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Friday, August 28, 2015

United States asks for extradition of "El Viceroy"

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article

[ Subject Matter: Extradition, El Viceroy
Recommendation: Some prior knowledge of the Juarez Cartel would be useful]

Reporter: Ruben Mosso

A Federal Judge ordered the provisional detention with end of extradition for Vincente Carrillo Fuentes "El Viceroy" leader of the Juarez Cartel, who is required by the North Texas District Court in the United States.

However, another Federal Judge order a break, for the moment, whatever the intent of the Mexican Government to submit the capo, put on a provisional suspension of the order.

Carrillo Fuentes became the second narco trafficker of the top level, after the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel Joaquin Guzman Loera, against who the Mexican Government have ordered a detention order with end of extradition, in the present administration.

On the 25th of July of this year, the PGR, completed the mandatory judicial authority for the Judge of the 10th District Court of Federal Penal Processes in the Federal district, Ruben Dario Noguera Gregoire, who ordered the detention of the brother of the extinct capo Amado Carrillo Fuentes, El Señor de los Cielos.

El Viceroy was notified at the Puente Grande Maximum Security Prison in Jalisco, that the Judge Noguera Gregoire demanded his provision detention, in the expedience of extradion 4/2001-E.

The Court of the North Texas district, in the United States seeks to charge Vincente Carrillo for his probable responsibility in the crimes of conspiracy, possession and the introduction of cocaine into the United States.

The Amparo

After the mandatory judicial action against him, El Viceroy promoted and demand of guarantees, which was submitted to a Judge of the 10th circuit of the First District of Amparo in matter penal, Jose Alfonso Montalva Martinez, under the expedience  number 820/2015.

The Judge accorded this Thursday a provisional suspension for the unique effect of a stay for Vincente Carrillo, for his personal liberty, for this Judge, "in a place where he will stay imprisoned in a disposition of the responsible authorities in respect of the continuance of the extradition, or until the  responsible authorities issue a definitive suspension.

Vincente Carrillo was detained on the 9th of October of 2014, in Torreon during a operation of the Federal Forces.

El Viceroy is originally from Navolato, Sinaloa, he is 51 years old and one of the 122 principal objectives of the strategy of the Governmental Security of the Republic.

He assumed command of the Juarez Cartel after the death of his brother Amado.

In Mexico, the PGR offered, since March 2009, a 30,000,000 pesos reward, meanwhile the United States offered 5,000,000 dollars.

Vincente Carrillo Fuentes is known to have diverse previous charges, and there have been 5 previous order of detention for the crimes of organized crime and crimes against health.

The criminal organisation that was headed from Chihuahua the amalgamation of diverse groups that headed for Ciudad Juarez, in one of the localities considered among the most violent in the world , that led to thousands of deaths.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. I found lots of good articles out there but Borderland Beat seems to not care about translating those articles.

    1. Sort of a random comment 12:29 pm.

      rather presumptuous, saying we don't care.

      That said, our reporters all have careers, and private lives, yet they devote hours of time to bring articles to the English speaking world, as much as their time allows. Sure we miss some, but once the time is allocated there is no going back and trading it in towards another post.

      How you can help is what Tijuano did before I convinced him into becoming a reporter. He would send us articles, ALREADY TRANSLATED and with photos, ready to post , edit and publish.

      AHHHHH, that is so sweet. And his articles have always maintained a large following. Due to health issues he has had to cut back, but he still does post. What happened is when I saw how popular his posts were, I said "this is ridiculous, you send them ready to draft, you should get full credit, how about becoming a reporter?"

      He was reluctant because he is a Mexican national, lives in TJ and English is his second language. I said I thought his English was good and would get better. BTW he is self taught!

      So....we would love for others to send us stories. If we miss one send it in, translating it gives it better odds it will be posted and you can not know how much we would love that.

    2. Have some respect 12.29pm there's a lot of people who appreciate the info provided by this site, if you got things to say that aren't bein reported then just translate them ya self and email them. This is the only site I know of that gives me a decent portrayal of whats goin on in mexico, I'm in England and I don't hear anything through our media unless its something massive, like Chapo escaping, etc

    3. Keep up the good fight! you guys make a difference...!!!

    4. Just post the link and we will visit the recommended articles...
      --BB can not possibly post every interesting article in english or spanish...
      --Hey, chivis, 'pacis' are a dollar a dozen at the dollar store!

    5. BB rocks! You don't like it? Don't read it.

  2. Lets see if Mexico uses Viceroy as a example for the Chapo blooper!! Not only that but if Arellanos n Cardenas got extradited why not Carillo??

    1. Because he know way too much, when his brother ran ALL of Mexico. Yes I said ALL even Chapo's bitch ass worked under Amado!! Lord of the Skies even had meetings all the time with the Mexican President.

    2. The BLO inherited the carrillo juentes empire, but not the money...
      It ran from juarez, monterrey, to guerrero and tamaulipas, but it was all televisos and ran all over the el DF and estado de mexico, until peña nieto said no mó...
      --At the same time, miguel angel felix gallardo "gave" the AFO and tijuana to the atracomulco cartel, headed by Jorge hank rohn and donal trump, their national banks were going to hell in texas/tamaulipas area...
      --el pinchi chapo was supposed to stay in sinaloa selling oranges for caro quintero but noo, he had to make billions for himself, maderfacker...

    3. All the godfellas end up in prison or dead or in a cave in la sierra, but emilio azcarraga Jean has a $180 000 000.00 usd boat hidden on some Pacific ocean islands...
      --how's about the telethon for the poor sick children?
      --well, emilio azcarraga's Jean is one sick maderfacker...

    4. Amado never ran gulf jaun abregon garcia had his own thing

  3. We will or will not see macho breast beating about extradition and derechos de gobernacion Mexicano for autonomy in administering justice. -Desde Tierra Caliente Michoacan-

  4. I find it hilarious that top Capos for all the cartels always complain about human rights abuse. What a game of chess for everyone.

    1. And it seems like Mexican law is constructed in a way that make it possible for topnarcos (or other with thick wallets) to have these Amparos tested or at least prolong the procedure of extradition. The meaning with these Amparos really looks to buy time for topcriminals to either escape or bring more money to bribe the people set to grant, or not, the request for extradition.

    2. Are you saying that, out of honor, these capos should not bother contemplating their own "human rights"? Do you think that would then make the capo seem "honorable"? I think here's a lot we aren't told and this human rights crud is likely just another weapon to use in the legal preceedings. Without it, the government wouldn't look much better than the gangsters and seeing as it's all a PR show in the legal system, if human rights are there it will be used.

    3. The people at the top are usually the weakest ones. That is why in prison they complain so much. Why you always see them fat and out of shape. Lazy happy and content thats what happens. Then when their loyal comrads advance in rank and people with in the organization give them recognition it threatens the top bosses and they have those new commers eliminated.

    4. Even in prison, you are not weak if you got the money.
      --The La pinchi chuky just got her daughter a federal senatorship, how is about that, no mexicans have that power or money or freedom...
      --mexican teachers can only dream of a teaching federal plaza... no mo', it will be temporary positions under the new communist education system for the masses with private ownership rights for the private providers of kool-aid, non-profit common core my ass...

  5. hi chivis how are you? been awhile since weve spoken. this is the firefighter from san antonio, thank you for the conitinued dedication you provide to borderland beat.

    1. Hey SAFF!

      Your welcome! wish I could spend more time here. BTW my son was in NorCal for 2 weeks running a crew.

      they were reassigned to Washington State at the "North Star" fire. it involved 180k acres in 15 hrs. He said it is massive. Any Texas FF go to any of the west coast fires? FF are wiped out, and losing 5 firefighters was horrible. People don't realize FF in those situations don't have tents they sleep where they can, even in the firetruck.


    2. Gracias gracias gracias
      Your family sounds full of heroes!!!
      Hope all is well

    3. chivis,

      we sent some FF up to californa near but not all of us could go. i decided to stay back with my crew and fight the battle here in texas. fires have been spaking up everywhere here. yes its unfortunate that we have lost our brave brothers :( its part of the risk we take on a daily basis. tell your son we all said hello and good luck! what is your email? i have some things i would like to talk about, like how do we go about sending things to mexicos FF. shirts, bunker gear, etc. enjoy the rest of your day SAFF.......

    4. In one of the interviews my son did he was asked about the "fire danger season" he said it is all year now, that is what the long drought has brought.

      That would be great anything people want to donate. Bomberos get paid next to nothing they are such good guys. I always use them to bring santa to my posadas in mexico.

      i can connect you with some stations in piedras negras, acuna and however many you need. I am friends with the first lady and know many people and ff. hust let me know what you have in mind and I can get you connected.

    5. chivis,
      and its true all the rain we recieved months ago is now gone, eveything is really dry and it creates grass fires that lead to structure fires. i sent you an email hopefull we can connect with the piedras brothers and get them some gear. look forward to hearing from you . SAFF

    6. Don't send garras, send weapons, at least denounce the motherfacking mexican government to all your neighbors.

  6. The arrest of chapo covered the new in 2014 but chapo was sent the only top capo that deserves a mention ning there's hector Beltran leyva brother of Marcos arthuro top head of the sinaloa federation and el viceroy brother of Amado Carrillo by far Mexico's top capo if drug

  7. The Capo's all use the Amparo!.. Its a tool they use 2 corrupt judges & lawyers!.. Lawyers get duffle bags of money 2 line their pockets & the pockets of judges!.. Specially the judge who's handling the capo's cases! Soon as tht judge is paid!.. Capo's are free 2 do whteva!.. Chill in prison, escape, continue 2 run their cartels, have mfs hit, & take care of their families!.. Give a fuck or damn if u disagree!.. This is business as usual no matter where u are located in the narco business!.. Billions 2 b made, with a lot of mfs with their hand out!.. Accepting all dollars!.. Fact

  8. the person sending the message about the translation and computer. Send me an email. (see above the address)

    are you in Mexico?

  9. I'm I the only one who thinks the guy they captured doesn't look anything like the ones in the "wanted" pictures, and even if he aged there should at least be some resemblance left.

  10. Here we'll see how full of shit the Mexican government is, if after guzman's escape they still refuse to extradite top assholes such as this, the cinicism of the Mexican government is truly unique.

  11. Watch this one get turned over. Not Chapo though. An early indication that there were plans for an escape. Seems anyone the US request they get, except for Chapo.

  12. Hi border beat people just want to say thank you for the great work you do. Please just delete those negative comments about the bad english etc. If they are not happy don't read again thank you for all the information you guys pass on

  13. me a favor...if you end up over there .please kill donald trump

  14. Why arent other heavy capos planning there escape from prison or rehab centers? U have la barbie, treviño same prison as chapo, beltran leyva, viceroy etc....whats wrong with that picture?

  15. Lucio is writing an article I sure hope he finishes. It is about how capos should not fight extradition to US bc it is their best avenue to a short sweet deal and little time. under the Obama administration, capos are all getting sweet deals and short time. all they have to do is sing. and not a full opera.

    he is featuring a zeta leader who only served 2 years instead of life. he was wanted in the US with a 5 million dollar reward offered. and now it is long gone.

    he is not alone. all the capos or capo jrs have cut deals that the government did not have to offer. it is stupid.

    or spending millions on trials that convictions are overturned and thrown out.

    because of over prosecuting , casting too wide a net, or bad info from

    witnesses. when that happens that is the state witness still gets his deal. no one is writing about what a fuck up the system has become. it would be a good time for Barbie and others to just roll the dice. Better hurry.....obama is soon leaving.

  16. It is obvious that the US didn't want Chapo locked up. After his escape, all of a sudden US media publishes that the US government knew the details and warned Mexico. It's all lies. The US is a cartel of it's own. Clinton in the mix of the Mena connection when he was governor. The military looking over the heroine in Afghanistan. El Chapo most likely work partly with or for the US. It's upsetting as a Mexican because lives are expendable while the top heads get rich.


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