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Monday, February 22, 2016

With more capos in prison, Mexico has more deaths in its streets

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Sinembargo article

Subject Matter: Cartel Capos, impunity, collusion
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The last two Presidents of Mexico have followed the politics of  "cut off the head", but with the capture of  big capos the violence hasn't reduced. In the last three years, nothing has changed in comparison to 2016, quite simply they have resorted to administration of the killings, disappearances and the dead.

Reporter: Sandra Rodriguez Nieto

While the Presidency of Enrique Pena Nieto differs from that of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa by nuances in the attention that each one has given to the issue of drug trafficking, both administrations, warn analysts, say a strategy of only " cutting off the head" of the alleged groups of organized crime which in any case has been accompanied by persecution of political networks and by laundering of resources.

One example, says Raul Benitez Manaut, investigator from the Centre of Investigations for North America from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), is the inaction in Mexico concerning the ex Governor and ex PRI party member, Humberto Moreira, detained in Spain, one week after Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera for alleged money laundering for the criminal organization known as Los Zetas.

"It is not about to give a blow to the business and political networks". In the United States and Spain they say that Moreira has connections with Los Zetas, and in Mexico that is not investigated, says Benitez, also the director of the Group for Safety Analysis and Democracy (Casede).

The constant in the search for the denominated " 122 primary objectives " is other evidence of the continuity of the politics of " cutting off the head" is only punitive, suggests Erubiel Tirado, coordinator of the Program for National Security in the Ibero-America University. "The structures of organized crime persist, the networks of complicity have not been attacked: each time that they speak of the capture of a capo this is not going to be accompanied by a dismantling of that organization, of the complicity networks with the political classes, impresarios; that wont be investigated", he says.

After the "frontal combat" against organized crime dominion the agenda of the Panista President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, the current executive, emanated from the PRI, marked distance in its speeches and focused its Government in the adoption of "structural reforms".

That way, at the start of the previous six years, on the 11th of December of 2006, the Government of Felipe Calderon announced the start of Operation Conjunta Michoacan, and sent 5000 soldiers to this state to effectively confront the narco traffickers and organized crime. Later he sent similar operations to Chihuahua, Baja California, Guerrero, Sinaloa to the region denominated the Golden Triangle, integrated into the States of Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.

The result, according to a published comparative this 20th of January by the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security, was an almost incomparable augmentation of the violence, above all to share the first year data for military deployments: 2007 closed with 10,253 investigation of homicides, 2008 had 13,155; 2009 with 16,118; 2010 had 20,680; 2011 had 22,852 and 2012 with 21,736. In total more than 104,000 murder victims.

In contrast, Pena Nieto also at the start of his six years, presented what he dominated a " new politics of state for the security and justice of Mexicans", based in the planning, prevention and protection of human rights, between other lines of action they revealed on 17th of December of 2012, in the second extraordinary session of the national counsel for public security.

"The citizen mandate is very clear: Mexicans want a peaceful Mexico. They urge respect and protection of human rights" said Pena Nieto citing the name of the primary goal of his national plan for development.

"Our priority objectives are to reduce the violence and recuperate the peace and tranquility of Mexican families. In particular to diminish the indicators related to homicide, kidnapping and extortion", he added.

The dead of Pena Nieto

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The widespread study released the passed week by the Segob and titled " Levels of homicide, kidnapping, extortion and vehicle robbery 1997 - 2015, shows that the intention to support only the first two years, due to decreases recorded in the first year of administration, when homicide records fell to 18,322 cases around the country, and in the second year with 15,653 cases, was reversed last year, closing 2015 with 17,013 cases. In total, according to the new released data , 50,998 cases between 2013 and 2015 ; more than 11,400 more than those recorded in the same period of Felipe Calderon, 39,526.

The above, more than the accumulation of massive violation of human rights, like the forced disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, that is already added to another 26,000 disappearances; the cases of mal treatment of persons and of femicide probably linked to armed operatives, as an argument in a trial in Ciudad Juarez, and the increased risk of fatality in professions such as journalism, Law, the office of human rights and even health care services.

This persistence in violent events, according to different diagnostics, like the continuity of narco trafficking business, shows the limitations of actual politics of only arresting the alleged heads of the organizations dedicated to the production, storage and transportation nationally and internationally of illegal drugs without attacking the economic interests or their links to the different levels of Government.

Since January of 2015, statistics of the PGR given to Sinembargo indicate that the thousands of assassinations contrast with the levels of judicial processing of the crimes attributed to organized crime, like the laundering of illicit proceeds.

In this sense, the statistics have shown that between 2006 and September of 2014, the Federal Government has started 1135 previous investigations for alleged operations with respect to illicit proceeds and, in total, found proof and alleged responsible in 257 cases; that is to say, in only 22% of the open investigations since 2006.

In the analysis for the year observed, is also notes a marked downward trend in the research during the change in sexenios, since the opening of enquiries for this crime fell from 96 cases in 2012 to 23 in 2013 and 12 in the first nine months of 2014. the same thing happened to confiscations, which fell from 25 to 15 in 2013 and then to four in the first nine months of 2014.

In general, the statistics show that investigation against all crimes set forth in the Federal law against organized crime was on a downward trend, on having gone from 2270 cases opened in 2012 to on 1302 in 2013, that is to say, 42% less.

Not even Guzman Loera, who media and authorities identify as one of the most important cartel leaders in the world, faces charges for money laundering or even homicide before the power Mexican Judiciary.

Until the date of his second escape, this July past, against the alleged capo there are only charges of being a member of organized crime, crimes against health and one more for possession of firearms and ammunition for exclusive use of the armed forces, linked to the raid and his capture in Mazatlan on 22nd of February of 2014.

The arrest warrants in penal causes 50/2009, 206/2010, 65/2011, 364/2012 and 10/2014, in whose informative notes one can observe that there were allegations that the Federal Public Ministry was unable to prove, as his probable responsibility in an offence against health in the form of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking brought against him in July of 2009.

"The Fifth District Court of Federal Criminal Processes in the State of Mexico reports that at 14:30 hours of Feb 25th 2014, within the criminal case 50/2009, issued a detention order against Joaquin Guzman Loera, as likely responsible in the commission of the crime of being a member of organized crime," says the report of the Judiciary.

" In the same manner, they dictated a release order for lack of evidence to process the charge within the confines of the law, not being able to demonstrate his probable responsibility in the crimes against health, in the modality of possession with intent to supply, in the hypothesis of sale of cocaine hydrochloride", they added.

Since the days after the first recapture in February of 2014, the Department of the Treasury of the Government of the United States advised that " based on this success, the Office of Control of active foreigners will continue to focus on the finances and operations of the Sinaloa Cartel".

Then, on the 27th of February of 2014, the public treasury published a list of 10 businesses allegedly linked with the activities of criminals of the Sinaloa cartel; six of those located in Colombia and another four in the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara, a region in where the Government of the United States located dozens of businesses that were laundering money and which the Mexican Government have not started action.

"I dont know what happens at the second level, one captures the bosses but they don't destroy the business organizations, and the those organizations recover and keep operating", said Raul Benitez Manaut.

Another intact problem, commented those interviewed, is the collusion of politicians with organized crime; a situation that has left vast territories under the power of armed forces that work for the delinquents.

Only in Tamaulipas, bordering Texas and home to heavy drug trafficking, the United States continues its accusations of money laundering against former Governors Tomas Yarrington and Eugenio Hernandez Flores; the latter received with applause in the last report of Governor Egidio Torre Cantu.

This type of collusion, added Benitez Manaut, could be registered in other States like Michoacan, Coahuila, Sinaloa, State of Mexico, Guerrero and Morelos.

The lack of investigation around the political classes, says the specialist, has been annoying even members of the armed forces who have been responsible for operations against the alleged leaders of the organizations. "They, the military, say that they are making a serious effort but are making no headway in other areas, such as the relationship of political cartels and companies that launder monies. They are not working to continue the effort", he insists.

Original article in Spanish at Sinembargo


  1. El Mini lic dead in a shootout? Is that true or not?

  2. Mexico es una zona de guerra donde sobre vive el mas fuerte i aki seguimos celebrando que estamos vivos
    -Juan Dos Cabezas-

    1. 5:31 would you think epn is el mas fuerte?
      La Ardilla, el lazca, el chapo, el otro chapo, epn y carlos salinas de gortari, would argue that smarts tops meatballs

  3. What do you expect?
    You put the old cats behind bars and leave the youngsters to fight for power
    Theyre on their prime trying to build a name for themselves.

    1. "What do you expect?"

      It's a damn war between groups of different regional areas, and if you add up all the rotten political gob-ratas who don't know how to run a state, is a perfect recipe for a huge mess with lots of 'collateral damage'.

      Plus it doesn't matter that was going to happen sooner or later, the main problem is they letted things get outta control starting with them "old cats" who didn't do much for that country, they just helped things get worst. By putting political rats in gob-offices, & By creating more and more criminal groups, instead of creating better opportunities! Stupid mexicans.

    2. 10:56 the great US authority known as The Great Satan, has approved the selection and vote fraud to "elect" the mexican authorities, even educated some of them in their WISE and cultured universities and colleges, and on the Schools of the Assassins, providing them weapons and billions of dollars to keep the plantation producing and in peace...
      The 5000 military fecal sent to michoacan were as effective as el chapo's 300 guardias, THEY ALLOWED THE CT TO MURDER ABOUT 10 POLICIAS FEDERALES while they were not attacked due to their "mandos" having been paid to allow the murders of the federales...
      --maybe if the policias federales had taken along Maribel Guardia, that would have been better protection...

    3. You take out the ones that can run this organizations and the most violent people take charge.what do you expected to happen?

  4. The government alows all this to happen because they get rich from leting cartels do their business and give the government a piece of the pie. If any cartel wants to make it capo status, he has to pay the goveror, police chief, CIA, DEA, Federales, marina and he will be left alone. If the fish gets to big, he will have to pay more and when the U.S wants him they will get him and he will have to pay more to the judges and get a lesser sentence. Not to mention the millions he would have to pay for the RICO law for running a criminal organization. Like El Vicentillo who paid close to a billion dollars. While the whole time the people on Mexican government who let the cartels operate remained unquestioned and get more money from the next capo who wants to be the plaza boss. Real spit

  5. Death and destruction will end when Mexican and U.S Governments stop being corrupt.

  6. B.S. this same scenario happened in cd Juarez and after about a year or so the narcos made somewhat of an unwritten pact with each other and the killings declined big time. It also helped that the asshole Chapo was captured the second time so that his mother fuckin ambition to continue fighting for cd Juarez almost completely came to an end. There are still some killings in the city but nowhere near what there was before! All it takes is people to respect boundaries and stop thinking they are the peacekeepers of the world like Chaputo and his followers like to think!

    1. Chapo shit is getting old. Can you come up with something new

  7. Otis, good job with this report, which gets into policy and the reforms needed. But on the raw numbers Calderón v. EPN:

    "Grim contest. Many pieces on Mexico’s drug war throw around figures about homicide victims. Most are in a range between 60,000 and 100,000 thousand homicides. Somehow, the official tally is almost never quoted, even though it is a far bigger number than most quoted figures. Between 2007 and 2012 (i.e., the Calderón presidential period), 121,163 people were murdered in Mexico, according to INEGI, the national statistics board. That is, by far, the highest absolute total of any Mexican presidential term in history (under Vicente Fox, Calderón’s predecessor, 60,162 people were murdered). But the Calderón presidency may not hold the record for long. On current trends, more people will be killed during the Peña Nieto administration.

    Deadly numbers. How many more? It’s hard to say, but here are some estimates:

    1. During the first two years (2013-2014), the number of homicide victims was 43,073, according to INEGI. We don’t know yet the 2015 total (preliminary numbers will be released in July), but we can make an educated guess. The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Safety System (SESNSP) reported 18,650 victims of intentional homicide in 2015. That, however, is likely to be an underestimate. In 2014, INEGI recorded 20,010 victims, whereas SESNSP only tallied 17,324. If the same ratio held in 2015, then the 2015 INEGI total will be 21,541. That would bring the total number of homicide victims during the first half of the Peña Nieto administration to 64,614.

    2. To stay under the Calderón total, the number of homicide victims would have to average 18,849 per year during the second half of the Peña Nieto administration. That is possible, but improbable. Preliminary evidence suggests January 2016 was a really bad month (according to this independent tally, it was the worst month since 2012 in Guerrero, for instance). Also, because of a base effect (monthly totals in the first half of 2015 were rather low), we are likely to see double digit year-on-year growth rates at least until May. Consequently, the numbers in the second half of 2016 have to be really good in order to prevent a number of homicides that equals or surpasses the 2015 tally. If 2016 looks like last year, the magic number needed to stay under the Calderón total would be 17,504 homicides on average in the final two years of the Peña Nieto administration, a rather unlikely scenario.

    3. In brief, it is quite probable that the Peña Nieto homicide total will surpass the Calderón tally. But by how much? It’s uncertain, but if the second half of the current administration is similar to the first half, the six-year total would be close to 130,000 victims, or 9000 more than under Calderón.

  8. Been saying something very similar.
    Taking down the big name capos is great media etc,but it definitely has detrimental effects on the street.Long time capos and their lieutenants are the ones who have been introduced to producers and suppliers,also the ones who run domestic lines.Look at how much kidnapping is going on now, most of the cartels eventually were set up to move drug,now look at the things they do to make money.All the infighting for the pickings that are on offer,without the drug moving Mexican cartels prey on Mexicans.

  9. Nice educated reply.

  10. On another note...We are witnessing two to three murders a day in Acapulco.

    1. We're witnessing about 5 or 6 murders a day in Acapulco, including several on the beaches in front of sun bathing foreign tourists. I posted some links a few days ago, with fotos, sigh.

    2. We jave been in Acapulco since Nov. I was trying to be conservitive on the murders per day. I think 5 to 6 murders per day is probably correct.

    3. 5 to 6 in Acapulco alone!

    4. The people in the photo look like Snow Birds. They probably have owned property in Acapulco since the 70's. It appears as if the dead body behind them does not phase them.

  11. who are all the top capos that are in altipano? can somebody list them pardon my ignorance. damn, they need to do a hbo Oz style tv series on that alone! some crazy personalities in there.

    1. 10:58 There should be a list somewhere...
      But i'd like to see the list of of the biig baad mophakkas out, free, that have never done any prison time, on both the US and mexico at least

  12. All of these statistics cooked by the government still look like shit, but the reality is much worse, that is why the press is not allowed to post real figures every day, now that el pri narco-government is in power again, they are making up for lost time, robbing the biiig baaad capos and letting the orphan sicarios battle like bitches for the left overs, the table scraps and una dediada...

  13. EPN the dog doing what he does best. Lying and stealing from the people of Mexico. Congrats. You arrested Chapo, now Mexico can be at peace...

  14. main narcos sit in government. fuck them.

  15. One factor that makes me doubt any official statistic (aside from the corruption prevalent among EPN appointees) is that at the start of Pena Nieto's administration, the federal government actually tried to impose censorship on the media. News media were ordered not to report specific casualty numbers, not to report on suspects by their cartel AKAs, and not to attribute criminal activities to organized crime, among other measures. In other words, the government wanted to convince the public that violence was random and therefore not the result of government policies. For that reason, I mistrust much of the information reported by the government for at least the first two years. Slowly, the media have been going back to earlier practices, which means the reports are more accurate.

    I believe my unease was shared by the media itself; Tijuana's Zeta journal periodically publishes reports that attempt to report the true numbers by actually using regional news reports and actual statistics reported by local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. As a result, Zeta's figures show higher numbers of homicides than government statistics, even those reported by Inegi.

    For what it's worth, in my opinion, the main cause of the corruption and resulting impunity and violence in Mexico is the same as it is in the rest of the world; economic inequality. If wealth is real, that is, not a figment of your imagination or mere digital blips in a bank's computer, then the concentration of the world's wealth into the hands of a few individuals means there's not enough for the rest of world's population. The consequences are much more evident in so-called "developing" or third world countries. By the way, extreme economic inequality also prevails in middle eastern countries that invariably rank among the most corrupt in the world. I don't think that the correlation between economic inequality and corruption is a coincidence.

    1. Well said. On another note,the grandstands at the Acapulco ATP tennis match is full of Chilangos, each paying $4000 pesos a pop for tickets. This differnce between rich and poor is not healthy. Unfortunatly the U.S. is already on this path. How sad.

    2. 11:54 mexico has been "developing" for more than 60 years...
      --By now it should be clear, a mexico ya nunca le van a crecer las chichis...
      --maybe that why lollypops and the bra inserts get so popular.

  16. If they really wanted to get control, first build some large prisons, then send in the troops and round up all the medium and small people in the cartels/groups. as for the legal part that does not seem to matter much in Mexico, unless u have the dollar

  17. This is what happens when you idol dope pushers It won't stop till you tear the whole foundation DOWN!

  18. It's not about stopping crime all at once. It's about not allowing it to continue and glorifying these killers and thieves. If you say arresting them and taking the money doesn't work then they will continue to steal money and dissapere people. You have to make their lives uncomfortable. It you don't chalange the cartel and politico thieves then why wouldn't everyone do it?

    1. Exactly. They gotta show misery to all those destroying that country. But INSTEAD what do they do..?


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