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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Armed Group Enters Chilapa;Demands Return of Arms

By: Gustavo Alberto Nava | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Around 200 armed civilians entered Chilapa at dawn for about two hours demanding the return of their weapons from the ministerial police.

Around 0:30 hours, they arrived aboard trucks armed with shotguns and rifles, stationing themselves in the vicinity of the plaza.  A few meters from where they were, a hotel where a group of the federal police is staying is located as well as the headquarters of the municipal police.

Taxi drivers who work during the night shift and are based on one side of the plaza immediately withdrew upon seeing the arrival of the armed group.

In the morning, it was confirmed that the group of armed civilians came from communities south of the municipality from the same ones that came on May 9-14 2015, when around 300 armed civilians broke into the municipal capital of Chilapa where they took control of the public security, in search of, according to them, members of a criminal cell who they blame for dozens of disappearances and other crimes.

Neighbors of the municipal capital blame them for being linked to rival criminal group and denounced them for the disappearances of 16 people during their stay in the city.

Authorities and residents of the communities of the south that border the municipalities of Mochitlán and Quechultenango constituted themselves into the Civil Association of Community Members for Peace and Justice.

The demands of the armed civilians-which arrived on Wednesday morning- were for the return of their confiscated weapons, the end of police harassment, and the prohibition of movement outside of their communities by the ministerial police.

The armed civilians left after agreeing to a meeting during the next 48 hours with the heads of state, ministerial, and federal police as well as the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).


  1. When you agree to a "later meeting at a latter day", ya te llevó la chingada...
    --expect a surprise, a very bad surprise in 48 hours.

  2. So what,they are going to give their weapons back?I would like to know what happens at that meeting in 48 hours[feds opportunity to round them all up and confiscate some more weapons]So the feds let any outsiders in?.

  3. I will not die for my country. But I will make my enemy die for his. - El Sol Perdido

  4. And what are the armed civilians expecting to have when they return in 48 hours? Their confiscated weapons all cleaned up and shiny and fully loaded? The only thing I've learned from the Mexican government is not to believe anything they say and nor to expect any good results from promises they make cause they will SURPRISE you.

    1. They want them greased up with gun oil..''ay compas, a bajen las armas y en 48 hrs regresaremos aver si nos van a dar los fierros" asses.

  5. You need the whole country of innocent people to that in Mexico.

  6. Aggghhh no Pues we keeping the guns but you can have the lead..

  7. @8:50 I agree this administration has yet to be trusted in any 'meeting' with citizens tired of the corruption, disappearing and overall violence for which they are disarmed, physically and legally.

  8. Desde Tierra Caliente

    es necesario invitar a la prensa en secreto. Para ocultarlos con antelación . Para emboscarlas significaría un desastre para el gobierno. Sería peor escándalo de México en la historia de la república . Se invitaría abierta rebelión generalizada.

    ¿Como se dice esso en Ingles?

    1. From Tierra Caliente

      It’s necessary to secretly invite the press. To hide them in advance. To ambush them would spell disaster for the government. It would be the worse scandal in Mexico’s history. It would bring open widespread rebellion.

    2. 1:41 and valor, you want to involve the press like la puta tuta, no es de hombres to distrust the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia's intentions, but they are not men of their word...
      Argentinian carlos ahumada Kurtz owner of mines that export uranium contra ands to china, buyer of influence for contractz in mexico, a Don Juan that romances mexican politicians for the benefits, (Rosario Robles, chapulina) also filmed mexican politicians taking hs money escaped to cuba and got extradited back to mexico, no prison for the good ol'boy...


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