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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Authorities give new "facts" on murder of Journalist and 4 others, suspect confesses

Lucio R Borderland Beat Translated from CNN Mexico

The murder of five people in the Colonia Narvarte, Mexico City, has a new version of events in the reconstruction of what occurred.

The head of the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF), Rodolfo Rios said that there is "evidence" that the crime occurred in an apartment in less than an hour, not three as previously reported.

"We have evidence that the alleged perpetrators came minutes after two in the afternoon."

"They left a little after three in the afternoon. That is, they were not in the apartment for  three hours but  about an hour, "said the prosecutor in the interview with Televisa.

Four women and a man-the photojournalist Ruben Espinosa were killed late on July 31 in the Narvarte apartment.. The case has gained international attention, because at least two of the victims had reported threats to Veracruz authorities.  

In addition to changes in the time of the crime, the authorities report that the suspects were at a party in the apartment.

"In the interest of transparency, the office has been reporting information. Even on Sunday I  gave information through the media, Tuesday, Wednesday, "Rios said when asked about the changes in versions.

"There is nothing  hidden ie to prevent speculation," insisted the prosecutor. "However we cannot give many details because this could hinder as to the location of the alleged perpetrators."

Man arrested confessed to his participation

So far the PGJDF says the murders were conducted by three suspects, one of whom was arrested Wednesday and acknowledged in his statement, he was at the apartment to meet the other two suspects.

"We already have well established that (the prisoner) was involved in the tragic events of the colonia Narvarte,"

"By fingerprint evidence and the statement of the detainee, we have established his presence in the apartment."

The prosecutor said the detainee; whose identity is being withheld- is recognized as one of the three men leaving the building of the crime and whose escape was recorded on a SSP video. 

He did not say whether the prisoner was directly involved with the killings.


  1. Both CNN and this translation say August 31, instead of July 31.
    Also -
    "A neighbor in the next building said he saw one of the victims, the woman believed to be Colombian, on the street at 2:30 p.m. talking normally with one of the men who later entered the building and left."

  2. The "authorities" se hacen pendejos...
    --arely gomez "lamentations los hechos...
    --el pri quiere que no se cause ni se condene...
    --la marrana duarte accuses the dead of links with narcos, wuuuh!
    --mexican reporters, not aligned chayoteros, accuse la marrana duarte, and the dead accused la marrana duarte, mexicans accuse la marrana duarte...
    --PGJDF chief says it was a robbery, one hour robbery, by one guy...

  3. one thing u have to understand Cartel Rules That why I stay here

  4. Replies
    1. The transparency is darker than la marrana duarte's ass

  5. They've charged the guy they had in custody,as people said,it looks,as though the journalist may have been wrong place?
    The guy they've charged served a previous 10 for rape and violence,still looking for the other two,sad story..

  6. Just another cover up ahhh U.S teaches their kids well!!

    1. No wonder moderators get fed up with the complete losers on here always hijacking stories with whining.

    2. Really pertinent comment there,not.

    3. Well you can't expect everyone to know the meaning of "personal responsibility", especially if your desired society lacks any. Continually blaming everyone else for your own piss poor behavior is en vogue.

      Ex. The Canadian junkies are the reason why, when making some meth, I shot my next door neighbor in the leg. Never mind I live in South Carolina.

      See how that works?

  7. ●Revista nexos:
    --Quien Mata a los periodistas? By Viridiana Rios/1 agosto 2013 (no son los narcos)
    --Los Dias De Plomo by Héctor de Mauleon/1 agosto 2013
    ●proceso: 14 noviembre 2013
    --Designan a Integrante de "La Hermandad" como jefe policiaco de Acapulco, alfredo alvarez valenzuela, (dicen que es egresado de la escuela naval, infanteria de marina, colaboradores de guerrero unidos) note, then all hell broke lose again, vs ayotzinapos and other gangs, after the BLO got the Pinedas arrested and the el borrado Pineda and el MP Pineda murdered, all family of the imperial couple de Iguala...
    --see, the journalists getting murdered did not start with the narvartes, but since "la marrana" javier duarte de ochoa got elected, veracruz related journalists started getting murdered with great frequency and brutality, all blamed on narcos, lovers, burglars...all involving torture and sexual abuse and rape, which the police and investigators keep secret...

  8. According to investigators, the suspect has admitted to robbing the apartment where the bodies of Espinosa, his girlfriend Nadia Vera, and three other women were found, tied up and with gunshot wounds to the head. But the former convict denied taking part in the killings. Unofficial sources have told reporters that at least two of the female victims were raped before they were killed.

    Colombia’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday confirmed the identity of the Colombian woman who was murdered along with photojournalist Rubén Espinosa and three others on July 31 in Mexico City. Mile Virginia Martín’s identity was confirmed through her fingerprints by DIJIN and Interpol in Bogota.

  9. La Jornada has a piece about the incident. Lots of chatter over on FB, and a protest of sorts was going on.

  10. Hate the Merida Initiative!


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