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Monday, November 30, 2015

El Moreno captured, head of a cell of sicarios for CDS

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[ Subject Matter: Hugo Carlos Escobar Godoy
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Left to right: Jonathan Ontieveros "El Perro", El Moreno, and Erick Lopez Camacho "El Nono"

Reporter: Zeta Redaction
The Sinaloan Hugo Carlos Escobar Godoy, was detained the morning of 30th of November by elements of the State Preventative Police in Tijuana, this alleged criminal has existing arrest warrants. He is considered by the Authorities of Baja California as one of the most wanted killers since December of 2014.

According to preliminary reports given in a press conference this Monday, when the State Agents apprehended him, he recalled participating in dozens of killings over the last 2 years.

In the same operation captured Jonathan Ontiveros "El Perro", who had an existing arrest warrant for qualified homicide, and Erick Lopez Camacho "El Nono", with past convictions for drug dealing and who was in possession of drugs when arrested.

Since November 2014, the Coordination Group had designated "El Moreno" as head of a cell of Sicarios that were generating the wave of blood in the city, in the current criminal map he is part of the cell of "Los Uriate", cousins and brothers of Raydel Lopez Uriate "El Muletas", but they only had his nickname and his crimes.

In December of the same year, his detained accomplices identified him by name, since when his name was put on the most sought after list with his image.

The first week of September 2015, SEIDO decided to release his image to the press, in a press conference they announced that at this moment, they alleged that Escobar Godoy and his cell as responsible for no less than 9 homicides and had issued the arrest warrants respectively.

Miguel Guerrero. coordinator for SEIDO, reported that the accomplices of Escobar said they were working for the Sinaloa Cartel, allegedly for "Los Mayos" battling "Los Aquiles".

After his capture this morning, three arrest warrants were issued:

503/15 a Judge of the 9th Circuit for qualified homicide

476/15 a Judge of the 1st Circuit for qualified homicide

82/14 a Judge of the 3rd Circuit for robbery and kidnapping

Since December 2014, the State Counsel for the Security of Baja California had detected that Escobar Godoy was climbing the rungs of criminal hierarchy with various activities, like the killing and kidnapping of migrants and small businessman, the sale of drugs, killings, and robberies with violence.

The product of these crimes, allowed him to acquire small businesses like taco stands, a party hall in the Cucapah Colonia, and an automobile dealership in the "El Floridio" Fraccionamiento.

Between 2014 and 2015, Escobar Godoy had been detained on several occasions: as allegedly responsible for a kidnapping, "El Moreno" was captured by Municipal Police in February of 2014 with Daniel Ortega and Andrea Dilery Gonzalez, he was in possession of the victim, but was set free.

In July of 2014, he kidnapped and killed another subject in the Murua Fraccionamiento. The Municipal Police captured Escobar and another man in a car of the same charachteristics as that denounced by witnesses. The uniformed officers also detained him again in August of 2014 with another man, this time they had been denounced for drug dealing, and like this last time, had been captured according to reports from the Municipal Police.

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana


  1. They always have these guys several times before they actually charge them . I wonder how long before they all hit the streets again........duh.

    1. Explain to me how he was arrested for kidnapping while in possession of the person that was reported kidnapped and then released. in the US u might talk or pay ur way outta a DUI or speeding ticket. If u have a lot of $ maybe an assault charge. but kidnapping and murder u would never get away with. mexico is definitely on its way to being a 3rd world country at a rapid pace. i really hope something changes for the good & innocent people of mexico.

  2. Some real dirty nasty looking Kmart/Walmart POS's. Bet they stink like raw sewage.

  3. No que los de sinalia estaban guapos, grandes, blancos y ojos azules?

  4. MORE:


    Isabel Mercado Juarez
    November 30, 2015 at 13:48:38
    After being arrested for the fourth time, Hugo Carlos Escobar Godoy, aka "The Clown" or "El Moreno" along with another member of the criminal cell "The Uriarte" the State Preventive Police have located seven more members of this group criminal who currently is under the service of the Sinaloa Cartel, Osiel said Arturo Garcia Hernandez, deputy director of the PEP.
    A Escobar Godoy he is associated with dozens homicide, directly and indirectly and he has set since 2011, said the official news conference. Before being placed on the criminal organization he had been part of the Arellano Felix gang.
    Operated service directly to Francisco Javier and Jose Luis Mendoza Uriarte, "The sweaters" or "The Chapitos", dedicated to the traffic of drugs, robbery, kidnapping and extortion floor and collect in this area, demonstrating that "still have presence the "crutches," he explained.
    Among the criminal records available to "El Moreno", he listed three previous arrests by imprisonment and kidnapping in 2014, which also was arrested for carrying a gun and drug crimes.
    However Being serious crimes, achieved freedom, "perhaps because the procedure was not appropriate, in error, that he was released," said Garcia Hernandez.
    But he said, having obtained freedom does not exempt him from responsibility he had in all three cases, plus you have it connected to at least ten murders, which accumulates as existing commands:
    Active arrest warrant for homicide 2026-3 29/10/2015
    Active arrest warrant for homicide 1624-4 09/11/2015
    Active arrest warrant for simple robbery and deprivation of liberty 06.17.2015 1114-2.
    The capture of "El Moreno" Sunday afternoon November 29, 2015 took place in a public street of the East Zone, action for which no resistance and which is derived from information from intelligence work of the different areas of the State Preventive Police.
    His arrest is directly related to the assurance of the day November 25, 2015, in which eight rifles, six short, approximately 26 kilograms of crystal and over two thousand cartridges of different calibers were seized.
    In possession of the arsenal he stopped Hector David Arellano Figueroa Jr. and Eduardo Machado, who spoke as the provider of weapons to "The Black".
    Escobar Godoy was arrested with one of his workers, Jonathan Ontiveros Salazar "The Dog", whose function was to "tap" when out was to take a performance of the "Contras", activity which obtained a payment of 10 000 pesos.
    "The Dog" also had been captured several times, including this year, for breach of the obligations 2007, possession and carrying of a firearm in 2015. These records a commandment in effect for homicide 2109-19 adds / 10/2015.
    Both are attached to a criminal cell operating in the eastern zone of Tijuana, whose main activity is homicide, kidnapping, charging floor, extortion and drug dealing.
    Criminal structure directing "El Moreno" the deputy director said PEP is located have seven more members.
    In another operation, elements of the State Preventive Police caught in possession of various doses of drugs to Erick Lopez Camacho, whom he is associated with the detainees of the band "The Mendoza Uriarte".

    - See more at:

  6. So in MX I can kidnap someone and be caught in possession basically of said person and the coppers still would let me go. Gentile Jesus that is so feckin fecked!

    1. No, man, you are wrong there, before you get caught with kidnapped or hostages or for any crime, you need to have the padrinos alineados, preferably paid too, or be on their payroll, they ain't no free trip or room for unplanned activities, that is risky...for all...

  7. Interesting that the CDS infighting is only local cells. There is definelty not a war but there is infighting in Tijuana, La Paz, North-East La Sierra into chihuahua, Sonora and perhaps even Culiacan. But nothing major. If there was a true war it would be like When BLO split.

    1. BLO had to hide regroup and ask for help and now they are essentially pushing back their turf.
      Same with AFO except they never hide so they are easier to spot guess that the difference between being comfortable on home turf vs hiding cause you are being over run.

    2. Your probably right. I remember in mid 2012 to early 2013 BLO made a strong comeback and drive CDS out of a number of areas in La Sierra and Northern Sinaloa. However I do believe they can't do too much. In that comeback they really only were in Sinaloa and Sonora fighting CDS. Elsewhere they were not present like they used to be.

    3. Still present and strong in mty

  8. This niggas were killing people from CAF like if they were stomping on insects lol

  9. If you are paying your cuotas on time and share the profits with the governor's gendarmeria the military and federal poolice, you do not get arrested in mexico...

  10. El Huero chompas amd his cousin don't work for CDS they transport the opposite way from everybody to Guerrero they have this group called Los sureños that Moreno belong to

  11. dont believe the hipe! thats all I gotta say.. el Semanario Zeta de tijuana are so obsessed with the arellanos everything is openly blamed on them without doing their proper investigation. they ask anybody who tginks they know for info. those Zeta writers are as lost and ignorant as the low level tweakers getting picked up and blame for the mess thats happening throughout the city.. at first it bother me, but a narcojunior from tj told me "hey wey mystery sells" let them (zeta) say what they want. unfortunately the lies that come out of this Semanario most time get ppl killed for believing what they read lol. sincerely one more tijuano.


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