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Monday, May 30, 2016

Colombian Cartel Operatives Detained In Coahuila

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

A code red was activated this weekend by members of the PGJE in Saltillo after two Mercedes Benz refused to come to a stop after coming out of the residential development San Alberto.

Minutes earlier, neighbors from the residential development had reported a white Mercedes, circulating in a ‘suspicious’ way along with a car of the same make.

Security forces were placed at the entrance to stop the vehicles, but they didn’t stop, it was then that a chase began that continued along Pedro Figueroa Boulevard, the road where they were intercepted by members of the Elite Group of the Municipal Police. 

After a routine inspection, the officers found that under the license plate of Coahuila FKG-5757, there was another license place of Coahuila EJN 2779, which proceeded to the questioning of the three suspects (two men and a woman), who assured that the vehicle had been rented in Torreón.

It is presumed that the group, of Colombian origin, allegedly worked for a drug cartel of that country.  After being arrested, members of the attorney general, requested the cell phones of the detainees, and after reviewing the three devices, they found a message received minutes before 15:00 hours, notifying them that the registration number had successfully concluded.

Judging by the authorities, they also found messages with Colombian cartel leaders, which they had received indications of a drug that would be transported, as well as weapons and cash.

The detainees were initially identified as Guadalupe Hernández Espinoza, 38, who said he was from Mexico City; Felipe Emiliano Quintana Cortez, 38, of Tabasco, and Samuel López García, 43, also from Mexico City.

But in the end, they acknowledged being Colombian, when they found out that they were carrying false identifications.  They were made available to the Public Ministry, and the telephones and vehicles were safeguarded by the authorities.

Source:  Revolucion 3.0


  1. It behooves you 2 leave your electronics at home when engaging your enemy out in the field. Memorize your avenues of approach and escape ahead of time. - El Sol Perdido

    1. Behoove? Haha you must be military

    2. Certain words are unique amongst the troops. - El Sol Perdido

    3. 1:36 yes Colonel Fitts, whatever you says, Colonel... |*|

  2. also in Saltillo former NY Yankee player robbed and attacked

  3. when narcos-2 coming out? this august?

  4. They need to realize that driving a Mercedes Benz in Mexico raises a suspicion. A Volkswagen made in Mexico would never get a second look by citizens or the police.

    1. It really depends on the area. The Monterrey metro area is a very high income area with a lot of the European materialist mentality. Even ordinary people flaunt their wealth despite the risks there. It's not so uncommon.


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