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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eight family members decapitated in north Mexico

Borderland Beat posted by DD republished from Yahoo News
The state of Chihuahua has endured much of the gruesome violence that has plagued Mexico
 DD:  Lucio's title to the podcast "If you think you know what is going on in Mexico, you are misinformed" just about says it all.  Mark Twain made a similar statement that would apply to Mexico;  "If you don't read newspapers you are not informed, if you read newspapers, you are misinformed.

Yahoo News printed 2 stories on the eight family members killed in Chihuahua, one was from the news agency AP and one was from the AFP agency.  The AP story said all the victims were stabbed and had their throats cut and said officials denied there was any decapitations.  AP said the bodies were dumped in a deep gully.  AFP said the bodies were decapitated and left at different places along a road.

The only significance of the difference of the 2 versions of what happened is decapitations have traditionally been associated with 2 cartels fighting over territory.  This took place in an area known as the Golden Triangle which has experienced extreme violence in the Senaloa/Juarez cartel battles for control of the Juarez plaza.

 AFP made the statement "US law enforcement officials suspect that Sinaloa drug cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is hiding in the region following his July 11 escape from prison".  Several commentators and "experts" have predicted increased violence following Chapo's escape as he seeks to reinforce his hold on existing territories and that he may try to expand by going after a Texas trafficking plaza as he has wanted for years.,  .If he does, that would likely be Juarez.

What happens in the Golden Triangle may be very significant in the near future.
Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) (AFP) - Eight people from the same family, including two minors, were kidnapped by masked gunmen and their decapitated bodies were found days later in northern Mexico, authorities said Wednesday.

The bodies were found after a ninth member of the Martinez family escaped Sunday's abduction near Casa Quemada, in the state of Chihuahua, and alerted the authorities, prosecutors said.

The disappearance triggered a massive military operation in the region and the bodies were found this week.
They were all men, with the youngest aged 15 and the oldest 42.

The family was traveling in a vehicle when it was kidnapped by armed men wearing masks and dressed in military-like fatigues, the Chihuahua state prosecutor's office said.

It is common for drug cartel operatives to wear military-like gear in Mexico.

The bodies of three men were found on a rural road on Wednesday. One was 18 years old and the two others were 25.

"People traveling on a trail found the victims," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

A day earlier, authorities recovered five other bodies that had been dumped in different parts of Casa Quemada.

Two of them were aged 15, two others 18 and the oldest 42.

Some witnesses said the family had gone to the mountain region to cut wood, while others claimed that the relatives cared for drug fields.

The mass murder took place in a region known as the Golden Triangle, which includes the states of Sinaloa, Chihuahua and Durango, where drug cartels grow marijuana and opium poppies.

On July 18, 11 men traveling in three vehicles on a dirt road were killed in a remote area of Durango when they were apparently ambushed by armed civilians.

Five other men were wounded in the attack, which took place within the Golden Triangle.

US law enforcement officials suspect that Sinaloa drug cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is hiding in the region following his July 11 escape from prison.

The state of Chihuahua has endured much of the gruesome violence that has plagued Mexico in a drug war that has left tens of thousands of people dead nationwide since 2006, when soldiers were deployed to combat cartels.

The city of Ciudad Juarez, which borders Texas and is part of Chihuahua, was once considered the murder capital of Mexico, though the homicide rate has sharply fallen in recent years.

Much of the violence in Ciudad Juarez was attributed to turf wars between the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels.


  1. DD
    Chihuahua noticias ran this story yesterday. 5 were killed no decapitation, 3 decapitated. Supposedly they were in the sierras getting wood.

    This is in the sierras in Guadalupe y Calvo, Chihuahua, an ongoing place of conflict and multiple murder.There was another family about a year ago killed in the same place.

    Marco Antonio Gutiérrez Martínez, de 15 años de edad.

    Oscar Manuel Gutiérrez Martínez, de 18 años de edad.

    Marcial Martínez Salas, de 42 años de edad.

    Lorenzo Chaparro Chaparro, de 15 años de edad.

    Jesús Marcial Martínez Vega, de 18 años de edad.

    These are the three who were decapitated and assumed the "targets"

    Otoniel Martínez Vega, de 25 años de edad.

    Gabriel Martínez Gutiérrez, de 18 años de edad

    Macario Chaparro Chaparro, de 25 años de edad.

    1. I live in Chihuahua and know the area of Guadalupe y Calvo well. I do not think I would not go to cut wood in that area. In fact I would avoid that area as much as possible.

    2. So I take it that if the target, the person is killed, mutilated, and decapitated. If one is not the target, but just "at the wrong place at the wrong time", then one is simply killed. How nice of them.

  2. God Bless You
    Chivas !!

  3. Imagine if their biggest crime was tending to the grow?Because they work for the other side?Who knows

  4. Yeah the count is, maybe, right...but
    Why would el chapo need heating up any plaza??? Specially his???
    Think idiots...

  5. Little does the Mex govt. know ,but the US already has a predator drone over the area & my source has it that it does have hell-fire on board.The predator is launched & controled out of Beale AFB in N.California.I wonder who they are looking for ??? I also have been told that Mex govt. air-defense is not up to detect this drone & whole operation is controlled from a "Black Site" what ever that means ??? Lets see if this is BS or not ???

    1. Your source is full of shit. It would behoove the U.S. not 2 do this. The las thing they want is fire spilling in the opposite direction.

    2. Your a complete idiot

    3. Fire spilling in opposite direction ! From who ? The cartel ? Ya sure.Do you really think any cartel could stand up to a US SpecOps team(Teir 1)
      NO is the answer.I spent alot of time out of country and was able to see what a Teir 1 team can do with 5 to 7 guys ! One day I know for a fact "The sheriff of Baghdad" and his boys took care of over 100 taliban fighters.So sit in your mommies basement and think again cheese-dick!

  6. The gobernador, priista Cesar duarte is too busy with his spare time banking and shit, after 80 to 100 hours banking every week, handling his 'mordidas' and money laundering, only if an emergency occurs he can be bothered, like a need to supress Community AutoDefensas, and answer with state sponsored autodefensas to defend his regime from houses of death like those in cd juarez...

    1. Everyone here in Chihuahua knows that he is getting a cut of the mordida from traffic tickets. I mean everyone. He does not care if anyone knows because he is on the government plan and does so with impunity. Most of his relatives are in drug and crime syndicates. You would be surprised to see how many criminals he is related to. He uses money help get his relatives into PRI. When you see a young lady that spent a ton of money on banners and other forms of promoting her campaign. All here know she is a relative of Duarte and this is how it works here.

  7. Im in near madera and i seen movements lately
    military convoys moving in and out and new trucks passing

    1. Arriba Los Ninos del la Sierra. Al 100, desde el principio.

  8. Who cares why they were killed? Everyone tries to summarize the scnario all the time by evaluating the cartels. The point is 8 more added to the enormous amount of senseless murders in Mexico. It is beginning to appear that driving anywhere in this country is a risk, like the grocery store. Who cares whether it is Chapo. His best action plan is to stay hiding. 1:28 Am, I am not sure of a so called source as drone information is not shared with the general public. I will say you are right on one point. It will be a drone to get Chapo and his surrounding crew as Mexico has proven its lack of trust at this point to the US. The Us will take action and only after they have confirmed progress, will they alert Mexico. Just like Bin Laden.

  9. Who can fight the mexican army?
    Not these grifa farmers, their worthless lives are cheaper than paraquat, murder, they said, blame the biiig baad ugly 'narcs'....
    Farm in macetas...

  10. Wow, here...the countryside is safer and the very large cities are dangerous. In Mexico it is dangerous everywhere.

  11. @1:49 you think 1:28 is full of it? They had a drone on z40 forever watching him from 5 miles away that's how they caught 40.

  12. I heard a story from a woman who said a man was kidnapped ( he a Marine and Martinez is his last name) he is related to the Paz family.She said he was kidnapped to force the family to sign over the property to the Carter. I don't believe she ever got help getting her husband back.


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