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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Leader of the Argentine Cabinet linked to Mexican Organized Crime

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article

[ Subject Matter: Anibal Fernandez, Sebastian Forza
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Anibal Fernandez was accused of having received bribes of millions to protect a pharmaceutical businessman who was dealing in the trafficking of Ephedrine. He denies it.

Reporter: Notimex
Buenas Aires: The Chief of the Cabinet of Argentina, Anibal Fernandez, was said to have links to Mexican organized criminals that trafficked ephedrine to produce methamphetamines, as well as being accused of electioneering.

The accused produced an electoral campaign in which Fernandez sought the Governor ship of the province of Buenas Aires, referred to and called " the ephedrine route" which burst in 2008, when Police raided the first laboratory of synthetic drugs found in the South American country.

The program "News for all", interviewed Martin Lannata, a man condemned for the deaths of 3 businessmen that had a relationship with Mexican narcos, and he affirms that the intellectual author of the crime was the Chief of the Cabinet.

According to Lanatta, Fernandez received millions in bribes to protect Sebastian Forza, a pharmaceutical businessman who was trafficking in ephedrine, and later tried to manage the same business.

Another of the witnesses that could be heard on television speaking against Fernandez was Jose Luis Salerno, pharmaceutical businessman who participated in an illegal business that forced the Government to restrict the importation of ephedrine in 2008.

The case burst in July of this year, when a dozen Mexicans under the command of the Argentinian, were detained in a house outside of the Capital where they were making designer drugs, then it was discovered that only one of the gangs were supplying the ephedrine.

Weeks later the bodies of Forza, Damian Ferron and Leopoldo Bina were found in a ditch, this provoked a social outcry against the organized criminals that committed the crime.

Lanatta was condemned as the intellectual author of these three murders, a Judge concluded that the intellectual author was Esteban Perez Corradi, a businessman fugitive.

Fernandez denied all of the allegations contained in the TV program, and this morning ratified that he didn't know Lanatta and have never seen Forza, and that all of the allegations are a political campaign against him.

"Their goal is to get someone ahead of me in the elections, its an outright aggression," he said in an attempt to discredit the veracity of the witness testimony that they were in prison, or involved in the case.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. Sleazey politicos at large and in charge of Argentina--now, there's a first! Guilty, innocent, whatever, Anibal Fernandez should vanish before some "pharmaceutical businessmen" decide to "disappear" him.

  2. "Top Argentine Official Accused of Heading Precursor Chemical Trafficking Network" (8/3/15) Includes video interviews of Lanatta and Salerno from the Argentine news program “Periodismo Para Todos” (Journalism for Everyone) and the following observation: "In recent years, Argentina has become an increasingly important hub for Latin America’s drug trade, with lax regulations turning it into a major transit hub for precursor chemicals used in drug production. Evidence suggests these chemicals are trafficked to Mexican cartels, such as the Sinaloa Cartel, which has reportedly set up operations in Argentina.
    The growing presence of transnational drug networks in Argentina has led to increased concerns over official involvement in drug trafficking.
    Indeed -- while previous scandals involving the illicit importation of precursor chemicals have involved high-level government officials -- these allegations will fuel speculation that the country’s top political elites have been co-opted by the drug trade."

    1. Once you South of the border and going all the way through to the tip of South America it all goes downhill as far as the government is concerned. It is a platform for every person at every level from the peasant at the bottom who grows and cultivates the drugs, to the top where the officials make the big money. These are countries that do not invent and produce cars, electronics and more. They just produce them for the countries that invent and market them. The further South you go the poorer the people, because they do not even have the maquilardoras and access to the US border like Mexico does. Which still keep people poor in Mexico, but further South they have nothing except the drugs. Get rid of the drug and tourist business in Mexico and Mexico falls apart. They are dependent on others to live as well as they do.

    2. Bla bla blah, mexico is guilty, blame mexico, because the mexicans bla, bla, blah...
      --not one mexican drug trafficker or money launderer has been officially presidential pardoned by any US president ever...that should tell you who is the devil there...

    3. quite typical ignorant american post,do u know how uneducated and and simple minded u sound."the further south u go,the poorer the people get"is quite possibly the most bias post I've read . i doubt you've been anywhere in mexico beyond the walls of some resort in sure to have a beer with a local in mexico is beneath you,do you have the opinion that all mexicans are drug dealing wetbacks that yearn for the american dream of dealing drugs,and leaching off the welfare system.ive spent yearsin mexico and south america,and have also had thepleasure of travelling through numerous states.cities such as buenos aries are on par with any western european city,and more so these wonderful inhabitants have a lot of americans don't have,a soul,and a sense of social conscience that most aMOREicans lack,without it the world would basically stop and fall apart due to the lack of "americanization"that has reached every corner of the planet.travelling through the states is like being in a dream where everything is,wal-mart,mcdonalds,dennys,and the addition taco bell,which is actually the furthest thing u can get as far as authentic mexican cuisine,every small town has been stripped of individuality.its actually sad for there are truly beautiful parts of the states that easily rival anywhere on the planet,,but piece by piece that little bit of truly americana beauty is being squashed by the walmartification of our world..thats why i love travelling to countries in south america,,peru is my favourite,cities such as lima have a huge gap between the have and the have nots,if you are down and out in the states with none of the basic elements in which we as humans need in order to exist,food,clothing,shelter,the very basic of human needs you can head down to the local welfare office and voila,money.mind u they're far from 5 star,but u will lima if u don't have the means there isn't a welfare office obtain your monthly cheque these have nots must hustle whatever they can in order to don't get government money the more children u have,down there another mouth to feed is an added burden,to hustle harder in order to provide…but u know what happens to people that bust the hides in order to live,they have a sense of pride,however menial u fantastic americans feel has to be done in order to exist,instead of waiting for the mailman to deliver,to provide the basics,because cleaning toilets at dennys is far beneath any red blooded american,so let the "wetbacks" do it.the perception that the further south u get from the worse off you r couldn't be further from the truth. there is poverty in argentina,which is the furthest u can get from states,but they are by not poorer than Guatemala,what troubles me is the perception of the states being safe,sure its true the suburbs of chicago are safe and the general population is safe,but venture into west baltimore at 1 a.m.and see how far u get without being robbed of everything u have,you'll be lucky to make it alive same thing goes in quito being rolled by street kids known as pirañas,at least down there if u don't resist they'll let u walk away,in atlanta the likelihood of being shot after being robbed is high,,street thugs don't like witnesses,,life in the hood is just as cheap as life in the barrio,the tourist industry in mexico,,a lot of mouths are fed due to the white wales that grace the beaches served by"checos"that are paid to put up with abuse by "guests".it is truly unfortunate that mexicans depend on the tourist dollar 6 days a week,,is a 5 dollar tip going to brake me,,or will it go a lot further in the hands ofthe chambermaid,.im bitter towards my neighbour to the south,as a human being we are all the same,,no matter of race,,creed ,,religion,,social status,,or lack there of,,,the further away from the border u get

    4. Love it! Agree 100%. But, also I must say that since I live in the USA, since 10 years ago in NEPA there is a drug cartel here too. Uneducated people, more and more from everywhere, who are used as mules all day long. Under the sun, the heat, the snow, the rain, and so on. At the same time someone with has the authority to combat this allows these people to continue with their business without any problem. (??????)Sad. Unfortunate. But, I believe in Karma and there will be the time for these bastards who use the children to commit crimes, using the welfare money to finance it."It is a toma y daca". It means: "I give you, you give me." Some will survive. Darwinism. That's all!

  3. Mexico running Argentina now HAHA! I heard there were CISEN activities there too

  4. That is why they chingaron al zhenli Ye Gone, argentina was going broke and their piruja presidential needed to prove that her moneymaker still works and makes popes and popó with the same easiness as real poop, she really belongs to the illuminati...


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