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Friday, August 7, 2015

Leader of the Independent Cartel de Acapulco detained

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article

[ Subject Matter: Miguel Angel Villareal Perez "El Paisa", ICDA
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Elements of the Gendarmeria captured Miguel Angel Villareal Perez "El Paisa" in Tabasco, accused of homicide, kidnapping, extortion and being a member of an organized crime.

Reporter: Reuben Mosso
Elements of the Gendarmeria of the Federal Police, detained Miguel Angel Villareal Perez "El Paisa" in Tabasco, identified as the new leader of the Independent Cartel de Acapulco.

Functionaries of the Federal Government revealed that the alleged criminal is involved in the crimes of homicide, kidnapping, extortion and being a member of organized crime.

They indicated that as part of related investigations into the distribution of drugs and the occurrence of certain homicides in Guerrero territory, determines that "El Paisa", 28 years old, operated from Tabasco to commit crimes in the port of Acapulco.

He was located driving in a vehicle without plates on the Villahermosa - Teapa highway. The Federal elements noticed the vehicle, when it sped off as "El Paisa" tried to flee, Federal elements blocked his way ahead and he was detained, he had in his possession an AK47 assault rifle, known in Mexico as "Cuerno de Chivo" or "Goats Horn", a revolver and some supplies.

At the moment of detention he had on his person several "wraps" presumably containing Cocaine and Marijuana, also mobile phone equipment and different vehicle registration plates.

The detained, the vehicle and the other objects were put and the disposition of an Agent of Public Ministry of the Federation assigned to SEIDO.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. Nice looking guy...Is it me or isn't the alleged leaders of this cartel and la barradora detained every couple of months

  2. If had some license plates with him, why would he not put one on his vehicle? Sometimes I wonder how smart these guys are.

  3. Eden el 05 aka el Alacran is the leader of CIDA w the backing of BLO.

  4. Now we'll see how long it takes before a Mexican federal judge orders his release because the PGR failed to present sufficient evidence to hold him in custody. Since he is only suspected of committing homicides and distributing drugs, he should be released fairly soon.

    On the other hand, if he was a leader of an autodefensas group successfully fighting against the cartels and making the Mexican government appear incompetent or the corrupt and inept cartel lackeys that they are, the PRI, PGR or a governor would ensure that he remains incarcerated until hell freezes over. Innocence or the trampling of their rights having nothing to do with his/her remaining jailed, the pride of some politician cannot be tarnished in the least bit by a lowly Mexican.

  5. Off topic but an important Zeta leader was caught in March this year,Regino Gutierrez Moreno,a regional boss and buddy of Z40,he was also called Ferrari just to confuse the issue as there was another El Ferrari?
    Recall the mantas by Inconformidad Zetas of Cuidad Victoria complaining about this guy from Nuevo Laredo,an ex-cop'Fresa'another C Victor jefe was also caught who was from N Laredo ?

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    I am travelling for the next month, and will have limited time on BB, unfortunately so are a couple of others

    Translation: comments will be delayed and limited as to how many are read and to what is posted. this AM there were 300 comments, I assure you not all will make it.

    I will try to log on at least once a day, but some places that may not be possible. Sorry readers..

    1. No worries. Take care of Chivis and we will await your return.

  7. Safe travels Chivis! Buen viaje! Don't worry about BB, we'll all still be on board when you return. Peace be with you.

  8. Pena nieto and his gabiota are in big problems they have two weeks to show where that money they bought "la casa Blanca" came from ooopppps

  9. La pinchi gaviota and el pendejito are lining up another massacre to deflect your attention, easy as done...


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