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Friday, July 3, 2015

Nestora Salgado Has Three New Arrest Warrants; Accused Of Killing Two Farmers

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

Leonel Rivero, the lawyer of the Coordinator of the Community Police of Olinalá in the mountain region of Guerrero, Nestora Salgado García, informed that his client has three new arrest warrants against her.  The charges are of kidnapping, robbery and murder.  This accumulates to six criminal prosecutions through different offences.

In an interview, the lawyer said that his client was charged with the murder of two ranchers, apparently, the same event that led to the arrest of the procurator of Olinalá, Armando Patrón Jiménez, by the Regional Coordinating Body of Community Authorities (CRAC) in August 2014.

However, Jiménez was released by the public police and soldiers on August 21, while Nestora Salgado and other members of the House of Justice of El Paraíso, pertaining to the CRAC, were taken to prison and accused of kidnapping.

The lawyer of Salgado García said that he does not yet have access to the records, but urged the implementation of the arrest warrants in order to begin the defense process, after learning that there were more complaints and orders to be applied.

Leonel Rivero said that last week, the attorney general and the courts will materialize the notification, but the documents were not addressed to the appropriate judicial authorities, but rather to the head of the medical tower in the Tepepan prison.  Nestora was not formally notified.

Nevertheless, Rivero said that at the last meeting to follow up on the precautionary measures that were granted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH), on June 17, in the Interior Ministry, they were informed that the three additional claims were kidnapping, robbery and murder, and that they were in the courts of Tlapa, Huamuxtitlán and San Luis Acatlán.

He hopes that this process will speed up the times and that the people, who are being aggrieved, will appear voluntarily, without being presented by the police.  He believes that, without any setbacks, the trial will end in a year.

Rivero said that on August 10, the parents of the three teenagers who accused Salgado García were summoned to interrogations and confrontations in Mexico City.  However, he recalls that they have already been notified twice and were not present at the proceedings.  To sum things up, this would be the first arraignment of all criminal proceedings against Salgado García.

The lawyer mentioned that Petra Pérez Hernández, Félix Burgos García, Susana Baltazar Sosa, Marisa Mesa Castro, Antonio Salmeron Cruz and Ramiro Santiago Martínez have to appear and give testimony in the 67th court of criminal cases in the Federal District.

Source: Sin Embargo


  1. If I had the money I personally would bail nestora out. She's worth it.

    1. True, she is a bad momma!

  2. This lady is a direct threat to the government of Mexico. If she is not punished severly she might encourage others to follow in her footsteps and threaten to derail the gravy train which benefits:
    - corrupt government officials
    - corrupt police commanders
    - corrupt military officers
    - corrupt bankers
    - corrupt lawyers
    - corrupt politicians

    The illicit drug trade generates several 100 millions in bribes each MONTH and goes directly into the tax-free pockets of those above.

    Basically this lady is a grave threat to the entire mexican elite and they must eliminate her!

  3. More charges to complicate the issue and keep her locked up longer.

  4. why is it anyone of consequence (good or bad) in Mexico's drug wars has spent time in the USA? Even the highest politicans spent time here at ivy league schools Pochos running all over them paisas.

    1. Nestora did not go to ivy league schools, she worked and earned a living, no scholarships needed for a menial job that pays minimum wage or less...
      --Bertie boy moreira went to spain on a fully paid scholarship loaded with money from the teachers union to study money laundering...
      --Do not compare, nestora thinks she has rights like any other human being, and that rights would be.good for the rest of the mexicans, she learned that on the US, she did not learn to traffic drugs or offshore the profits...

  5. Yeah she looks like chikis rivera from los rivera.


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