISION DEL NORTE mi chingón y póngales en la madre...

  2. These guy are great to pass a law about corruption in Mexico. Must of learn from Hilary. she smart lady Next President of US

    1. i say booooooooo to

    2. 11:39 wait until the fat lady sings...

  3. Every time I read bout this fools I feel anger, hopelessness.. How this guys F. Mexico n Mexicans n Nothing Happens to them.. Y doesn't the U. S. After all the evidence they got do something?? Y did Spain set them free?? R this F's untouchable?? Every time I see o read or hear from this Fkn pseudogovernors I feel for the Allende, Coah. Families that were slaughter by their accomplices the Zetas.. Who Cares?? Right

    1. @11:13am is about money and corruption. Think about what money is and does?? Aka The best lawyers. the best weapons. The best armed hired point is that with coahulia and the border next to Texas and parts of new mexico under control. The zetas are just a drug dealing Mexico corruption up to grabs..try it if you ever travel South of the a vehicle and break some traffic laws. When you get pulled over. Ask the officer in in a bit of a hurry can we figure some out...depending when or where in Mexico. It would give you an idea of what money does.. "Mexican Police Officer Deals With an American - Corruption Caught On Video" on YouTube

    2. 6:51 ok, "lady cien pesos"

  4. Mexican attorneys and victims are preparing cases against these two for Crimes Against Humanity before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. It's long overdue.

    1. Wow great news!Something somewhere has to give right?I see the Mex gov is pissed at this testimony and say the governor's campaign was the year before.Talk about splitting hairs.It was just a figure of speech for the campaign-It was pure protection money.As for the corruption laws about transparency the 3X3 I see more than 1 reason why the politicos bulk at that.For 1 it's the too many mansions for the pay I understand that but another thing that occurred to me was if they reveal they could become a target for kidnapping even if the money they have was 'legit'.I could see Zeta's hired just for that job to look up what so and so has in assets.

  5. Again, this family is a disgrace to society and should be punished for what they have done and caused to the poor people in Mexico who are suffering while their bank accounts continue to grow$$$$$

  6. Pokemon Go Crips new gang in LA moving alot of dope in the hood

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      A crew of them just moved into Newark NJ too.
      Big ol crew posted up on the corners always on phones.
      Not sure what kind of dope they are on but they walk around like zombies running into things n people.
      They need to be eradicated before things get out of hand

    2. 5:16 ask them wha'sssup? Buy some crap from them and take the proof to the poolice, I hope you get arrested, they usuarlly have been ok'd by the powers that be.

  7. It's a cold world playa.

  8. This is not news ask anyone in acuña. But like they say in acuña well at least they gave money to the poor. So its ok

  9. So President MiniMe signs a new anti-corruption law that Mexican public officials have to make public their tax returns, assets and investments but only if they feel like doing so. This law isn't worth the paper it was printed on. Yet, these asshats will go around Mexico publicly touting their commitment to root out corruption in the country. This law will have as much effect as the anti-corruption minister that Minime appointed with such fanfare to investigate corrupt officials. Haven't heard much about his office's accomplish manner but why bother when the justice system of the U.S. investigates, arrests, indicts, and incarcerates more Mexican nationals for offenses committed in Mexico than the Mexican judicial system does.

    As for President Minime's apology, he is remorseful that he was caught, nothing more, nothing less. As the sitting president of Mexico, he should not have been caught just like none of his predecessors have ever been caught helping themselves by the planeload to billions of pesos in the federal treasury. Only rat poison is effective in ridding a house, business, state or nation of a pack of rats. I wonder if Chapo has a 747 hidden away that I could borrow to fly in a large amount of rat poison?

  10. It's known, you think agents like c.i.a or D.E.A don't know this? Ofcourse they do but these guys are high profile so they get away with it. Nothing will happen, just like the cauhila governor they caught in Spain for laundering money and they let him go. the only ones that get fudged are the drug runners and sellers.

    1. Yup, believe it or not it's like this all over the world. I should have been in office! Just like all the people who donate $$ to presidential runner ups, you think the president doesn't hook them up


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