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Friday, August 14, 2015

El R6 arrested, he is the successor of " Los Cuates de la Obrera"

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

[ Subject Matter: Esteban Morales Martinez "El R6", Los Aquiles
Recommendation: Some prior knowledge of CAF would be useful]

Esteban Morales Martinez "El R6"

Reporter: Zeta Redaction and Cortesia
Esteban Morales Martinez, nicknamed "El R6", member of the criminal band of the brothers Lucre Antonio and Marco Antonio Cerda Pacheco, alias " Los Cuates de le Obrera", captured a few months ago, that heads the criminal gangs nicknamed "El Aquiles" and "La Rana", was detainee don Wednesday the 12th of August in the La Clima Colonia.

Elements of the State Preventative Police detained the principal distributor of drugs in the Obrera Colonia and successor of "Los Cuates".

The detention was achieved in the immediate location of the La Cima Colonia, when the individual was travelling along Calle 20th of November. The subject was found with a bag with 60 grams of ICE and 9mm Pistol.

His principal zone of operation was the Obrera Colonia and surrounding Colonias, also according to analysts of the PEP the subject took orders from a man nicknamed "El Tragedias", among his accomplices are Alfonso Arzate Garcia, "El Aquiles".

Original article in Spanish at Zetatijuana


  1. Aqui les afirmo, no vale madre andar de pinchi gramero, 60 grams of ice a peso el gramo, fiado, ni pa' una bala...
    --El principal de la principal and andaba a pata, no carro, ni sangüichero...
    --i suspect he was planted just for show and tell for the commanders to look good...

  2. I imagine this is Tijuana, but it's always a good idea to mention in the text the city involved, not just colonias, etc.

    1. Nah mate this happend in Huyton, Liverpool England

    2. A non-responsive sarcastic comment aint gonna cover-up someone dropping the ball here.

    3. 8:21 It is not "sarcastic", it is ironic, and it is ironic that you asked...

  3. El chapo going for tijuana? Bet he gave up on juarez.

  4. I guess in my wildest dreams "Zetatijuana" says tijuana somewhere there, in RED LETTERS...
    --would an arrow help?

  5. is r6 part of the r5 team?

  6. Manchester United! Woo-Hoo! (Sorry, mate..).

  7. Futbol sucker sucks...please keep out, voluntarily, or else, you know plata o plomo?

    1. 3:11 AM Ave Maria purisima pues mihijito, you're scaring the neighbors. Do you have your Mom's permission to be online?

  8. I know this pieceof shit..hes a nobody trying to be a somebody..El yiyo ...pinche gramero hediondo de la colonia Hidalgo en Tijuana..que bueno que lo agarraron a esta basura..segunda vez en la escuelita..le ha de gustar que se le caiga el jabon!😂😂😂😂


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