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Monday, October 19, 2015

Autodefensas: The State Government and Caballeros Templarios Are Coming To Attack Us

By: Rodrigo Caballero | Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Autodefensas from the sierra-coastal region of the state of Michoacán ensure that members of the Caballeros Templarios are waiting for the state government to “diminish” them in order to attack; “they’re coming together” they declared.

Through an interview broadcasted by Grillonautas, Héctor Zepeda, best known as the Commander Teto, said that the Templario leaders along the Michoacán coast were never arrested and are waiting for the right moment to attack.

Commander Teto said that plaza bosses such as Federico González ‘El Lico’, Pablo Toscano Padilla ‘El 500’, Ignacio Andrade Rentería ‘El Cenizo’ and Carmelo Núñez Vargas remain free and nobody looks for them.

They claim that they are in Colima, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato and Guerrero just waiting for the autodefensas to weaken.  “They [the government] have forgotten about them, now the problem is us, the autodefensas, who obstruct them.”

Silvano Is a Liar

Following the announcement of Silvano Aureoles Conejo, Governor of Michoacán, who gave them six months in order for them to integrate themselves into the State Police or disarm themselves, Commander Teto called him a “liar like all politicians.”

Commander Zepeda says that he and his men voted for Silvano after he promised negotiations with the coastal autodefensas but as soon as he came into office, they haven’t even had a phone call with him.

Various autodefensa spokespeople are concerned with the position of Silvano Aureoles who considers the sierra-coastal region as a “red flag.”  “Why are we a red flag?”

“If we don’t have kitchens, we don’t extort, we don’t kill”, commanders like Teto ask themselves.

“We are concerned with anything that comes up,” Héctor ensures referring to the deployment of 5,000 Federal Police announced by Silvano Aureoles for the coming months.

Antioco Libre
Juan Hernández Ramírez (left) & La Tuta
According to the spokesman of the autodefensa movement, one of the signs that an attack against them is imminent is with the recent acquittal of the former mayor of Aquila, Juan Hernández Ramírez and of the leader of the autodefensas of Huahua, José Antioco Calvillo García; masterminds of the attack against the coordinator and leader of the coastal autodefensas, Semeí Verdía Zepeda. 

Through a press release, the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) of Michoacán informed that ministerial staff managed to establish the responsibility and participation of Antioco Calvillo, who reported the movements made by Semeí Verdía.

José Antioco and the former mayor had meetings on several occasions in Maruata and Aquila with members of organized crime in order to plan the death of Verdía but they were arrested by autodefensas after the attack failed.

However, on Thursday, October 15, the judge of the Fifth Unitary Criminal Court revoked the detention order against both defendants after they found that there was no sufficient evidence to hold them guilty in the attempted murder.

Lastly, the autodefensas stated that difficult times are coming for all of Michoacán and they see that it’s “sad to see the government harassment” against them. 

José Antioco Calvillo‘s confession video where he admits having participated in meetings with the former mayor of Aquila, the Undersecretary of Public Security of Michoacán, Adolfo Eloy Peralta Mora “El Yanki”, and Los Viagras with the plan to assassinate Semeí Verdía and the usufruct of mining concessions in the region of Aquila. 

Source: Michoacán 3.0


  1. Mierde. Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

    This is caca vendetta payback for years of strife between caciques in the Sierra. These assholes point fingers at each other trying to leverage themselves into better positions of power. If Dr Mireles was made free he would sift the shit and make public the truth. You ask a minero de compania Mittal if any of these guys are honest and they laugh. The chofers de traylors will agree. Clean out La Union Guerreo and Cerro de Ortega Michoacan to find out where all the rats are hiding. Caleta, la Mira and Guacamayas are full of them. The problem with these autodefensas jefes is that they are so busy trying to screw each other the bad people and gobernacion estatal laugh their asses off. Soy Michoacanero desde Tierra Caliente. If Mireles was made free it would fuck up everbodys planes. Los marinas do not know who are the bad guys. They are lost without guias and the guias are now for one asshole lider de autofensas or the other. The SSP caravan because they are afraid chanacos will steal them and carry them off forever. It is a sick joke and Mireles rots in Tepic.

    1. These AutoDefensas jefes...
      You know, if people never lived there or if they just srrived, they have NO rights to claim, that is why they are community autodefensas, not federal or much less "mittal".
      Arcelor-Mittal obtained the greatest steel works in the world through fraud and milking mining and production,.and now they want "decency" imposed by the state on the poorest of the michoacanos, because Arcelor-Mittal has no decency to offer...

    2. Seems like if in michoacan the ones at the top, the corrupt gob officials along with the big criminales from las sierras, are going at it to see who gets the best, biggest piece of the "'pie"', then againg the ones at the bottom are left with worse of the worse, seems like most of the time that is the case in that rrrabid state....ambition & corruption. Lack of honesty. What ells?

  2. And NO Dr Mireles in the horizon hahahaha

  3. I thought cjng took over and idk what more proof of the chapo tuta coalition.

  4. Same shizzle, different day. Seems like an auto-loop, ground hog day, in Michaocan and nothing has changed, only some of the names of those involved are different.

  5. Pobre michoacan cuando se pensaba que ya todo volveria a la normalidad ya valio madre otra vez.

    1. 2:21 well somebody was stupid and believed the lies of the people you elected...
      You knew full well they were representing the federal government that sent them over and not the people you wanted elected...

    2. Cuando se pensaba, quien pensaba... maybe some alucinados that believed the empty promises of a nuevo PRI or a nuevo PRD, or PAN that are kissing each other's ass with great enthusiasm to keep "el peñascazo" happy?
      Estupidos, nobody was forced to vote for anybody,

  6. Chapo will save them!
    He is the hero of Mexicans!
    Chapo cares about Chapo and everyone else is disposable!

  7. A quien se le ocurre votar por un pinchi Conejo pendejo candidato del gobierno?
    The thing is kill'em all, not getting us all killed, now all the leaders are gone, bonita chingadera, and the church, apa?
    --After the legionarios de cristo and father Marcial maciel, the church was just trying to recover a little credibility apparently it is dancing with the government, the mexican army and the rich empresarios...
    --General goroztieta would ask to get shot dead all over again...


    1. Jesus:
      please do not send in comments in all caps. In the future they will not be posted

      thank you.....

    2. Chivis, careful, after all, that's Jesus for Christ sake !

      lol, curb yore enthusiasm, see honey, slip two or three lower cases before or after and it will 'werk'...

  9. Letras capitales...
    Ellos presto mi laptop. When it is returned the first thing I must do is is tap the caps lock key. It is la custumbre Mexicano to text in all capital letters. En ingles, it means YELLING SHOUTING SCREAMING. This site is in English, por favor not using capital letters all.

    1. 12:10 And what you do, las prestas, antes di que te las regresan, you are yelling shouting screaming yer self...

  10. Ternium is the company too large to fail.Put Interpol onto them and the connections between the Caballeros and the Governor of Colima recently shot and you have the key to the coastal region.More than a quarter million dollars a month paid to Lico to silence the people of Ostula and other indigenous areas anybody that thinks this is about drugs more than it's about minerals is following the trail that the powers that be wish you too.Follow the money,it all leads back to the mining interests...Ternium is extracting iron ore much richer in precious metals than publicly admitted and others are running illicit mining operations that make direct trades for precursor chemicals with the Chinese....

    1. 6:03 PM, really have to go with your thinking... oil/extraction/mining companies are the scourge of the earth, for real. These freaks don't think twice about clearing the land to get what's in it. Genocide as a business plan. Chasing Chapo is an excuse, not the reason behind the EPN "Mandi Unico."

  11. "Mando Unico" has the intention to become the gestapo, and they answer only to the central government, they have no intention of serving and protecting anybody on any community, they are just in charge of the local micromanaging to maximize the take, and to control local affairs and criminals, always with the money exacting as the #1 goal, keep everybody down #2...


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