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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The families of Allende take the Moreira's to the International Court of Justice at the Hague

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article

Subject Matter: Allende massacre, Governors of Coahuila
Recommendation: See link to article about Allende by BB reporter Valor

Reporter: Juan Luis Garcia Hernandez
The organization Families United, a group of families of victims of disappearances in Coahuila, prepares a complaint before the Internation Penal Court for crimes against humanity in Coahuila. The Lawyer of the association, Ariana Denise Garcia Bosque, detailed that the complaint is against the perpetrators, but also the public functionaries that had responsibility for the omission, like the brothers Humberto and Ruben Moreira. Recently, Sergio Aguayo, an academic from the College of Mexico, was sued by the ex Governor Humberto Moreira for defamation. For his part, the columnist argues that the cause of the action is an investigation into what happened at Allende.

Humberto Moreira announces his withdrawal as president of the PRI

The ex Governor of Coahuila Humberto Moreira Vales is the subject of new accusations about the massacre at Allende. The documentation about the forced disappearances came to a head during his term and of his brother Ruben Moreira Valdez will be entered before the International Penal Court before the end of the year, by Families United, an association made from the families of the victims.

Ariana Denise Garcia Bosque, legal representative of the association, detailed that the testimonies of a Court in Texas summarized the documentation of the association for the international complaint.

"We could speak of an isolated event, where its not necessary for a person of public function to have the obligation to see what is going on, but speaking of these terrible events like Allende or the complaint that was made against the State with the Commission for Human Rights denouncing the illegality of GATE (Grupo de Armas y Tacticas Especiales), we could venture to say that yes we could deduct a responsibility", said the activist.

In past days, Rodrigo Humberto Uribe Tapia, an ex member of Los Zetas, accused high functionaries of the administration of Governor Humberto Moreira received money from the cartel to operate in freedom.

The statements were presented during a trial in Texas against alleged Zeta leader Marciano Millan Vazquez. The payments were made to Vincente Chaires Yanez, personal assistant of Moreira, and Jesus Torres Charles, ex State prosecutor, according to the statement of a witness, spread by the news outlet San Antonio Express News.

About Allende, families of the victims and organization have accused that it was Los Zetas, helped by the absence of local public security forces, who perpetrated in the towns of Allende and Piedras Negras, the massacre and disappearance of at least 300 people. To date there have only been 28 disappearances and 11 murders, on the part of the authorities.

 The complaint made by Garcia Bosque three years ago will not be the first to be submitted for the Allende case before the International Penal Court. This week aspiring Governor candidate, Armando Guadiana Tijerina, filed a lawsuit for crimes against humanity before the Court of the Hague.

The majority of the disappearances in Coahuila were carried out in masses, detailed Blanca Martinez Bustos, member of the organization Families United for our Disappeared, one month ago during a presentation informed "Undeniable Atrocities" of open society. To prove her point, she said, well the Juan de Larios Center registered between 2007 and 2015 a total of 494 disappearances, grouped in 164 cases.

The Lawyer Ariana Denise Garcia Bosque
 In an interview with Sinembargo, Garcia Bosque explained that one could say that the Governorships of the Moreira brothers committed forced disappearances.

"How are they documenting the information about the forced disappearances?

We have three years work, we know that before presenting a complaint of this nature before the IPC, its not enough to just turn up and complain that something happened. Today we are working on that supportive information, because it is common knowledge that in the USA that there is a judgment against a person who has alleged links to organized crime. All of the necessary documents and statements we needed, we have, and are working now to present all of the collected information before the IPC.

"What testimony will you incorporate and what relation will it have to the complaint trial?

"We have the truth and that is public, and is carried by publications like the San Antonio Express News. Obviously, the trial archives are now public. We have testimony where names appear that are of those among the disappeared. It is for this that we will link the testimony about events in the State. Also, we have cases since 2007, that the association started to work on in 2013. The have added to our persons that had fear of denouncing the disappearances, following with criticism of the authority itself to make them desist with the idea that something bad could happen to them if they did."

"You have registered some instances of authorities hiding or altering cases of disappearances on the part of State Authorities?"

"There have been two occasions that the State has promoted theories of what allegedly happened in Allende. The first of theirs was in 2014 with the discovery of 4000 bone fragments according to the version of the prosecutor."

"Publicly they said that these fragments were impossible to get DNA fragments from for the families. Not 15 days had passed, when we already had publications in which they were handing over the remains to the families."

"But more than that, the State Governor, Humberto Moreira, in a public interview admitted that they were not given the remains of their loved ones, just earth from the crime scene, and justified this as symbolic of giving the families something at their request."

"What we asked was that if this was a symbolic handover why also did they issue death certificates?"

"Of how many acts are we talking?"

"It is presumable, from the information about who was the assistant prosecutor in the area could not be located, so we treat it as 11 cases."

"How many witnesses are integrated into the complaint presented before the IPC?"

"We cant give a level for the amount of witnesses, because  a single case could involve multiple witnesses. Here is the point, to talk about the two stages in which the disappearances have been perpetrated by the State."

"One is the unfortunate case of Allende where they started to perpetrate disappearances during 2009, though it was not until 2012 when people started to talk about the terror implemented by these criminal groups. At the end of 2013, we have another type of disappearance, documented by us as forced disappearances and that they perpetrated by GATE of the State Government, that is currently called the Coahuila Force."

"How do GATE operate?"

"They carry out arbitrary detentions, after that they hide the person. The witnesses assert that people have been kidnapped. The families took to the institutions to look to see if their family members were in the cells, but its always negative." (Otis: see link to article by my colleague Lucio R about GATE abuses).

"Sometimes three or four days pass before the families know where they were. That is called forced disappearance, because its a disappearance, second that they hide the person, and the perpetrators were directly employed by a political corporation. We have 15 people that are still missing, 15 of the 85 cases of forced disappearance."

"What happened to those that were found?"

"Of those that were found, were all subject to torture by this corporation. This corporation called GATE had no legal basis when it began operating. There is talk of it being created in 2009, and by 2015, this corporation had not been recognized within a legal framework."

"They didn't follow the law of the State Commission for Security because legally they didn't exist. Later they made a change of denomination and now this corporation is called Coahuila Force."

"Too many of the forced disappearances were committed by GATE, like those of Allende committed during the Governorships of Humberto Moreira and the actual Governor Ruben Moreira, will the complaint have implications for them?"

"Obviously, we are here talking of the participation of the perpetrators. But also we are speaking of an agreement of the organic Law of the Public Administration of the State, all of the superior functionaries: that is to say, Governor, Secretary of Government, Prosecutor, and Commissioner of Security, all have responsibility for obscuration."

"They had an obligation to see and supervise the security of all of citizens in the State. Resultingly, its impossible to believe that these persons didn't say anything about what was happening. Then, it could be pointed out the responsibilities of the functionaries. Already at this time, for every instance they will have to answer yes or no to what were the obligations of each functionary. To see if they had an obligation, then must of known what was happening.

"How will the existing complaint by Governor candidate, Armando Guadiana influence what you will present?"

"I suppose that is very different process. I don't know exactly the route they are going down in his complaint. We are talking about crimes against humanity. The most evident being homicide, torture and forced disappearances. With existing participation of the State, concretely, and the directors of the prison. This has been documented in the complaint, for those in command of the State."

"Taking into account, the statement given by the State regarding this alleged error, that people were taken to the prison and incinerated. They speak of 150 people. We will have to see if the Court decides to make an accumulation at a particular moment and take on the two aspects."

Original article in Spanish at Sinembargo


  1. Den Haag/ the hague is in the netherlands not belgium

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  3. so was it the zetas that disappeared those people or the gates??? because from my understamding of this report it looks to be the gates who made these people disappear... and from what i know the gates were funded by the gulf cartel to clean the state of the zeta cartel

    1. Probably one in the same.

    2. After being gates or marinas, or just infantry, mexican military find their best job offers to be in the polesias or private security for cover, while their best money comes from organized crime, once out of the military they all are not brothers at arms anymore, con gusto se ponen en la madre en la calle, but they are no capo matter...

  4. Excellent , about time !
    Viva la Raza
    Muchas gracias BB, Otis y Lucio y Valor AND Juan

  5. Great report Otis.

    1. DD does Moreira have to show up at the Hague.He would have no interest in going or would it be in his best interests to show up?And would they subject him to a' discovery'.I wonder how he would handle that 1 as Mexico isn't quite so thorough?

  6. PRI= Partido Ratero Institucional

  7. Good luck with that.. European countries can care less for Mexico, specially sice Spain took most of their gold. plus, they won't help if their non-white. Look at Africa and tell me if the U.N has trully help those people out. Let's be realistic

  8. Uta madre, epn will have to borrow more pardon forms from the FMI, IMF en ingles, and the WORLD Bank, and sell more pemex futures to rescue hid comadre el bertie boy moreira and his comadre el pelón ruben moreira, peero, el pelón tá casado con una emisaria de pachuca hidalgo, I mean una politica del estado de hidalgo, homeland of miguel angel osorio chong, the mandarin dreaming of being presidente who may then give presidential pardons to all the made members of the gran famiglia priista.
    I hope the US does not grant again "sovereign immunity" to these motherfackers to consummate the affair, of impunity, and I wonder how much guilt coal mining investors like zedillo and cheney will be given, they seem to also own a large chunk of railroads in cahoots with their partners, like blackwater, academi, and halliburton, I read somewhere they used to ship cocaine to the US under the coal, this shit absolutely reflects their modus operandi...and cheney says he ain't sorry, he would do it all all over again...cheney even got a new heart for himself and does not give a damn where it came from...

  9. The GATE is an excellent example of what happens when a clandestine organization is allowed to exist to fix problems for the government which they deem cannot be fixed by lawfull means.

    The GATE - out of which the Zetas was born - becomes a much bigger problem than the one they were supposed to fix.

    This is true also for mass surveilance.

    1. zetas born from GAFES...military special forces....not

    2. The gafes came fron smartest young men to the military, chosen for their smarts, become policia judicial federal...
      --the gates are farmer state police, but private security for the moreiros...

  10. Of all the sorry cowars afraid to come foward and speak For everybody in al Coahuila knows what happened and it's happening. This brave and couarageous woman is willing to confront Those who everyone fear before the zetas now the gates under the command of the share goberment.

  11. Damn that's a nice looking Lawyer, hope she don't killed over this.

    1. The moreiros have many enemies in their own state, that is why they had to hire their own private militarized security, GATES.
      I hope they look after the pretty lawyer Arianna Denise, but it seems like it is on, bless her for that.

  12. And at the end of the day she is working for a cartel. Welcome to Mexico

  13. One thing I would like to point out: Moreira sued Aguayo in Mexico for writing articles in which he (Aguayo) discusses Moreira's corruption. A little more than a year ago, in a mainstream U.S. magazine, a Mexican writer accused Humberto Moreira of being one of the top ten most corrupt people in Mexico (along with the usual list of suspects such as Salinas de Gortari, his brother, and other politicians such as Duarte (Veracruz), Duarte (Chih.) Moreira threatened to sue the writer for defamation, slander, libel, whatever, and made a big noise, etc.

    The problem for Moreira then was that the lawsuit would have had to be filed in the U.S, where the alleged offense occurred. However, once you file a civil lawsuit like that in the U.S., the rules of discovery kick in and Moreira would have had to answer interrogatories, submit to depositions and produce a vast number and variety of documents and witnesses. He would have had no choice; the judge would have ordered him to produce this evidence or be held in contempt of court or subject to dismissal of the lawsuit. And I would guarantee you that the U.S. Attorney in that district would have begged, borrowed or stolen copies of the evidence produced in the Humberto Moreira litigation, and would have found some way to be present at Moreira's depositions. Ans Moreira would have had to make some appearances in court, where the U.S. attorney would more than likely have been waiting with a warrant for his arrest.

    Not surprisingly, it turns out Moreira was bluffing when he threatened to file s lawsuit in the U.S., even though the accusations against Moreira were very serious. But with Aguayo it's a different story. Aguayo has repeated the accusations of corruption that have been made in the U.S. media, but the judicial environment in Mexico is much more favorable for Moreira. Judges in Mexico are subordinate to the executive and will not take any action that the president or governor does not approve. (Dr. Mireles' case is a good example). Furthermore, even thought there are laws in Mexico that theoretically protect freedom of speech and freedom of the press, Humberto Moreira is still very much a member of the PRI establishment, not to mention close friends with Pena Nieto. And judges in Mexico are more corrupt or corruptible than U.S. judges.

    This is why Moreira has sued Aguayo now. Aguayo and his lawyer need to be very careful from now on. He has taken on the entire PRI government, not just Moreira.

    1. But now there's evidence in a US court.Of course Mexico will dismiss this evidence.Threatens the status quo too much and I think you are right.The Mexican writer is taking on the PRI party.I'm surprised he hasn't been knocked off so the problem disappears.

  14. Ariana Denise Garcia Bosque Damn ! beautiful woman with a passion for right . Even if she didn't appear sexy she is truly a asset in any society . This is a very dangerous job . I hope there have been plenty precautions set in place to protect her and set up where there is plenty alternates to present this case . God bless these people a curse these bandits to hell.

  15. Me gusta la lawyer ;)

  16. Wow gotta love it.Many are fighting for well deserved justice.This could FINALLY crack open the corruption among the elite.It's only the beginning.

  17. Great report, but nothing will be done

    1. Carmen Aristegui is being sued by mvs and by epn for airing the CASA BLANCA AFFAIR, and also to prevent the publishing of a new book in which prologue Carmen Aristegui "uses information she got while an employee of mvs"...
      --Mvs claims "corrupt Carmen Aristegui and her team "stole their own information"


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