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Monday, April 18, 2016

Veracruz: 11 Clandestine Graves Found With Charred Remains

By: E. Gómez and A. E. Muñoz | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

April 16,2016The Brigada Nacional en Busca de Personas Desaparecidas en Veracruz: Buscándolos nos Encontramos (National Brigade in Search of Disappeared Persons in Veracruz: Looking for Them, We Found Ourselves) made their first discovery: 11 clandestine graves with charred remains, after four days of exploratory work.

“That’s how a disappeared ends in Mexico, it’s the horror that the Mexican government buries,” said Mario Vergara, a member of Los Otros Desaparecidos de Iguala (The Other Disappeared of Iguala).

This past Friday, with data from an anonymous source, the brigade left from Amatlán de los Reyes towards a coffee plantation in the community of San Rafael Calería, next to Córdoba, the hometown of Javier Duarte de Ochoa, the governor of Veracruz.

The marked point was located under some vanilla and cedar trees.  After cordoning off the area, the families began monitoring the area.  They sought subsidence, a point where the rod that detects pits nailed easily.

The anonymous messenger described the place as a large “kitchen”, where the criminal group Los Zetas disintegrated their victims.  After burning them with diesel and gasoline in steel drums, they would bury the remains in small hollow spaces and covered them with dirt.

The brigade members didn’t have to dig a lot.  At half a meter from the surface, they found vertebrae, kneecaps, and remains of femurs.  They were porous and calcined.  They seems to have been buried for a long time because from digging, the dirt was rooted.

“Here is the proof that Mexico is a clandestine cemetery,” said one of the mothers of the group Voces Unidas por la Vida-Sabuesos de Sinaloa (Voices United for Life-Bloodhounds of Sinaloa).

Later, the activist Juan Carlos Herrera said indignantly: “The governor has the bodies of missing persons buried in the courtyard of Córdoba, his homeland.”

In one hour, the families of Veracruz, in the company of relatives of missing persons in Coahuila, Sinaloa, Michoacán and Iguala, discovered 11 graves and had to stop working, not for lack of evidence, but because they finished the material needed to identify the findings.

“We thought it would be three or four, but there are more here, we don’t have any more material to open up the graves, identify them, and protect them,” said Alma Rosa Rosas, of the group Voices United for Life-Bloodhounds of Sinaloa.

Three hours after Araceli Salcedo Jiménez, from the Colectivo Familias de Desaparecidos Orizaba y Córdoba (Collective Families of the Disappeared Orizaba y Córdoba), reported the discovery of the graves, staff from the attorney general’s office of the state based in Córdoba arrived at the site to pick up the remains.

Attorney General’s Office:  They Aren’t Human Remains

During the night, the attorney general’s office reported that after the first expert proceedings, the remains located in San Rafael Calería do not correspond with human remains.  “After carrying out the first steps contained in international protocols in people search, the specialists only found scraps of wood and synthetic fabrics.”

In response, members of the National Brigade in Search of Disappeared Persons issued an ultimatum in the sense that if the government of Veracruz doesn’t retract its “absurd and full of lies” statement, they will break their relationship on Friday and on Saturday, they will be prohibited from entry onto the premises.  “They offend our intelligence and minimize the citizen process, if it is like this, we will act with the Federation,” said Juan Trujillo Herrera.

Yesterday, families of missing persons in Veracruz asked the president of the National Commission of Human Rights, Luis Raúl González Pérez, to form a committee to investigate this problem, which they said, during the government of Javier Duarte, became a “pandemic”.

The district attorney in the state has 1,550 registered cases of missing persons, “but we know that the dark figure of the facts can be from 10 or 15 for each one denounced.  I’m almost sure that the figure is between 10,000 and 20,000 disappeared in the state,” said Lucía de los Ángeles Díaz, from the collective Solecito de Veracruz (Little Sun of Veracruz).

Lucía, mother of Luis Guillermo Lagunes, 29, abducted from his bedroom three years ago, said that at least 70% are cases of forced disappearance.  “The police in Veracruz does what it wants, without any control or restrictions.  It has committed more crimes than the criminals,” she said.

Source: La Jornada


  1. Wow Mexican government sure insults people's intelligence saying they were animal bones and charred 1's at that!1 person also said the cops kill more than the criminals!They[the cops] must be working for the criminals!How sad is that?

    1. Good article Valor. Thanks!
      @ canadiana; it seems that your reading skills are on par with your writing abilities. Where does the article state that the government said that what was found was animal bones?

    2. That is standard answer when government gets cornered, if the remains are proven to be human, they immediately become casualties of war, killed by army or police, in combat, even before the bodies are cold, javier duarte de ochoa controls the states attorney, and epn, he has shared the money and, his partners are finding out, he shared la caca too, he must be covered up and defended, like bertie boy moreira and Tomas yarrington...and ABC bours...

    3. 8:06-The Attorney General's office said they didn't correspond to human remains.[If not human what bone remains could they be besides human OR animal?]

    4. Pretty sure it's reference to previous stories. Which it's been said Tobe animal bones. Good thing you came on here to judge people writing abilities.

    5. @8:06
      Si dice que dijeron lee bien porque aqui el unico animal eres tu,como dudas de la inteligencia de mi girlfriend la canadiana guey..?


    6. "They are pieces of wood and synthetic fibers", said the state of veracruz "procurador de justicia del estado", a tool of javier duarte de ochoa, "la marrana"...
      --The volunteers don't know the difference, apparently...
      What they need to do is keep the evidence to themselves, and c
      Document everything, maybe share half of everything, but not with any veracruz sate "authorities", they are the criminals disappearing the people...

    7. At 8:06. Before you critique someone's writing abilities, proofread your post and check your puncuations. We are here to post our opinions. We aren't on here to get schooled by a grammar nazi.

  2. Boo Hoo and all the cartel nut-lickers were all upset when the army got a bit rough with a female kidnapper.
    This is where the kidnap victims are dumped!

    1. Not just kidnap victims, many are murder victims to depopulate Ranchos and land politicians want, or fracking operations want, 5he really is always some big operation that needs to remove people from their properties, just check since when they own their lands, the great majority have pretty much recently been acquired, and used the government, state sponsored terrorism, sicarios, army and paramilitary to do their depopulation.
      Kidnapping for ransom is just like a mental game to scare a few away before the killing starts for reals.

    2. Pemex new owners could be to blame?

  3. I believe in the Veracruz statement, cmon now not all Gov are corrupted. People, Families relax everything is fine in Veracruz.

    1. 6:52 tu eres un pendejo, all the veracruz government IS corrupt and rotten, but only a few get to steal all the money they want and kill all they need...


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