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Friday, March 25, 2016

Government adds to Guerrero's Most Wanted List

Lucio R. Borderland Beat material from BB archives and PGR

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It appears that just as in every high profile case, weapons found are connected to Fast & Furious, it also seems that every bad guy in Guerrero is connected to the kidnapping and killings of 44 normalistas in Iguala.  44 is the true and accurate number of students, counting Julio Mondragon, whose tortured body was found with its face flayed.

It is the assertion of the government that the reason the students were killed, was the assumption by the Guerreros Unidos cartel, thinking that  members of the Los Rojos, a rival gang, had infiltrated the students and were a part of the group.

A more credible scenario offered by those close to the case, is that on one of the buses transporting the students, was a cache of drugs belonging to G.U.  Buses are notoriously used to transport drugs for cartels.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) offered rewards ranging from a million and a half to 3 million pesos for those who provide information to authorities, that assist in the capture of  the 13 major criminals operating in Guerrero and Morelos.

Among those people “wanted”,  is a man who was reportedly arrested in October 2014, in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

It is Solomon Pineda Villa, (alias El Molon)  brother of Maria de los Angeles Pineda (former first lady of Iguala) and brother-in-law of former mayor if Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, both identified as responsible for the disappearance of the 43 normalistas.

The government tags Solomon as the supreme leader of GU, and one of the authors of the kidnapping and killings of the normalistas in Iguala. (Below photo)

For more 10 years the Pinedas are known to have worked with the  Beltran Leyva brothers.  Two of his brothers were executed by BLO for their betrayal.

In the list Mazari Santiago Hernandez, Reel appears, he is considered the leader of Los Rojos cartel, and has been identified as the man who ordered the execution of the mayor of Temixco, Gisela Mota, after just one day in office
(see photo below Gisela in life, and two suspects of her murder, both Los ROjos members)

The  agency announced rewards for information leading to the arrest of  criminals who are part of groups, like the much weakened Familia Michoacana, the Independent Cartel of Acapulco, La Barredora and Guerreros Unidos.

These groups were created after the death of Arturo Beltran Leyva, Jefe of Jefes, leader of the Beltran Leyva Organization.  Dozens of groups were formed, fighting for the “plazas” of Morelos and Guerrero.

Also known as BLO, was once closely allied with El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel.  Their contentious split, was the result of Arturo blaming Chapo for giving information to authorities leading to the arrest of his brother El Mochomo.  This was supposedly done in exchange for the release of El Chapo’s son from prison.  Mochomo, (Alfredo) has recently pleaded guilty in a U.S. prison at the midnight hour before his trial.  He did so sans a plea deal.  This move surprised everyone. 

Most people watching the Mochomo case thought that he along with the Flores twins would present a solid case against El Chapo after his extradition.  Mochomo spent many years growing up in the same household with Chapo, and would be invaluable as a witness.  He will be sentenced in June in Washington DC.

As for El Chapo, an interesting point is that somehow the three charges that he was convicted of landing him in Puente Grande prison in Jalisco, have somehow disappeared from his record.

In other words he goes to the U.S. with no priors and a squeaky clean record of no convictions.  This is important in sentencing in any deal he makes with the U.S.

The rewards list also lists; Johnny Olascoaga Hurtado, El Pez, of La Familia Michoacana (LFM); Salvador Granadas Vargas, El Chava, head of Los Granados, with influence in the Tierra Caliente; and Eder Jairsosa Carbajal, Eel Cremas, leader of the group called La Barredoras, which operates in Guerrero.

According to the report of the PGR agency headed by Arely Gomez, all of them are accused of crimes against health, organized crime and kidnapping.


  1. My heart still aches for those missing students and their families.

    1. And mine for Allende's 300!

    2. My heart aches for every innocent person in Mexico as well as for all those poor souls who've lost their lives do to greed and ignorance. I also feel for those young boys who were abducted and forced into the life of a murderer when they could have been so much more.

  2. There may end up being some kind of justice in Mexico after all .
    As for Chapo's lost records . LOL LOL LOL . Come on now , like they didn't exist ? First time offender ...... Its not like the gringos are going to say "call the probation officer to the court room . They know who Chapo is . During the guilty innocent phase reputation cannot be presented . During sentencing I have heard prosecutors ask witnesses "do you know this person ? Witness "no I do not. Prosecutor "Do you know this persons reputation ? I think you can get the picture . I personally know one person on his first trial that has 3 99's consecutive . Chapo Guzman Will not get off light here in the USA .

    1. In the US sentencing must adhere to strict guidelines, and point tally. no priors is big. no one said the sentence will be light necessarily, but lighter.

    2. 11:30 am,is this your friend that got 3x 99yr sentences?Tashomba Rico Williams, 39 -seven Class A felony charges: two counts of kidnapping, two counts of sexual torture, two counts of sodomy and one rape count stemming from an Oct. 16, 2009 incident.Tell him he got off lightly and should have got the death penalty.El Chapo loves ampiros and his lawyers normally get them granted.

    3. I have to say, with all the years of criminal enterprise , if he walks out a free man in his lifetime ,I say he got off light.

    4. Manlio Fabio Beltrones "la fabis", "la secre", "el capulina"
      And Manuel Cavazos Lerma, had their prior records on the US, on the FBI or DEA or the CIA, all over, they even warned the mexican government about making them ministers or giving them ambassadorships or "presidente", but those records are gone...
      --The mighty and powerful US government has no explanation, no comment, no pasa nada, adiós, hasta la vista!!!

  3. Seems like El Cremas de La Barredora has been around forever, seen his name mentioned in the infighting in Acapulco that went down after La Barbie was arrested. Is this the same Cremas that was always mentioned in the mantas? If so, how has he stayed afloat while almost every other leader of CIDA or La Barredora has gone down?

  4. I am grateful and never take for granted my rights and safety in Canada. I honestly hope someday every Mexican citizen can feel this way when they wake up and when they go to sleep everyday.

    1. Safety like the furnace guy and the kid next door at balamor towers

    2. I'm talking safety of 43 kids who did nothing....

  5. Julio Mondragon is not disappeared, that is why only 43 make the cut.
    --The smile the mexican government gave him will live forever in our memories.
    --the government keeps arresting half the world and blaming them of everything bad that happens in mexico, specially the ayotzinapos, never mind the C4 communications or that the army was behind the students since the moment they started out of their campus, policia federal and armed forces all over "that could not get involved in a local matter" but were.
    --prostiturer murillo karam already gave his historic truth, Arely Gomez is just adding her own parfumes to it, maybe Chanel de la Crica.
    --maria de los angeles was a Querida of arturo beltran leyva and angel aguirre rivero, her brothers were killed by the government and el mochomo arrested to read up alliances that had been there for decades, like the priista they are, now the government is just consolidating power and exclusive domain over the drug trafficking, without pemex, they need to enhance the revenue somehow, that is why there is no room for the "capos"...
    --#fuéelgobierno, means el gobierno federal headed by peña nieto.

    1. I think that goes without saying. However I and others from Gro feel his death, which in all probability was the most horrific, has been overlooked.

      Much less important but also overlooked by American press, is the fact that he is an American, born and raised in LA. He did not have to live in a place of danger and violence, he chose to return to his mothers birthplace to "help". I will write about him at every opportunity that comes my way.

      "Make the cut?" rather flippant remark for such a tragic event in history.

      As for the mayors wife, if the hookup is true it was a one night stand, at the Christmas party in Cuernavaca. LR

    2. perfect reply lucio, if someone important to the commenter had been in such a brutal way-I doubt he would be saying he missed "the cut"

    3. 4:47 I have about 50 friends and family murdered on the US alone, drugs and gangs to blame, I've had me a few personal encounters, and there are a few women killed or disappeared closely related to me in mexico too, the disappeared are just mourned a little longer because there was nothing left to bury and get done with it, I mean no disrespect to any victim of the mexican "troubles", I certainly hate the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia and their impunity and their "enablers".

  6. I'm not dismissing Julio Mondragon, he is special in what they did to him, I'don like to have the smile the mexican government gave him posted every day in all the papers all over the world, I have the photo and I see it every day, I also have the face of Erika Cassadndra Bravo Caro, supposedly murdered by her stepfather who "confessed", except, I don't trust the confession...
    --The government accuses some animals of eating their faces, I don't believe it either, the animals have ever been so "task specific", the government mentioned sicarios trained by the kaibiles, do it all the time...

    1. remember the gob did not post the photo, it was on social media. His wife said that is where she saw it. the gob would have much preferred the photo never be shown. IMO it is because of the torture he endured that the gob tried to separate him from the others. Just because his body was found is not reason to not include him. By that theory any remains identified should be subtracted from the "43" as the bones/dna identifying at least one. so is it now 42?

      that is why it is important. they were all taken. it should have been 44 all along

    2. I also remember that beautiful young girl Erika Cassadndra Bravo Caro and the outrage over it.
      Feo hijo de puta padrastro doesnt look right on the beach in pictures with her,if not him,who then?
      Doesnt have to be conspiracies all the time

  7. Anything on el Alacran 05 aka Eden. Was supposed to be high on BLO hierarchy in Acapulco

  8. 4 men and one 26 year old young woman arrested in Veracruz by state police officers denounced and arrested, say they "delivered the 5 guys to some narcos" and don't know what happened to them or where they are.
    --javier Duarte de Ochoa (aka la marrana ojos de toro loco) state governor piously expresses his condolences, his state police officers had NOT PASSED THE TRUSTWORTHINESS AND ACCREDITATION CONTROLS But there was nobody to take over the job...
    Duarte says "of 100 things that happen on the state, one goes wrong and everybody is crying their ass off..." he wants only all positive propaganda out, not badmouthing HIS "beloved state"...


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