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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tijuana: Encojibado left for Aquiles

Encobijado left for Aquiles

As the year ends in Tijuana, a marker of sorts is left strewn amongst weeds and trash of the bloodshed over the past months.  Bound and wrapped like a grotesque mummy, the cold body sat in the darkness, wind whistling through in the bitter cold of late December in Tijuana, a card lay next to the body.  The card explains, or attempts to explain the fate of his unwilling companion, slowly decomposing, frostbite forming between the toes, all warmth leaving the body, as life had.

This may be the last of the year, or may not, a year that as seen over 500 murders, many collateral damage, victims in a war they understand, only from their lower tier positions.  The explanations are often closed circle types of communication, cryptic messages of a reckless sarcasm, mocking the dead, and welcoming death themselves.  

The message left in the green wrapped blanket in Playas De Tijuana, Rancho La Flores was 'Heres your people Akiles and Alejo, we will continue to fuck you up putos', or words to that effect.  The violence will continue to play out in neighborhoods and back streets, bullets tear into flesh, and knifes sear away limbs, dripping with blood of the contras....

For the sake of some clarity, to not leave anyone out of this....Alejo refers to Raul Miranda Ortiz, an Aquiles ally and Sinaloa proxy, who has ordered numerous murders in the last year, including the mother of 'El Jackal', relative of Luis Manuel Toscano, an inter family organization who ran the Zona Norte drug trade for years.  Alejo directed Los Cuates De Oberas, a group of murders who moved crystal meth under the Aquiles banner. 

The last line of the card left with the corpse is an echoing laughter jajaja echoing and ringing in all our ears, at all the funerals, and all the encojibados, everywhere, like death itself, waiting in the shadows, bony, blood stained outstretched hand, clutching a bottle of Bucchans 18 scotch, wrapped in black cloak....never far from Tijuana.....

Sources: AFN Tijuana 


  1. "we will continue to fuck you up putos". Love the translation of the idea!. Just to clarify something, Jackal´s and Mono´s family hits came within the new Arellano leadership, it was signed "El Cinta negra", "El Cinto negro" or "black belt" is the right hand man of Ramon´s son known as El Piloto. They refused to surrender the plaza to the new leadership so they were attacked.

    Merry Christmas J, Chivis, DD, and everyone else at BB.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Encojibado, encojobado are both wrong. Is ENCOBIJADO or WRAPPED.

    1. Yes. I kept reading that word over and over wondering if I had been saying it wrong all these years. I always said encobijado witch derives from cobijas right? Ok I can move on now.

    2. Grammar police on the prowl! You know what he was trying to say. Or at least i did!

  4. Puro Arete Activo!!

  5. This articles attempt at literature was entertaining. "For Aquiles, it's was the worst of times and the best times, like a midsummer's night breeze, he casually strode down Calle revolution in his huge stetson. He recalled going for blocks of ice as a kid...." lol

    1. No pos wow a critic is amongst us. If you think you can do a better job have at it bozo. Otherwise STFU and enjoy the articles.

  6. Encobijado is for wrapped up in a cobija, like some used to roll people in a piece of carpet...
    --you do not always have carpet or thick plastic garbage bags but a covertor or conforter will do.
    --what we can not get used to is the savagery, and for what, as they say, to be measured by the same measure later on, and rather soon...

  7. At least they wrapped him in a nice soft T.J blanket wich was probably warm before the temp dropped hahaha.

    1. Era una cobija de la pulga,so it's all good,just another day in the hood

  8. Here you have better pictures.

  9. Yes, and more today.

    Arrested cell "Alexy" with AR-15 rifle, one involved in attack on police

    Arrested cell \
    - See more at:

  10. December 25, 2015 at 13:06:49
    In possession of an AR-15 rifle, with which made detonations Wednesday afternoon December 23, five people were arrested by elements of the Municipal Police in the delegation San Antonio de los Buenos.
    The officers involved in the arrest, are commissioned the Task Force report Tijuana and attended by locals through the emergency telephone number 066, who had heard gunshots in the colony Fausto Gonzalez made ​​by a group of people on board an white van, said the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) through a press release.
    One of the suspects is Federico Navarrete Chavez, who also goes by the name Edgar Eduardo Navarrete Navarrete Chavez and Edgar Eduardo Sanchez, alias "El Jona", "El Choco" or "The Black".
    This man of 24 years, is identified by the SSPM as part of a cell led by "Alexy" hit man band "The Achilles" in San Antonio de los Buenos and Playas de Tijuana.
    The names of "Alexy" and "Achilles" appeared in a narcomanta located on the side of a murdered and wrapped in a blanket man Wednesday morning December 23 in Los Laureles Canyon of the Playas de Tijuana.
    Federico Navarrete Chavez had been arrested in July 2015 by the Municipal Police, along with four accomplices in the Obrera, for his alleged responsibility in the armed attack on an official in the same area.
    Arrest warrant had injuries in a case of domestic violence, issued by the First Criminal Court of Tijuana.
    While on this occasion, explained the municipal unit, they were also arrested Miguel Angel N, Jose Luis N, N Karla Elizabeth and Jorge Adrian N, all adults.
    "In addition to the .223 caliber firearm, he stocked with nine rounds of ammunition, were holding six wrappers with dry grass like marijuana," he said in the statement.
    In addressing the report, the municipal police located the vehicle described in the phone calls, so proceeded to arrest him and it was then that they found the assault rifle and drugs, so the municipal judge referred the case to the competent authorities.

    - See more at:


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