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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Veracruz Journalist Assassinated; 17 So Far During Duarte Administration

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Journalist Pedro Tamayo Rosas was gunned down outside his home in front of his wife and two children in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.  So far during the administration of Governor Javier Duarte, there have been 17 people who worked in the media that have been assassinated.

According to initial investigations, two men arrived at Pedro’s home, who then greeted him and then gunned him down, fleeing the scene.  Tamayo Rosas was taken to the hospital where he died.

At the site of the attack, police found several 9mm shell casings and tracks from the car that the assailants fled in.

The 45 year old journalist’s work involved documenting cases of violence in the region and wrote under a pseudonym in En la Línea de Fuego.  He also worked with the newsoutlets Al Calor Político and El Piñero de la Cuenca.

According to information from AFP, Pedro Tamayo covered for days the discovery of the several clandestine graves in June 2014, from which 35 people were allegedly killed by Los Zetas in the municipality of Tres Valles.

On January of this year, he received several threats against his life, for which a police patrol made daily patrols, however, this didn’t stop him from being assassinated.

It should be noted that since May 17, the organization Artículo 19 had counted 16 journalists assassinated during the administration of Javier Duarte, with Pedro Tamayo, it adds up to 17.

Source: Michoacán 3.0


  1. these are the people that expose the filth of mexico the real unbiased reporters are fighting to extend knowledge of facts, autodefensas fought one way this is a another way to fight

    1. U do have a point there 3:07.

    2. I don't agree. I mean would you report on a piece of paper what's going on knowing your life is in danger and you won't see your kids again? I wouldn't.
      You gotta fight fire with fire.
      To catch a wolf you gotta be a wolf. Real shit.

  2. Sounds like a conspiracy!

  3. Homie looks like EL CHAPO

  4. Absolutely, they did not die in vain inspire of how SICK that sounds.

  5. The light of truth leads to the dark of the grave for the brave few willing to uncover it.

  6. I go to this area all the time you las cosas estan vien cabron. Cartel de Jalisco took over tierra blanca but tres Valles is still 100% los zetas. It's sad how they kidnap the richer people from the area de repente.

  7. do journalism in us, homes


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