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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Federals and Communities agree vigiliance plan in the mountains of Guerrero

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article and extra picture from BB archive

[ Subject Matter: Security in the mountains of Guerrero
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

They decided to leave action to the personnel of the 35th Military Zone. Thousands of inhabitants of the region urge the return of peace to the affected communities.

Reporter: Rogelio Agustin
Guerrero, after 12 days of increasing violence in the mountains of Guerrero, the State Government announced they put into action a vigilance operation in five places of major confrontations.

Participating in the actions were; personnel of the Marines, Federal Police, State Police and Ministerial investigators.

I don't know if that includes personnel from the 35th Military Zone, with the 49 commissaries of the area anticipate that the Community Police of the Union of Villages and  Organizations of the State of Guerrero (Upoeg) will maintain coordination and support.

 The agreement was made in a meeting with the State Governor Hector Antonio, together with the 49 commissaries of four towns: Leonard Bravo, Eduardo Neri, Chilpancingo.

Yesterday morning, thousands of inhabitants of the mountains mobilized a caravan of vehicles in Chilpancingo,after the armed confrontations in villages like Polixtepec, Puentecillas, Ojo de Agua and El Naranjo.

A share of tomorrow

The meeting lasted two hours, participating also was a delegate of the Federal Government, Eric Castro; the Secretary for Public Security, Pedro Almazan Cervantes, and the Mayors of the communities affected by the violence, among them Marco Antonio Leyva of Chilpancingo.

They then went to the Institute of Sport and Youth, where they waited for the members of the caravan, here the chief of the local executive said that from Wednesday they will form five operational groups that together will carry out vigilance in the surroundings of Jaleaca, Chicahuales, Campo de Aviacion, Polixtepec and El Naranjo, where confrontations  had occurred in the last few weeks.

"We are going to form 5 groups of 35 people in each group, they are going to co-locate with the participation of the 3 security entities, 10 elements from the Marines, 10 from the State Police, 10 from the Federal Police and 5 from the Ministry".

"These 5 groups and going to permit up to 175 persons distributed closely, it wont be 20 or 30 persons, this will allow these groups to search for Gilberto Chilapa de Leon ( a communitario policeman from Upoeg), who disappeared and this will be the first point of installation

This doesn't consider the personnel of the 35th Military Zone, even though the Governor didn't mention them, the leader of the Association of Commissaries for the peace, Servando de Jesus, informed that Upoeg will work as assistants.

The representatives of the communities agreed today with a delegation of the PGR to denounce the alleged leaders of organized crime who have provoked the violence.

Servando de Jesus anticipates that they included the names of the commanders that disarmed the communitarios last week, and left the blame on a group of Sicarios.

Astudillo also said that precautionary measure had been taken to protect the leaders of the movement, which is manifested by them returning to their villages this Monday with Marine personnel, Federal Police and State Police, in order to avoid any sufferance of aggression.

They hope that within a period of 10 days, there will be conditions under which they can return to operate the Hospitals of Filo de Caballos and the municipal seat of Tlacotepec.

The fight for control

Since 8 months, Upoeg, founded in the indigenous zone of the Costa Chica, started to penetrate into the mountains, an area which was the first place on a national scale in poppy production and that historically, has been under the control of organized crime.

In Chilpancingo, neighbours in the Filo Mayor zone were encouraged to talk with media sources, in order to explain the reason for the reduction in violence in this place.

The women referred to when the predominant group was Los Rojos, under the command of Leonor Nava Romero, El Tigre, had been a climate of relative tranquillity.

However, the heads now of the criminal organizations have a new generation of leaders, the mentioned Onesimo Castillo, Angel Villalobos or Irineo Nava Millan, who have profiles that are much more aggressive.

"They entered the mountains, and, among other things, they tried to remove all of the people from their villages; in Izotepec (Chilpancingo) its been a year since they left their houses, they killed the commissary and burnt to death his two friends, we had lost the support of the authorities, and nobody had made our case".

The voice that suggested this situation wished to remain anonymous, but admitted that for fear of being disappeared, he agreed to go to the Upoeg base in Buena Vista, on the route that goes to Valle del Ocotito.

"We went to see Bruno ( Placido Valerio ), we said to him to found the command with the communitarios, because we were not resisting, he accepted the service and put up roadblocks in Chicahuales. Its been 8 months since that we started to recuperate some tranquillity", he said.

With the results seen in the Chicahuales zone, the commissaries of the 40 villages started to organize meetings, the priority of Upoeg was to convince of the necessity of the integration of communitario guards, and everyone accepted that.

The organization that was born between the commissaries alerted the criminal groups that controlled that zone, who started harassment, that was when the attack happened that cost the life of Joaquin Romero Rios, commissary of Polixtepec and his assistant, Victor Gonzalez Luna, this past 5th of November. ( Otis: see link to article by BB reporter Valor on this incident).

"They killed Joaquin only for turning up for this meeting, that has no merit".

Two days after the crimes, Upoeg entered Polixtepec and had a confrontation with a cell of "Los Villalobos", three alleged sicarios died and seven communitarios were wounded.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. Taking a lesson from the experience in Michoacan, the government co-opts and usurps a community-based movement to avoid losing power and the status quo.

  2. Sorry to veer off topic, but was Anabel hernandez' house invaded by sicarios that threatened her. And was this recent

    1. I doubt it...i doubt any sicario would've invaded her house she'd be dead now.

    2. That was like years ago, for outing genaro garcia luna, Luis cardenas palomino, and la "Señora de wallace..." but the federal police protected her ass a little, now the El Puto Nacional is in, she has no protection, I doubt she has been in mexico for the last 3 years, she likes to give interviews, try to get one...

  3. Good job transcribing the article. Word for word !

  4. They have the gov. name wrong. It's Hector Astudillo, as shown in the tag under the photo.

  5. Sounds about right. . . .Until they decide they want to get rich and start moving heroin. Lol

  6. Hugo mistake. Federales will take money from narcos and will start working for them. Defenses will be incarcerated and dismantled. People never learn.

  7. Interesting article that, to me, shows how powerful competing forces in a third world region engender and sustain human conflict.

    From the comfort of my home, and my great physical and cultural distance, I think the region will continue to live in serious conflict with no sustainable peace or prosperity in sight for the common masses of people.

    Forgive me, but with the little I know about Mexico, Central and South America, I have become a cynical pessimist about Mexico's ability to solve serious social problems.

    The endemic corruption at every level, the gross economic and educational disparities among its people, the ingrained racism towards "indios", persistance of violent criminal organizations (e.g. narco cartels), and other negative factors intertwined herein, Mexico is doomed to have serious problems well into the future.

    I sincerely pray that I am wrong and hope someone will post a response to counter my pessimism.


    1. 10:57 the one problem for the last 100 years is not so much mexican government corruption or the mexican military and poolice, mexicans can handle that, and more, --but we can not handle the massive US provision of money and manpower, the trained gorillas that work for the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia, all made in amerikkka... do not just blame "the mexicans" mejico-watcher...they are not at fault...

    2. George Soros paid for the defense of the Acteal murderers, thanks to his money they got free on the basis that since "some were wrongly convicted" all of them got released, on time for the reactivation of gold mining companies claims to the Indiana que se pongan perros over the ownership and use of THEIR PROPERTY AND COMUNAL LANDS...
      it is cheaper to murder the "rebels" with help from the evangelized, the progresistas, the priistas, the police and the military than paying some "fair share" of 1/10 of 1% to them rebel indian narcos of Marcos...
      --they will be fine selling pumpkin seeds on some city corner or another...instead of going to some school and becoming "college graduates snobs" according to Knights of Malta member and presidential candidate rick santorum...
      That George Soros supporting the wrong side of american politics on the left and on the right... he.must be having fun de-stabilizing mexico's gold mining for himself...

  8. The funkin' government forces is hanging with UPOEG to keep them in a tight leash, after the crooks got killed, last week, and the government is just making time to re-start the murdering of UPOEG MEMBERS AGAIN, like they did on michuacan...

    1. If you are right that really really sucks.Wasnt Hipo an elected politician [mayor ]with an 80 % vote or am I thinking of someone else?

  9. There have been a lot of kidnapping of teachers in the Acapulco area lately. The Army and Gendarmería was called into help out. But this might help, too, if it's real:


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