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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missing Normalistas? Villagers find mass graves, say G.U. excavated on 9.27.14

Lucio R. Borderland Beat

villagers discovered 2 additional fosas yesterday 
Carrizalillo, Guerrero
Residents report that on the night of September 27, 2014, they witnessed a convoy of about 3 dozen members of Guerreros Unidos, arrive in late model trucks and a backhoe.

They report seeing the backhoe excavating two large holes, later evident by two large mounds of dirt.

These residents notified the parents of the 43 missing normalistas, of a discovery on October 31st, of human remains.

Villagers called on the media, showing them many bones, including the two jaw bones a skull, and a vertebrae discovered in a pit about 3 feet deep.  The pit was 65 feet from the road in Los Cazahuates.

The discovery was made soon after the detention in Carrizalillo last week of halcon Modesto Onofre Peña Celso, along with 9 federal officers, who are suspected of having links with the cartel. During questioning Peña Celso reportedly gave information to police about  several clandestine narco-fosas  ( graves) in the hills in the area.

A group of residents accompanied by a federal prosecutor walked along the road that connects Amatitlan and Tenantla, in Los Cazahuates and where the bones were found.
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The people who discovered the grave asked that they remain anonymous, in fear of reprisals from Guerreros Unidos, who dominates the area.

The (PGR) prosecutor’s office promised to return on Saturday to collect evidence, evacuating the graves and run tests on the bones, but that plan was then suspended. They did send the discovered remains to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) of Chilpancingo

Then yesterday, they issued this statement  "With diligence we aim to locate the graves identified by the inhabitants of this town, and proceed in excavating the findings, " the PGR said. Further stating,  that federal forces will work in coordination with collective authority

The villagers believe the 43 missing students from the Ayotzinapa teacher’s college were taken to Carrizalillo and could possibly be found in the fosas.

Residents of the community are said to have been living in fear of the Peña Celso family, which has been linked to the Guerreros Unidos gang.

One Carrizalillo resident, who would only be identified as “Jacinto,” said he believed there were many graves in the area and claimed to know of one that contained 30 bodies. He adds, because of the size of the operation, and the timing, it is highly probable that many of the missing 43 are buried in the area.

The commissioner of the community of Carrizalillo in the municipality of Zumpango de Neri, says 3 fosas have been discovered so far and that the two large fosas could have as many as 60 bodies.

Residents say that federal police attempted to arrest and intimidate villagers, and attest to a long history of torture and abuse by the federal police.

Information used for this post from: Reforma, Sinembargo, Jornada


  1. Christian Lopez PalafoxNovember 4, 2015 at 1:55 PM

    Typical, Alot of holes in this story on both sides.

  2. It took a year plus for residents to say something about thE Mass Grave! Lol

    1. It is difficult for people outside Mexico to understand. This little village has a population of 750. After the Iguala killings Maria the governors wife and sister to leaders in G.U. took refuge for over a week in the village which was guarded by more than 100 soldiers. People were not allowed in or out, food supplies were low, people were threatened. villagers were held hostage by terror from the Peña Celso family which is a cell of G.U.

      To determine who is "safe" to report murders to is almost a roll of the dice. Federal police on the payroll. It wasn't until some key arrests and the strength of the parent group evolve did some people feel secure enough to come forth.

      If the backhoe story and convoy is true it does mean dozens of bodies are in the fosas. Whoever it is must be determined. If it is not the normalistas then there was another massacre of people on the same night.

    2. correction I am sure Lucio meant to say Maria the mayors wife.

    3. Yeah, it could have taken longer than that. We don't get someone could live in such fear and suppression. I know, I can't relate to it.Although, I do know someone who stayed in a very violent marriage, because they were too scared to leave for 12 years! Fear and intimidation can paralyze a person. If these monsters can kill and hide people, what the hell would a few more dead folk matter to them! Those monsters have a tight ass grip on that village, that town...that govt! Those people, who waited to come forward, they had their reasons.

  3. Good luck in finding the ayotzinapos there...
    --the historic truth said they were burned in the garbage dump...
    --DNA test by independent investigators are needed too, because the federal government is capable and prone to making chicken blood and bones match any and all disappeared ayotzinapos and get the Pope's blessings to certify it...

  4. Thanks Lucio
    I think they may finally be onto something. There were also articles in Mileno and Proceso.

  5. sad, no remorse, no human feelings for your own countrymen, treated like trash that is why all cartel members need to be executed on sight and not arrested.

    1. ...and who would kill those "cartel members' on sight? The always trustworthy security forces? What would you recommend happen to those elected officials, who are calling the shots on the social cleansing, that's been going on now for fucking years!

  6. Which Mexican drug cartel is linked with the Guerreros Unidos gang ?

    1. BLO until Arturo Beltran Leyva killed the brothers of maria de los demonios pineda villa de Abarca for "treason" and Joan Sebastian sons must have been killed because of something related to the independence of GU, and el shaka, a d la girlfriend of el chapo, puras traiciones all over...

    2. idk which cartel it falls to, but Guerreros Unidos leaders el Chato and el Cinsel, brothers of Onofre Modesto Pena, the GU founder slain 22 Oct 2015, are who control the plazas for Iguala, las Balsas and 2 or 3 other places whose names escape me at the moment. Anyway, the above info is from an article published in EL SUR, 6 Nov '15.

  7. Maria de los angeles used to hide with governor angel aguirre rivero in government owned houses because she is "de los angeles", so un angel mas o menos...
    --but she sure knew what "te va a cargar la chingada" means...
    --the fields over there must be very fertile now for the grifa and poppies of all kinds, still no 43.

  8. Nov 4
    They have already found four cadavers, it is in several newspapers.

    1. Who were the cadavers? any ayotzinapos?

  9. "The attacks on normalista students in Iguala were committed by criminal elements that come from our own area." People living in Carrizalillo's mining community maintain that a criminal enterprise called GUERREROS UNIDOS is the responsible party. These local villagers are prepared to swear --before one and all-- that they could watch "Warriors United" criminal ring in action on the night of September 26th in 2014, at dawn on the morning of September 27th and during the first week in October, 2014.
    "There are many of us that can say we could hear and see 'those'  pick-up trucks." When, five cut through town late into an October night, neighbors' watchful eyes can see the flatbed riders' youth at a glance. "Between,18 and 20," one fellow says, offering up an approximation on the students respective ages. Another, fills in more details about this convoy passing by. It looks like it's going on route to Mezcala until the trucks draw to a halt just outside of town and several armed men hurry out of the parked vehicles, weapons trained on their captives as they're getting down from the trucks. Then, the others are told to "Stay Still"as they are ordered out of the trucks at gunpoint. This is when the GU riflemen start walking these youngsters into the woods. "We did not see them again," the one fellow said.
    LIFE in these parts begins turning ugly almost two years, ago, when the terror of living and dying in a collective nightmare is unleashed on Carrizalillo villagers and area campesinos alike. Executions and ambushes, assaults,  kidnappings and demands that extortion monies be paid on rents GOLD CORP doles out locally for the use of  Mexican owned land. Anybody, who refuses that isn't killed is summarily handed off to the Policia Federal or Mexican Army troops to stand accused on a variance of offenses. 
    "IT ALL GOES BACK nearly two years ago." The Comisariado Ejidal's current President Ricardo Lopez Garcia explains that a known acquaintance from Carrizalillo living in Iguala named Modesto Onofre  Peña Celso is the man that started the Guerreros Unidos from area recruits. Iguala's 27th Infantry Battalion and Mexico's local Federal Police support and assist in Guerreros Unidos criminal activities authored by Peña Celso. Rival factions within GU are said to be behind killing their founding member, Modesto Onofre. At this juncture, Mario Celso Peña--el Chato--and Israel Peña--el Cinsel--take charge of GU criminal operations.
    Guerreros Unidos members hide out in houses that belong to Iguala's mayor and wife following the attacks. The Mexican Attorney General holds the husband and wife as responsible for masterminding the attacks and the students' disappearances.
    People around here talk about mass graves,"fosas," not far from their village. When, the army and the federal police come to look for the missing students, they didn't find them, even though they used helicopters on their search. "It's possible the GU returned and cleaned up in the vicinity before the army comes to search here." (Source, EL SUR; Eduardo Neri, 29 October, 2015).

    1. Thanks for sharing that.Always good to hear from a local.

  10. Israel Peña, Chisel and Mario Peña, who control Coacoyula plazas--Iguala and the Balsas municipality of Cocula. Both are brothers of Onofre Modesto Peña, who on October 22 was killed in Iguala.


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