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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mando Único of Morelos: Organization That Most Violates Human Rights

By: José Carlos Moreno | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

October 8, 2015— Just two days ago in Cuernavaca, the Human Rights Commission of the State of Morelos (CDHEM) stated that the figure of the Mando Único in the state, relentlessly pushed by the state government despite its low popularity- according to a survey during the past two weeks in all the municipalities of Morelos, which yesterday revealed the results indicating that only 1% of respondents approved the continuation of the measure while 99% condemn it, is the body that most violates human rights in the state.

(Valor: Mando Único (Single Command) is the unifying of municipal and state forces.)

This was expressed by the president of the CDHEM, Lucero Ivonne Benítez Villaseñor, who noted that the Mando Único is the protagonist of most complaints filed by citizens to the institution in charge, which are mostly related to the violation of due process, emphasizing arbitrary arrests, torture during detention, and the fabrication of guilt, and even some police members have complained about money quotas imposed on them by their superiors.

The president of the CDHEM delivered a report with all the information to the local congress where it was brought to the Commissioner of Public Security, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, at a conference described by some media as evasive, and even ridiculous at times, because in it the commissioner said that the idea of insecurity in the state is mostly bad “perception” of the citizens, because, according to him, violence has decreased and it takes quite some time for this public perception to be corrected.

However, the numbers contradict the version of the report of Commissioner Capella and exposes another reality: in the first eight months of this year, there have been 17 cases of torture (just over two cases per month), while in 2014, the figure for the same type of violation was 12, or an increase of 30% in a few months.  It also states that from 2014 to date, complaints from citizens accumulate to a total of 450.

It should be recalled that already in the public, some elements of this figure monopoly of authority has shown its procedures with members of the public, including its treatment of students from UAEM (Autonomous University of the State of Morelos) with aiming weapons at them for distributing flyers with political content.  The case of a denunciation of the murder of a young student just over a month ago should also be recalled, a sordid case that exposed the misrepresentation of factual information, concealing and holding it, as well as negligence in the investigation process, according to the same denunciation.

Journalism and its freedom of expression in the state has also suffered by the Mando Único and its repressive measures, since several cases of journalists from the most contested violation reported in the report, arbitrary detention; 146 incidents were reported in 2014 and 93 so far in 2015 of this particular form of human rights violation by the Mando Único, and to top it off, cases of burglary, theft, unlawful exercise of public function, and injuries.

Since it was approved as a proposal during the former administration to the current governor Graco Ramírez, the extent of the Mando Único was questioned, but the PRD member applied it the same, and from January 2013 to date, disapproval has registered and reluctance to approve this figure that is the majority in the state councilors, beginning and openly promoted by Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Municipal President of Cuernavaca by the PRD, who at the time mentioned this: “Unfortunately we are first in crimes.  The Mando Único doesn’t work.  (If it worked) things wouldn’t be as they are in Cuernavaca.  It hurts to know that we are the first in crimes.  I find it an injustice that they are going into the homes of the elderly; I find it an injustice that they are robbing people.”

Other mayors have said that the hoarding of resources (approximately 400 million at the time) granted in order to run the Mando Único, creates an economic vacuum for the municipalities and that this, combined with the same impairment of the organization, is what causes their rejection of it.  Consequently, they have also come to express their fear of reprisals for their position of rejecting the figure, by the aforementioned Security Commissioner, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, because intimidation has existed towards mayors who have not wanted to join the Mando Único.

Source: Morelos 3.0


  1. Damn that's fucking wild

  2. Mando Unico, the much pushed gestapo or KGB of the little states that answer only to the federal government and not to the states they misrepresent are another expensive forms of inefficiency and criminality of the states' ruling elites...
    The governor of the "state of cuernavaca" got it easy to get elected, but handling the shit is a lot harder than the stink, cuernavaca got in debt for billions of pesos and like the state of coahuila has nothing to show for it, other than a zapata statue, and two or three canchas de futbol, and a lot of infomercials and tv spots that you may find or not on the web, made for millions of pesos to promote the prerredistas newly acquired bounty state state of morelos...
    --Cuauhtemito Blancol called his city of cuernavaca "estado", by mistake I am sure...

  3. All forms of government here in Mexico rob the people in one form or another. From the traffic police to the soldiers and more. These guys apparently got carried away and wanted too much to quickly. They need to rob and torture the people a little less like the rest of Mexican forces and politicians to keep it a little more under the radar. Slowly people around the world are seeing how Mexican government and officials operate against it's citizens. I have to go to work now and run the gauntlet of vialidad (traffic police). I will see at least 40 police in a 40 minute drive just on my way to work and another 40 while returning. They are not fighting crime, but rather fleecing the citizens to earn their money with bribes and false accusations of speeding and more. Such a joy to wake up and have to worry about being fleeced by your government at any moment at anytime of the day while obeying the law.

    1. That sucks bigtime.Sounds like they don't have time to fight crime only time to collect their quotas for their superiors so they don't lose their jobs.Police force pure $making machine.Got to be no pride in that profession there.To serve and protect.Yeah right exactly the opposite.

  4. Public perception, being "corrected", by means of intimidation,robbery and murder!!

  5. Chale,wasn't Cuernavaca supposed to be "La ciudad de la eterna primavera? With a lot of tourists and shit? We know there is no end to this hasta que el pueblo se levante en armas porque la gente ya esta hasta la madre.

  6. La ciudad de la eterna chingadera, as a city, has been mortgaged for the next few centuries of its revenue, there will be no money for anything, the police must earn their keep by mugging the public and support their officers and presidente municipal from the take...
    Mando Unico intends to micro-manage the take to keep control of the last centavo, the people owns the debt by law and if they have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR THE MONEY OWN, it is their mathaphakin' problem, that part was not on the contract.
    Pooliticians all over mexico have taken to "paying" billions of pesos" in propaganda praising their performance, very expensive propaganda, asking tourists to please come visit, without anything creative or worth seeing, all they have to sell is the adventure of a kidnapping for ransom or a mugging which some kinky tourists like...
    --Hahahaaa, "the poolitician" cancer that metastasized from the corruption capitol of mexico city/el DF, is running out of victims and started eating it's own body poolitico...

  7. I aparte de todas estas violaciones que cometen los policias en Mexico varios politicos estan tratando de hacer y implementat nuevas leyes que los protega a ellos mismos de la prensa Mexicana. Estos politicos quieren censurar a la prensa Para que ya nomas esten estos mismos en puestos de carga en la politics la prensa no pueda hablar mal de estos aunque cometan errores y o no cumplan con sus promesas que hicieron cuando fueron elegidos! Eato quiere decir que estos mismos politicos van a ser intocables aunque cometan hasta delitos tal ves! Que pinche gobierno de Mexico tan culo que nomas no parece que se va a componer!


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