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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Prosecutors in Jalisco launch wide ranging search for 2000 missing

Borderland Beat posted by DD republished from Fox News Latino

 Promises are made by the government and then they are forgotten all too often in Mexico.  Maybe, just maybe the new Attorney General for the State of Jalisco, Eduardo Almaguer,  may keep his.

An operation has been launched to find the "nearly 2,000 people" reported missing in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, state prosecutors said.

The operation started on Saturday, with some 100 agents visiting the homes of victims to try to determine their whereabouts and close the cases of people who have been located, the Jalisco Attorney General's Office said.

"With actions like this, we are following through on the commitment we made to Jalisco's residents to work to protect their security," Attorney General Eduardo Almaguer said.

Almaguer replaced Luis Carlos Najera as the state's top law enforcement official in early July.

The operation comes after the AG's office and the state government denied for more than two years that disappearances were a problem in Jalisco, which ranks No. 2 in Mexico in terms of forced disappearances, trailing only the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.

About 2,900 forced disappearances have been reported in Jalisco since 2006, the federal Government Secretariat's National Public Safety System said.

Some 52 percent of the disappearances in the state have taken place since 2013, when Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval took office, the Jalisco-based Center for Justice for Development said.

More than 30 people have disappeared so far this year in the western state.

Further information about the operation will be provided in the next few days, after all the cases are reviewed, the AG's office said. 


  1. here we go again,blame mencho and cngj!

  2. They must be bored in Jalisco if they are going to go through with this. Why launch wide ranging search for Mencho? Goodluck Jalisco in finding at least 1.

  3. I think this is more of a political move. The government wants the families of victims to vote for them, so they go to their homes and dig into the whereabouts of the missing people a bit more, because they know that matters to people. I don't think any real effort to actually find the people will be made though. I predict this initiative will be forgotten just like all the others.

  4. Eventually Mexico will have to do a complete reconstruction of the whole country to find all the missing that are reported in total. Not just the 2000. Hell some are probably under the newly built homes people are sitting in. They waited too long to launch searches and it will only cause chaos finding people they weren't looking for.

  5. attn admin can you run this? maybe put it in forums. this is cartel related as described later in the article.

    Company owners claim they’re forced to pay bribes to stay in business, and they can’t get help from local or federal authorities. “They have called me. They've threatened me, and sometimes past, they have kidnapped some of my clients,” said a woman we’ll call “Martha.” She’s one of the U.S. transmigrante business owners who spoke to the CHANNEL 5 NEWS I-Team.

  6. They cant find Mencho o chapito... Whats going to make us think that they can find dead people that may be burried in a thousand graves or cooked in disel.... And or the killers of the killers are already dead... How does one investigate dead cases that have been gone put aside for years.... Forensics gathering in mexico are little to none because the coruption does not let the officers that ar not corupt do their job.... Refrence Narco Cultura on netflix... A must see

  7. Each life is precious, irreplaceable, numbing stories like this are too frequent, but 2,000 victims is way too low a number.These idiots couldn't find their elbow without detailed instructions. No matter what, Charades is a cruel game to play with the disappeared's surviving families, who'll never get answers from "official" investigations much less "closure." Q pena mas duro. Will their pain turn into votes for political clowns? Hope not, pray everyone sees the politics and hypocrisy in this jugada for what it is-- corruption. Getting rid of corruption is all day study; only the half-mad and brave dare to face off with it


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