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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Fly-Wheels weekly drug bust round up

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat

Location: Tijuana
Drug: Marijuana
Weight: 1.7 tonnes
Discovery: Truck

The command of the Second Military Region discovered and confiscated a truck carrying 1.7 tonnes of Marijuana, the drugs and the vehicle were put at the disposition of Agents of Federal Public Ministry.

Location: Tijuana
Drug: Cocaine
Weight: 2 kilos
Discovery: Jaguar Car
Value:2 million pesos

In Tijuana agents of the State Preventative Police detained an alleged drug trafficker identified as Aaron Benjamin Valenzuela Chavez, who at the time of detention was found with 2.2 kilos of cocaine, he is 20 years old and originally from Sinaloa.

Location: Sante Fe
Drug: Marijuana
Weight: 1 - 1.5 tonnes
Discovery: House

State Preventative Police confiscated between one and one point five tonnes of Marijuana at a house in a fraccionamiento in Santa Fe. The Police followed a suspicious car which drove up to the property, the house was searched and the drugs found, three minors found at the house were remitted to the Unit for Family Violence.


Location: Sonora
Drug: Marijuana
Weight: 77 tonnes
Discovery: Five plantations with 90,800 plants

Agents of the Federal Police and PGR, confiscated 5 marijuana plantations in Sonora. Close to 100,000 plants were discovered in the five plantations totalling 15,000 square meters. The plants were cut down and incinerated.


Location: Navatlo, Sinaloa
Drug: Crystal Meth
Weight: 0.5 tonne
Discovery: In a crashed airplane

During an operation to investigate a plane crash on a clandestine airstrip located at Navatlo, Sinaloa, Elements of SEIDO found half a tonne of Crystal Meth inside the crashed aircraft and attending Marines took two men allegedly linked to the crashed aircraft into custody. The air strip was located close tot he village of "El Castillo".


Location: Central Bus Station, Culiacan, Sinaloa
Drug: Crystal Meth
Weight: 16.5 kilos
Discovery: Inside a suitcase

Police noticed a man at the central bus station in Culiacan, act suspiciously when he saw them, attempting to abandon his suitcase. They searched the suitcase after a specialist drug and explosive dog had inspected the case. The dog gave an indication there were drugs inside. The man was put at the disposition of Agents of the Public Ministry.


Location: Yecora, Sonora
Drug: Marijuana
Weight: 200 tonnes
Discovery: Fields by air

In a week, elements of the Federal Police discovered in Yecora, Sonora, close to 23,000 meters squared, the plant were cut down and incinerated.


Data taken from Proceso, Milenio, Zetatijuana, BCS Noticias.


  1. 200 tons incinerated. How's about hanging out down wind?

  2. What a waste of marijuana ! 280 tons.........

  3. Veeerry interesting!

  4. I wondered when one of you would do this ! Good work! I have already read about these from your sources. They barely bother to try and hide it well anymore. HINT : we really really do not need more MJ in Cali !! We have our hands full........

  5. These guys need more arrests instead of burning and capture of drugs. That means nothing

    1. That plane looks like a Cessna 172.Gross weight on that is 2300 lbs which includes weight of the plane[about 1600 lbs] passengers and fuel.Add 1000lbs for dope and its obvious it crashed because it was overloaded.Might get away with it in extremely cold temps like Alaska but a 100 degree day forget it.

    2. well they have been arresting capos, that doesn't work because the organization just promotes the next guy up. The ONLY way they can stop these people is by going after the money. Money pays the protection, money pays for the drugs and the weapons and the sicarios wages.

      If they went only after the money, in a joint effort with USA intelligence agencies, they could shut these people down inside of 6 months, all of them. But the narco trade put 30 billion into the Mexican economy each year, second only to PEMEX who put cerca 65 billion a year.

    3. Pemex and the drug trade make almost no money for mexico, mexicans or drug traffickers, discounting production expenses of about 10%, processing, distribution most of it all goes to banking enterprises, it happens everywhere, most all legal marketing makes most of the $$$ for marketeers, they are the experts who sell the worst ideas as good for you...otis.
      -- Canadiana, you are hired, report to base...bring your plane...

    4. I would disagree, most of the cartel need to legitimise their money, so they launder it into businesses, those businesses have to pay tax on that money, unless you think they all sit around on piles of money...... so that money gets into the economy.

  6. They will not wait until the drugs are sold to collect the money, they are doing the sales themselvers, fackit, that is progress, "the baje" is there, no arrests, puro "baje"

  7. Its a Cessna 206. If you can fit it in the in back area and the tail does not hit the ground it will fly, 1200 lbs of Meth is a massive amount of Meth product. looks like they are finding a new cash cow due to MJ in the us mostly legal

    1. O I think you are right.I noticed the side cargo door is not the regular passenger door.In that case gross weight fully loaded on that is 3600 lbs.Its a 6 seater.Payload is pretty good on that 1 with 2 passengers so probably wasn't overloaded but passengers survived so probably didn't even leave ground effect[close to the ground] but maybe load wasn't proper centre of gravity.Thats quite a load in the back so yeah maybe dragged the tail or overrotated the control column and stalled it.


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