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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Guerrero: Autodefensas Begin Forming To Tackle Organized Crime & Federal Police

By: Ángel Galeana | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

The mayors of San Miguel Totolapan and Copalillo warned that the residents of their municipalities have begun to organize themselves in order to create autodefensa and community police groups with the intent to tackle organized crime, and the federal police.

Interviewed separately on the premises of Casa Guerrero, they reported that the residents of their municipalities are creating civilian police forces, as has happened in other municipalities in the state, although for different purposes.

The PRD mayor of San Miguel Totolapan, Juan Mendoza Acosta, said that residents of the municipal capital have begun meetings to create autodefensa groups “against the federal police” because the people are outraged by their actions, and he said that he will participate, bearing a weapon.

—“Is there a possibility of creating an autodefensa group in your municipality?”-He was asked.

—“Of course there is, look, the people are outraged, they’re outraged with the federal police, which is in charge of the Department of Public Safety in the municipality, the truth is, they’re not doing their role as they should, the people are outraged with them, and they are the first ones who are going to arm themselves against them,” he said.

He also added that federal police detain people with arrest warrants, but then they free them “and the people are against that, and they have a reason to, I am supporting the citizens, the truth is, I agree that this needs to be eliminated.”

—Are you going to arm yourself?

—Of course, I will support the citizens, we are tired of it…I won’t lead them, but I am with them.

Mendoza Acosta called on authorities to “make sense” of San Miguel Totolapan, because it’s a “red flag” not only in the state, but in the country. 

He acknowledged that there are soldiers and federal and state police permanently but their actions are “ineffective because of the halcón network that exists in the municipality.”

“Criminals have their halcónes, and the truth is, they mock the law…we need to eradicate the halconeo in order to move forward on the issue of crime,” he said.

He noted that those who are engaged in the activity of sending information about the operations of security forces to criminal groups are “running on full power”, and for them, the security strategies implemented by the three levels of government are a “joke”.

Questioned about the two teachers from the primary school Vicente Guerrero, in the community of Valle Luz who were kidnapped on April 11th, he said that he doesn’t know the motives or the kidnappers.  “San Miguel Totolapan is the border of two criminal gangs, which I don’t know the names of and they are in dispute of lands, and the truth is I don’t know who they were.”
He acknowledged that in his municipality, teaching has been affected by these criminal groups, and dozens of schools, especially those that are located along the mountainous area, have had to suspend their classes.  “They have it teaching hard, I think it is the economic issue, these criminals work for money, and they are only happy that way.”

Moreover, the mayor of Copalillo, Getulio Ramírez Chino, who on March 22nd suffered an attack where two municipal police officers in charge of his security died, said that around 80 residents of the 22 communities of his municipality are organizing themselves to create community police groups, but without weapons.

He said that the communities have always been guarded by their own police force, but this time, they are starting to make it in a formal way.  He detailed who they have already been given uniforms and boots, but no weapons, which he considers a danger since they won’t have the possibility of defending themselves from an organized crime group.

He exemplified that in the community of Tlalcozotitlán, residents have set up a security checkpoint that serves to prevent crime in the area.

He said that after the attack that he suffered on March 22, he no longer feels safe in Copalillo, because it borders with four municipalities “and we don’t know where the blow will come from.”

He said that one of the most dangerous roads is the one that connects Copalillo with Puebla, for which he has asked the authorities to install a security module, but have not heeded his call.

“I think that bad people circulate through there, because the road is alone, if you go in the night, you won’t see a single car, I have always insisted that a security module be place in the limits of Guerrero with Puebla, but nothing was put,” he reproached.

Source: Bajo Palabra


  1. Desde Tierra Caliente

    Today I have help with English. La Revoluccion 1917 start very slow. Maybe twenty year before. So slow nobody belief it. Luego then it catch fire. We have reuniones we Michoacaneros. We do not fihgt we are halcones. We see we hear and report. A big surprise a gobernacion is coming.

    1. Good for you!Bueno!I will cheer you on!You deserve better than what you have been given.

    2. 8:20 "they deserve better than what they have been given":
      --mexican guerrillas and "narcos" do not have an air force to dump torture victims at sea from the air, or money to burn their corpses in incinerators or weapons stashes to send sicarios against mexican farmers, the government does, from the US, who financed the mexican independence war a d the mexican revolution, and are now sticking it to the humblest of the mexican people again, this needs to be known, because an armed revolution has zero chances, and the mexican government has made "partnerships" to go and help regimes endangered and to get help from other "partner countries" if they need help.

    3. 5:13 PM Unknown...
      Never mind fools and idiots talking about the US etc..
      YOU are doing something about it that affects your lives.
      Everyone here is behind you

    4. I feel sorry for the mods of BB...
      Sad day for BB when this millie thing took root..
      Look how many comments it posts..All negative.

    5. I definitely have no choice but to totally agree with that 1 3;02 just like I read today that regime changes in Venezuela were bought and paid for by US but don't know which 1{don't think it was Chavez though}Have a look at Hussein same thing was a US puppet and I'm sure the list could go on!.

    6. You would,your canadian

    7. 5:13 when the government forces screw you and your partners in the ass, @6:12 and @6;20 will cry for youses, like he has been crying his crocodile tears over his "war kills" in the name of an american people that never needed for anybody to go murdering other people in their name, like @6:12 and @6:20...

  2. Please don't pact with the army or the Feds. Don't pact with an idiot sent by the idiot prez like the good for nothing Castillo. Take matters into your own hands and don't let go. That is the only way to go. Ask Mireles how all his work went to waste. He risked his life and freedom for nothing. Michoacan turned to hell again.

  3. Valor...Gro has long had AD even more so than Mich. Some are parents of the normalistas and formed search parties of fosas. they found many fosas. what is different here?

    1. I think the idea of auto defensas actually fighting the federal government due to corruption, Is what makes guerero different than michoacan it was about fighting los templarios when Dr mireles got Injured on the plane crash it all got dirty due to lack of leadership ..I think guerrero is the fuse needed to star a civil war against peña nieto...because is more of a social network of peasants that are ready to fight..

    2. The difference here is that this is "new" autodefensas...
      --the BLACKSTONE in the "Rice", is they professing that they will not be armed, like cows and pigs being led to the slaughterhouse...and that they name Puebla as the possibile sender of the trouble.
      In guerrero the autodefensas are famous for being sponsored by the state government, in michoacan they were helped until they beat the Cabelleras Templadas, then the government took over with the stealing, kidnapping, extorting, murdering, torturing all while praising "el comisionado" for his work, helped by his sexual consultant specialist "CUBAN SANTERA" who helped a castillos de kagada pick the best of the very best for "juersaz ruralezzz" de Alfredo Castillos de kagada to resuscitate all the devil's works in michoacan, cuna de la kaka...

    3. Hello are you?

      well I almost said about some of the AD having an agreement with state gob, but did not want to confuse an already confusing issue. I am speaking of the independent indigenous AD who are far and away from anything to do with the GOB and have been in existence even more years than I have been on this good earth. They have been social advocates against the state and fed gob, and many of their children have gone on to Normalistas Escuelas. They have good relationship with Zapatistas.

      I have an article on BB about their search for fosas in and around iguala looking for their children (#43) They found many fosas with dead bodies, none their children, but the children of someone. Few seem to be outraged by this.

      Mexico will not create a databank of DNA, but a ngo or 501c3 should. Where a relative of missing love ones could bank their DNA. Gob won't because it would expose the truth of how many migrants are killed each year, some 10k and the true number of narco murers.


    4. About two months ago i did a four hour loop on a motorcycle. I started in Acapulco went to Tierra Colorado Then took the 95 to Ayutla. First I checked out the Dam construction/remodel on Rio Papagayo, The Security would not let me take photos of the project. Then to La Palma Where I encountered A checkpoint maintained by 6 or seven AD all armed, I ran into about six checkpoints between La Palma and La Mesa where there was a military checkpoint for the road to San Marcos. There was a lot of AD. So if they are there for our protection so be it.

    5. Actually in Michoacan is where the autodefenzas have been going on for many years against government and cartels. Further back as when La Familia Michoacana was in control of Michoacan. They were fed up with government sending police and they would not help with any disappearance and killing of indigenous in cheran and other places. They are self governed, meaning that no outsiders go in their towns period. It's been going on for a long time. I believe this sight has a story on that

    6. Chivis think you are right on the money on that last paragraph!Just opens ANOTHER can of worms for gov and they're already in shit internationally for the 43.

    7. We know chivis knows better, but I can't let it look like government sponsored AD are a remedy for anything.
      --The problem is as you say, "the government", at all levels, then their police and paramilitary, and soldiers and marinas, the real AD should be electing the government, not the other way, and el pri/epn should not be bringing in el Papa, but for dinero, he will come, and even more for fueros for the church, just to make sure cardinal bishop sister posadas ocampo was not murdered by mexican government for nothing...

    8. Hola amiga, I am here looking at el mecate, all alone with myself and the memories, ya nomás me quedó la jeringa...

    9. I am talking 100 years....and it began in jalisco not mich

    10. What happened in jalisco for autodefenzas to take arms 100 years ago chivis. I'm curious, all I know about is C ommandante marcos, Michoacan and Guerrero autodefenzas. Bever heard of jalisco...

  4. Arriba Zapata y arriba la Revolucion jijos del Cocho :)

  5. Like how the headline reads:tackle organized crime AND FEDERAL POLICE!Jeez sad!They are SUPPOSED to be the professional 1's!

  6. Mireles es major que el chapo

    1. For the mexican government, el chapo was the better man, he made them billions of dollars...
      --Dr Mireles only helped them because they kicked the templarias out for a while...
      --like el chapo, Dr Mireles was not fighting the federal government, except for: el chapo helped politicians get elected
      when he should have been getting his favors done for free and upon demand...

  7. You can't take back the streets with armed vigilantes. It starts with an idea and action. Pinchi chilangos are going to get mowed down by more chilangos!!.fkn clown shoes! El Lp.

    1. Y con qué?
      Piedras, machetes y palos, lollipops, canciones de protesta,
      fumando mariguana, flores y besitos...porque de acuerdo con la nueva Ley Atenco, el gobierno tiene derecho de tirar a matar para salvar el "imperio de la ley", aunque sea con balas de hule que asesinan, niños y niñas, y a sus papás...
      --That is the contribution of mexico state governor eruviel avila to make himself noticed for maybe, president?
      --now that epn IS ON HIS WAY OUT...

    2. Yeah, your the expert. Maybe do something instead of blah blah blah.

  8. Para controlar guerrero se requiere un gran senor que ya paso de este mundo. El chapo quiso entrar y dominar en el 2010 pero no se le iso y abandono eso. Le quedo grande el puesto de su primo arturo beltran. No que muy fregon el joaquin guzman. Sigan escuchando sus corridos falsos.

  9. The police in Mexico are Cartels with A badge!
    Just the way Darth and the Empire across the border like it!

  10. Looks like Chong is going to pay a visit to Acapulco.

  11. Juan Mendoza Acosta Is a brave man. Revolution is coming.

    I read the top comment and was uplifted,,,,only to see that hateful troll,,not supporting,,,but the same endless shit about the US and foreigners ?

  13. Here is an article about opium poppy in Guerrero:

    1. It was announced that the commander of the navy will take over security in Acapulco.

    2. Well, Admiral Soberon has said enemies of the epn regime just want to "use" the ayotzinapo parents of the 43 to fack up el Ricky epn's priista regime...
      --the mexican navy and marinas are such puppets...


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