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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Morelos Beheadings: Narcomantas Call Out Mayors

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Morelos security forces on Wednesday found a human head with a narcomanta directed towards the mayor of Yautepec, Agustín Alonso, and signed by “El Gadafi”, who has claimed other murders that have occurred this month.

The most recent case is that of today, when police found the head inside a parking lot located in front of Hospital de la Mujer.

Two weeks ago, on the morning of Sunday, March 13, three bodies were found in the municipalities of Yautepec and Yecapixtla, located on the east side of the state.

As with this occasion, threatening messages signed by “El Gadafi” were left alongside the bodies.

In Yautepec, in the neighborhood Estrada Cajigal, the bodies of a tied up woman and a man who was also tied up and beheaded were found.  The head was found in a plastic bag on a poster board that read: “50 here I’m leaving Mariguas keep sending dumbasses to fight for the plaza, you’re next Carlitos, La Pelos and Niño.  I have you located.  Atte. Gadafi.”

Minutes later, a second human head was found on one side of the City Hall of Yecapixtla.  Another message was found with it in which it alludes to the mayor of Yecapixtla: “This happened to me for being a kidnapper and extortionist.  Francisco Sanchez Zavala (the mayor) you are responsible for Roberto Blanco Sanchez, “Boxin”, and Luis Andres Souz Aguilar, “El Chowy”, being imprisoned and that isn’t going to stay that way.  I’m going to get them out.  Atte: Gadafi.”

El Gadafi is attributed to three narcomantas placed at the entrance of Hospital de la Mujer, as well as other facilities in Yautepec, in which he accused the Mando Único (Unified Command) of that municipality of protecting criminals.

Other similar violent incidents have occurred in recent weeks in Morelos.  On March 14, a day after the triple execution attributed to “El Gadafi”, the body of a viciously mutilated woman was found completely naked, decapitated, and hands severed in an irrigation canal in a farm field located near the community of Atlacholoaya, municipality of Xochitepec, where the sugarcane area of Morelos begins, in the south of Morelos.

On March 24, the body of another dismembered and decapitated woman was found by neighbors of the town of San Antón, five minutes west of the historic center of Cuernavaca.

The remains were found in a trash can, inside a black plastic bag.  The neighbors were preparing to participate in the religious celebrations of Holy Week when they discovered the body a few meters away from the entrance of the parish of San Antón.

Source: Proceso


  1. So, we're either inured to all this violence at this point. Or we're all just gluttons for eyesore traumas here. - El Sol Perdido

    1. Just enjoy the view, sol, and find somebody to blame...
      --Photos are to make sure you and other infidels do not come asking for proof that CRIME HAPPENS ALL OVER MEXICO, and then we may move on to find who done the dirty deed, and why the government has so many excuses to cover it all up...

  2. Any word what really whent down in caborca sonora about the capture of R1??

    1. how come this hasnt been reported yet

  3. Wath cartel is El gadafi from

  4. ¿Morelos Unidos o Guardia Morelense?

  5. Is Tepoztlan area now safe? Atte: Willie.

    1. Morelos is a safe place but if you hang out with the wrong crowd amigo you are not safe. Tepoz is nice specifically en el carnaval.

  6. Why is this guy killing women for

    1. 6:02 to make the Polesia Nazional WORK OVERTIME covering up their dirty deeds...
      --on the US police are famous for saying no crime will be solved until the overtime is in...


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