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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

PGR opens investigation of agents caught on video planting weapons

Lucio R. Borderland Beat posted by Ed Oak from Arestigui and Bloomberg
Agent circled is the one to watch, from the time he exits the truck
The background of this case is very complex and involves a possible attempt by the Mexican Federal Government to silence the watchdog/auditing company, Infraiber.  The Federal Government believes Infraiber is releasing audio tapes implicating the Spanish conglomerate OHL in attempts to influence the awarding of huge state contracts for infrastructure work in the State of Mexico and the rest of the country.

Beneath the post is the video.  The person to watch, is a  male who exits  the front passenger side of the large white pickup, with jeans a black leather jacket and a baseball cap. Watch closely from the time the jacket wearing agent exits the white PGR truck, his right hand remains inside the pocket. PGR agent carefully video tapes search, which commences at all times except when the agent in the black jacket was in the vehicle. 

 The gun is planted 02:12 - 02:30.  After searching Díez and the trunk of the car, the planted gun is "found" at 06:00 - 06:15.  

Here's some background from a Bloomberg article:  

Latest Leaked OHL Recordings Threaten to Ensnare Pena Nieto

"The latest in a series of leaked telephone recordings involving toll operator OHL Mexico SAB is threatening to ensnare the country’s president.

A new recording released last week purports to show an OHL executive discussing a meeting he had with President Enrique Pena Nieto to complain about a company assigned to monitor traffic on one of its highways. The office of Pena Nieto, who hadn’t previously been a focus in the recordings, and OHL, declined to comment.

OHL accuses the monitoring company, Infraiber, of leaking the recordings -- audio clips that were captioned and uploaded to YouTube -- and filed a criminal complaint against the company last week. 

That claim was backed by a Pena Nieto cabinet minister, who told Reforma newspaper in a letter it published Sunday that the recordings were posted illegally by Infraiber. 

That minister is the one the recording purports to show was present during the meeting with Pena Nieto. Infraiber denied involvement in the recordings.

The events are the latest revelations in a scandal that has been unfolding since April largely via seven recordings uploaded to YouTube that purport to show OHL executives discussing ways to inflate toll rates, pay off judges and offer to cover a state official’s Christmas-week stay at a luxury Caribbean beach hotel.

Pena Nieto is already under scrutiny after conflict-of-interest allegations arose last year involving the president, the first lady and Finance Minister Luis Videgaray, and government contractors building their homes. While all three were cleared by a government investigation, the public’s approval rating of how the president is dealing with corruption has fallen from a year ago.

Just hours before the latest recording was posted, a lawyer representing Infraiber was arrested for allegedly carrying an illegal weapon. He said the gun was planted by the police. Authorities raided Infraiber’s offices Friday after the complaint was filed, but haven’t said whether they charged anyone from the company.

“There seems to be a coordinated effort between the government and OHL to put an end to this scandal,” Gerardo Cevallos, an analyst at Vector Casa de Bolsa based in Mexico City, said Sept. 10. “That’s what appears to have happened this week -- this accusation by OHL, the arrest of the lawyer.”
Gun in yellow evidence bag

This week brought another twist: Mexico’s attorney general’s office said Monday it was investigating the arrest, saying police probably filed false information in the case.

In the recording released Sept. 7 and dated early April, a man identified in captions as an OHL executive refers to a meeting he supposedly had with Pena Nieto and Communications and Transportation Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza. In the meeting they mention the independent traffic monitor, Tecnologia Aplicada Infraiber SA. Esparza’s press office declined to comment for this article, although it confirmed that the cabinet minister sent the letter to Reforma about Infraiber.

Paulo Diez, a lawyer for Infraiber, said in an interview that he was stopped in his car by federal authorities on Sept. 7 who sought his testimony on OHL’s case against phone tapping. He was asked to step out of the car and when his back was turned, an official pulled a weapon from his vehicle that Diez says was planted. He spent two nights in jail and posted bail on Wednesday, he said.

Reforma reports:

The full one hour video, was delivered to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) by the litigant himself, to extend his complaint of an unlawful detention.   

The attorney says a local forward to him video footage showing events which are the subject of his complaint.  The complaint makes reference to a man dressed in all dark clothing, wearing  a baseball cap as the person who placed the weapon in the vehicle. On the tape at 14:40 on September 7th.

"One of the locals, forwarded  me video footage of the event, at the time of my arrest. It shows  one of the officers dressed in dark clothing, including a jacket and cap, he inserts the weapon into my vehicle.  This shows the events which are the subject of this complaint" states Díez in its letter to the CNDH. 

On the tape, we see that at approximately 14:40 pm last Sept. 7, PGR agents aboard white trucks, intercept the  Gargari Diez vehicle.  There is only one agent not wearing a white shirt, he is wearing jeans and a black jacket.  He mostly keeps his hands inside his pockets.  He is seen with half his body inside the vehicle, while everyone else is at the trunk area.  He straightens up and quickly disappears.

Diez says while he was in custody, his IM message history had been illegally extracted.  Later he saw that on September 9, 2015 at 19:51 someone had used his email, via his cell, to send a history of WhatsApp chats to

Rest assured the PGR agency is instigating and will get to the bottom of these concerns.  


  1. Bastards, this is what happened to Dr. Mireles. kill or imprison to stop activism

    1. Damn right!! They also planted drugs and loads of money in Dr. Mireles's truck, too.

      This is how Mexico deals with whistle-blowers and social activists. It locks the "lucky ones" up on bogus charges. It simply kills the others.

  2. Well this is great and all that they are on video and there are plenty more videos with corruption in mexico
    But who is going to do anything about it nobody thats who not a soul dont get me wrong it is entertaining though

  3. You say 'corrupt officials in mexico' could this be . This is starting to be amusing

  4. I love the last sentence in the article which reads: "Rest assured the PRG agency is instigating and will get to bottom of these concerns."

    "INSTIGATING" ?? Hijole! Was this a Freudian slip where the writer intended to write "investigating"?

    Anyway, if intentional or not, it describs succinctly the systemic governmental corruption in Mexico that suggests that we cannot trust anything the government "investigates". Gee, why didn't I realize this years ago?

    1. that is funny! I will ask Lucio, I would change it but he may have meant it to be" instigating". too funny...

    2. Don't change it, it is like the Sovereign Impunity the US bestows on our mexican genocidal mass murderers who also traffick drugs and weapons with their corrupt influences, la neta zedillo, garcia luna, and fecal calderon for example...

  5. On the "positive" side, the arresting officers wore nice clean fresh pressed white shirts, all were riding respectable white brand new cars and troques, they look like adventista missionaries, but do not seem to be preaching to anybody, isn't that nice?
    --more "positive" news, there were two Comandante Lorenas very respectful and well behaved involved in the arrest, no torture was observed and mister diez was not murdered, tortured or disappeared, angels were singing in the skies above...

  6. What else is new in the land of crime n corruption hahahaha Nuke Mexico.

  7. The presidente de ME-XI-CO declares war on Egypt after in "a day that will live in infamy" some mexican touristas were shot dead in Egypt by somebody, by "mistake"...
    --it is not clear if someone was trying to carry out an extra judiciary rendition, murder or an arrest, but peña nieto looked cool and cute protesting this evil attempt against the mexican "sovereignty" and demands that Egypt tears down their pyramids and send them to mexico... ----after selling the pyramids of Teotihuacan to Walmart, the Great Tenochtitlan needs some fresh brand new pyramids...

  8. That man in black needs to be identified. What's the purpose for going through his belongings if all they need is his testimony?

    1. 1:42 All they needed was his ass for spying on OHL and peña nieto...
      Luckily someone was watching and videotaping, but they are getting sued and prosecuted for illegally taping and posting the corrupt behaviour of the mexican government "officers"....
      --Arely gomez not nows nothin' about nythin', but she looked so cute in her first photo out, she has never seen the PGR at work, this is better than genaro garcia luna's televisa generated narco-productions...or her bedroom porny...

  9. What are the odds that the person that filmed this Will somehow have a heart attack, car accident, choking on food,drowned,or disappear? Bring the death penalty to corrupted officials.

  10. Hell yeah! Stupidos, there are cameras everywhere now. I also thought of Mireles.

  11. The PGR in San Luis Colorado sonora are all corrupt. They stopped me my wife and kids and turn the car upside down looking for drugs segun. They pat me down like a criminal on the side of the highway and didn't find shit then asked me how much money I got and tried to tell me to pay up. I didn't pay shit. I was going to file a complaint but this is mexico.

    1. 4:27 and what the hell were you doing there with your wife and kids? Now because of your "report", next time they will not be so nice to others, do not like, do not go...

    2. Well,that's the nicest answer I've seen on BB? An oblique way of somehow saying the poster,his wife and children were at fault for being stopped and searched by corrupt police ?
      4.27 Glad you and your dearest weren't hurt bro

  12. The US is more likely to give the mexican governing narco-mierdocracia more weapons to hold the fortress, as long as no high powerful mexican narco politician sings, it's all OK where it matters...
    --no journalism is allowed in mexico unless they do not care about their lives anymore, but it is all voluntary, do you expect arely gomez to know it all at all times?

  13. With so much technology, internet access and video cameras corruption is more easily brought to light and thanks to Borderland Beat more people are made aware.
    Someone should nominate this website for an award perhaps a Nobel prize.

    1. Looks like Mexico just keeps digging a deeper grave for themselves but things always eventually come out in the wash but if anything happens Iwhen something is uncovered well...that is a completely different story!I guess fairness is not part of the equation.

  14. Second that! BB deserves a Nobel AND a Pulitzer. PEACE.

  15. What is the use of these videos mexican citizens are like the women who sees her husband on video cheating on her and she says he said it was not him it only looks like him stop blaming him he is innocent

    1. 8:06 "Mexican Women" know their place, and they know the pinchi perras "reporting" just want the pinchi güey husband for themselves because nobody would want to marry their throwaway arses but for a part time; usese y tirese tireselas

    2. Mira mira,calmate,tranquilo,relajado,in other words chill out just a leetle beet?
      I hope your bein sarcastic


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