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Monday, October 12, 2015

The 111 people arrested for the disappearance of 43 students

A year after the death of six people and the disappearance of 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa in the town of Iguala, Guerrero. Federal and state authorities have arrested 111 people allegedly linked to the attacks of the 26 and 27 of September.

Of those arrested, 52 were policemen of Iguala, 19 from Cocula and 40 are linked to Guerreros Unidos, including former Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, according to the Third Report of the Attorney General's Office.

Guerreros Unidos

Jose Luis Abarca Velázquez

The former mayor of Iguala ordered to intercept the normalistas allegedly to stop them from sabotaging the work report of the DIF's president, his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, said the then Attorney General of the Republic, Jesús Murillo Karam, on November 7; however, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts of the Commission reported on September 6 that the event was already over when Abarca gave that order.

Abarca was arrested on November 4 in Iztapalapa, in Mexico City. He is imprisoned in the Altiplano and has penal criminal proceedings on charges of organized crime, murder and kidnapping, but under different facts other than those of September 26. On January 13, the PGR obtained a warrant for the kidnapping of 43 normalistas.

Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa

The PGR has not been able to confirm the participation of the former president of the municipal DIF in the disappearance of students; however, it has a criminal prosecution for organized crime and money laundering. She was arrested on November 4 in Mexico City and interned in the prison "El Rincon", in Tepic, Nayarit.

The evidence provided by the PGR said that Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa was a member of Guerreros Unidos at least since 2005. She received money to invest in the sale and distribution of drugs and the purchase of property, plus they detected non verifiable millionaires income.

Gildardo López Astudillo, 'Gil'

It is the latest capture on the Ayotzinzpa case. The Federal Police arrested him on September 16 in Taxco, Guerrero. According to PGR investigations, on September 27 'El Gil' sent a text message to the leader of Guerreros Unidos, Casarrubias Salgado Sidronio, which read: "Los hicimos polvo y los echamos al agua, nunca los van a encontrar" "They were turn to dust and thrown to the river they never gonna find them." 'Gil' is imprisoned in the maximum security prison of Altiplano waiting for a judge to define their legal status.

Felipe Rodriguez Salgado, 'El Cepillo' or 'El Terco'

He was arrested on January 16 in Morelos and consigned to the Altiplano prison. He confessed that he and four accomplices shot and killed 15 normalistas that were given to him by the Cocula and Iguala police. He said that by the time when he received the prisoners at least 25 had already been killed by asphyxiation.

According to 'El Pato', 'El Jona' and 'El Chereje', 'El Terco' had diesel or gasoline at the Cocula landfill and sprinkled it on to the bodies. The next day, at about 15:00, he came with black garbage bags and gave them the order to fracture the charred bones and put them on the bags, according to the Attorney Jesús Murillo Karam.

Casarrubias Salgado Sidronio

The alleged maximum leader of the criminal organization Guerreros Unidos was caught in the Mexico-Toluca highway on October 2014. He was incarcerated in the Altiplano prison.

According to the then Attorney general Jesús Murillo Karam, Casarrubias denied having given the order to disappear or kill the students, but was informed of the situation and did not object, but on September 26 he gave the order to 'Gil' "to defend the territory"from any attacks from normalistas. The next day 'Gil' told Casarrubias that he had already turn them into dust and had thrown them into the river.

Patricio Reyes Landa, 'El Pato'

The alleged member of Guerreros Unidos, is accused of being the perpetrator in the murder and cremation of a group of students, he was arrested in November of last year in the municipality of Cuetzala. According to the PGR, he confessed "to have received and execute" students from policemen of Cocula and Iguala on 26 of September.

Jonathan Osorio Gómez, 'The Jona'

This member of Guerreros Unidos is also accused of having participated in the murder and cremation of a group of students in a dump site of Cocula. He was captured in November 2014 in the municipality of Cuetzala.

Agustin Garcia Reyes, 'The Chereje'

It was the third perpetrator to be arrested. The Guerreros Unidos member told the PGR that they transported more than 40 people to the landfill of Cocula. At that place, they were told the people were students. The criminals got them off the vehicle and asked them why they had gone to Iguala. The normalistas responded, according to the criminal, "the went for Abarca's wife" and they said not to belong to any criminal group.

Miguel Angel Landa Bahena, 'El Duvalín'

He was arrested on April 11 in Mexico City and taken to "El Rincon" prison. According to a video interrogation presented by the PGR the November 7, 2014, a detainee who was not identified said that they put the young people in a pile of tires and wood. After that "El Huasaco sprinkled them with gasoline and diesel and he said 'El Duva' and 'El Huasaco' are those who set them on fire.

Raul Nunez Salgado, 'El Camperra'

Guerreros Unidos financial operator was arrested in October in a shopping center in Acapulco; he  will deliver $600,000 pesos to the deputy director of Public Security of Iguala, Francisco Valladares Salgado, to let them operate. He is imprisoned in "El Rincon" prison in Nayarit accused of crimes against health and bribery.


Martin Alejandro Macedo Barrera, drug dealer, and the hitman Marco Antonio Rios Berber said they killed 17 normalistas, who were moved to the top of a hill of Pueblo Viejo, where they have mass graves, it was reported on October 13, 2014 by the then Guerrero attorney Iñaki Blanco. The PGR requested his arrest after the discovery of bodies in the pits of Iguala; however, none of the bodies were those of the normalistas. They also detained Honorio Antunez Osorio and Luis Alberto Jose Gaspar.

Normal Isai Alarcón Mejía was Sidronio Casarrubias  lieutenant and was captured in the same operation. He was taken to Altiplano prison, in the State of Mexico.

Isaac Patiño Velez was arrested in November for carrying a weapon and for allegedly being involved in the disappearance of two normal school students and was admitted to prison No. 4 "Noroeste", in Tepic, Nayarit, the PGR reported.

Murillo Karam said on December 7 that Benito Vázquez Martínez and Salvador Reza Jacobo had been arrested when they were mentioned by other detainees as participants in the disappearance of normal school students. He said that Dario Morales Sánchez had also been arrested for concealment of detainees.

40 Guerreros Unidos criminals arrested for being allegedly linked to the disappearance of normalistas have revealed the names of 19 people.

 *** Iguala Police ***

Of the 52 former policemen of Iguala, the arrest of deputy of municipal Public Security, Francisco Valladares Salgado is the most important, he was arrested on May 7, 2015 in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Raul Nunez Salgado, "El Camperra" financial operator of Guerreros Unidos accused Salgado Valladares of receiving $600,000 pesos to let them operate. He was admitted to the "El Rincon" prison.

*** Police Cocula  ***

Of the 19 arrested officers, the arrest of former Police Deputy of Cocula, Cesar Nava Gonzalez, is the most important, and he was arrested in November in Colima and is accused by the PGR of having participated in the kidnapping and disappearance of the normal school students. However, the second court Jalisco grabbed Nava and process him on charges of organized crime and kidnapping. He was admitted to the Puente Grande prison in, Jalisco.

*** The fugitive  ***

Felipe Flores Velázquez

He was secretary of Municipal Public Security. The RMP identifies him as one of the main objectives to be arrested, and the one who allegedly approved the attack to normal school students, after being ordered by Jose Luis Abarca, a fact that left six people dead and 43 missing normalistas.

This article was translated from Milenio


  1. so where is Casarrubias Salgado Sidronio now? the article said he WAS at that typo or he's not there anymore?

  2. So, the ayotzinapos were attacking guerreros unidos in their turf without weapons, and the police had to defend the guerreros unidos turf from the biig baaad students of the guerrilla school and part time drug traffickers, wbo armed with tin cans were asking for money on the streets and hijacking buses to crash on the Latin oamericana tower but wanted to get it on with maria de los angeles first...
    --Too much BS the pgr can arrest or kill thousands of suspects, but they will never arrest the true guilty parties because they are CORRUPT and puppets of the federal governme t satraps, maria de los angeles was never scared of going to angel aguirre rivero's hideaways I am sure she would have accomodated 50 students easy...
    --no investigation by the PGR is to be believed

  3. Of all the people arrested and not one snitch of were the bodys are at THINK! The 43 students missing is a hoax someone would of snitched by now it takes over 100 people to cover up a murder of 43

    1. 7:32 ...and a lot more that 4 guys to burn 43 bodies to ashes overnight, a lot of diesel, a lot of tires and a lot of wood...
      And even many many more pendejos to believe the bullshit generated by the party of the terror, torture, murder, plunder, kill, disappear...and lie about all of it...

    2. You are right that they have arrested a shit load of people and no bodies of the deceased yet? If you didn't have everybody over in Mexico running around with their heads covered like the Federales, Army and even Autodefensas then more than likely you could uncover whose behind alot of shit and maybe even a hidden missing person or two also. In the U.S. Only when an arrest warrant is being carried out so officers cover their faces. Not while patrolling the streets.

    3. What ? More than one of the people involved said the same thing. They were killed, burned then dumped in the river. Basta,

    4. 7:32 you are absolutely correct...its hard enough to keep 1 or 2 ppl to keep a secret but 111..Not with the way i hear about ppl being tortured in mexico..At least one person would be talking here.

    5. The pgr tortured more than 111 people, got thousands of confessions, some very detailed, some true confirmed about other murders that produced dozens of bodies, none of them ayotzinapos...
      --the pgr could not torture one single ayotzinapo body out of the suspects...
      "The problem with human rights commissions is that the worst offenders learn to do a better jobs" of disappearing people, less at a time, leave no traces, legal training, better protection from the armed forces and the government, all we can do is blame it all on the Commander in Chief and his Cabinet, the trials can start for the disappearances until the 43 ayotzinapos appear, that happened to pinochet, and he and his sicarios started talking, offer amnesty to the soldiers that just obeyed orders, but get their commanders, before 40 years pass by...

    6. 12:53 basta? All the confessions did not produce one body, the torture did not work
      And it is time to look somewhere else for guilty parties; fack where they were dumped burned whatever, the governmen is lying...

    7. Let me explain, no military element would have done NOTHING it had been narcso and sicarios attacking the students, there were orders there to not get involved it was the federales from peña nieto and his military, "basta"? Not, not until the 43 disappeared the mexican federal government kidnapped return, how? That is their motherfacking problem...

    8. 7:32 callate baboso, you are very smart, and very late...
      --by now it is not about if the 43 even existed, the federal government and the military, the police, the PGR, the pinchi presidente, everybody has accepted they existed and are disappeared...
      -- the only unknown is who took them and what they did with them, but it had to be the federal government to disappear them, C4 records, supress testimony, plant evidence, supress evidence, change military reports, forbid foreign assistance, deny global warming and all the rare statements about historic truths when we have not even started scratching the thick shell of lies regarding ayotzinapa's vile pack of lies and cover-ups, and now you call it a hoax? STFU...

  4. ah yes, the pgr generated fake text

  5. In the new files just put up on the internet by the PGR, you can see that the statements of the guys supposedly involved in the massacre are contradictory as to where the students were killed and how. One guy testified that they burned many at a DIFFERENT LOCATION than the Cocula dump. Obviously, they can't get their stories straight: Mexico missing case file shows some contradictions,

  6. Mencho almost got killed by cds in colima acording to blog del narco

  7. BB readers: so many of you have written to us about the supposed clash between mencho and chaps men leaving 20 dead in colima. I am not sure we should run the story, there are zero fotos or facts coming through. if you see some let us know

    1. That story of 20 dead has been shown to be false. Source: A. Hope tweet. Check comment thread.

      "Al parecer, es falsa la información sobre un enfrentamiento con 20 muertos en Colima."

    2. I don't think is true. I have been looking around for the article and I can't find anything real other than a few blogs saying that. No pictures either.

    3. yeah I think so also. I think we will pass. I did find the vids but they are from august.

  8. 111 arrested n not 1 has a clue on the 43? Hang them from there nuts !!!

  9. Ok; 111 arrested.

    How many convicted?

  10. Chivis is it true that there will b no extradition for larry hernandez ???

    1. That is what a couple of Mexican paper say, they say the atty won a delay of extradition. But if that was the case there should be a scheduled hearing. I ck the SB inmate case search and he is still in rancho cucomonga jail and no hearings pending and no bail. Mexican papers also made a big deal that his "wife" and mother were not allowed to see him, but it was every visitor not allowed as there was a high level lock down for some reason.

    2. When is larry going to put up or shut up in the prison fight for his ass, I hear there are a lot of tapes about prison fights for profit...

  11. The 43 students is a smoke screen by the cartels to knock off templarios and guerrero unidos while the mexican goverment is busy looking for the lost ark chapo and jalisco is moving more chiva up north

    1. Puro pedo y teatro, the federal government just trying to distract while they keep stealing everything from El DF, pinchis chilangos rateros mañosos y carteristas, watch it with your wallets...they are all pickpockets...

  12. El Mencho is protected by 50 Gallos (fighting cocks) thats why the call him el Senor de los Gallos ...R18 esta mas armado que los de Syria

  13. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! No matter how many people it might take to "disappear" 43 other people in any country, only ten maybe 12 of them if its even really them will know what exactly happened to those disappeared persons! The rest of those involved only need to know that the enemy was taken cared of and disposed! Not the exact gruesome details of the victims fate or much less their bodies wareabouts! What this could mean is that for the most part most of these accused persons will serve little to no time in jail because their is no concrete evidence to hold them accountable for that particular crime. Even though people will gladly point to corruption as the reasons for most of these people not spending time in prison!


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