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Sunday, June 7, 2015

State Attorney General investigates battle between Community Police

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article with additional images from Procesofoto and additional information from Bajopalabra

[ Subject Matter: Community Police, Acapulco, Xolapa
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

Reporters: Jose Antonio Belmont, Rogelio Agustin Esteban, Javier Trujillo, German Canesco
The Attorney General of the State of Guerrero is investigating an confrontation between an official group and a dissident group of Community Police pertinent to FUSDEG, which occurred recently in the community of Xolapa in the North of Acapulco.

Even though there is no official accounting of the events that happened, MILENIO knows that there were 12 dead on the side of the dissident group and four of the official group, and six injured, all by gunfire.

Last December, the United Front for Security and Improvement of the State of Guerrero (FUSDEG), expelled Ignacio Policarpio and his group, later they were linked with Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

Warning very strong images of violence on next page, viewer discretion is advised

Without doubt they never accepted the abandonment of their function as Community Police and continued to print logos of FUSDEG, which they displayed to carry out their vigilance work.

In confirming the confrontation yesterday, the State Attorney General said that the event occurred around 17:45 hours in the afternoon between " Community Police headed by their Commander Salvador Alanis Trujillo and Ignacio Policarpio who represent a detachment of the above mentioned organization".

The motive for the confrontation, is that these Groups " have a dispute for the territory of the Acapulco - Chilpancingo corridor".

He indicated that they started reviewing previous investigations to mark out responsibilities and to determine the number of dead and wounded.

Without doubt, Ramon Navarrete, in charge of the Office of the President of the Commission for Human Rights of Guerrero, confirmed that nine people of the community of Xolapa and four of La Mojonera died in the confrontation.

Meanwhile in the House of Justice of Tierra Colorada, community authorities acknowledged the death of three members of FUSDEG.

According to testimony, the confrontation occurred when a convoy of ten pickups of FUSDEG members of Tierra Colorada arrived at the village of Xolapa, and opened fire on a group that they encountered at the end of the principal access road into the community.

At this point there were spent cartridges of guns of large calibre, a shot up car, and pools of blood and a corpse.

The rest of the corpses were carried away by family members, to their respective dwellings, where the family carried out vigils.

Among the victims was Ignacio Policarpio, who fell in the House of Justice, where he was participating in a meeting.

Also Balbino Tornez Santos and his sons, Jesus and Marcos Tornez Analco.

As well as, Omar Gallegos Tornez and his father Melchor Gallegos Abarca, who was the Commander of the Community Police in Xolapa and Ignacio Calvario Marichon.

Original article in Spanish at Milenio

Bajopalabra offers a different cause of the event at Xolapa

This version of events is the one presented by the leader of the Front of Democratic Organizations of the State of Guerrero, FODEG, Bertolo Martinez Cruz, who when referring to the confrontation, said that there was no such confrontation, that rather it was a meeting that both groups would hold in the community of Xolapa.

But when a group of Community Police from Ocotito arrived at the zone of the meeting, with better arms than that of the house, they were disarmed in the blink of an eye, then used those weapons against the members of FUSDEG that were attending the meeting. He insisted that there was no clash between them as has been reported in some media, but rather a premeditated action of another grouop that took advantage of the element of surprise to disarm and shoot them.

Original article in Spanish at Bajopalabra


  1. "He insisted that there was no clash between them as has been reported in some media, but rather a premeditated action of another group that took advantage of the element of surprise to disarm and shoot them."

    There is more than meets the eye to this story.

  2. That picture of the family,sitting by the remnants of their family,maybe two males the breadwinners,fuckin heartbreaking..

    1. Yes I agree, I put it in so people don't forget the human cost of a tragedy like this.

  3. what next in Mexico ?
    Battle of Army vs Navy ? :-)

  4. The new governor is egging "his"community police to keep serving angel aguirre rivero, usually the dead get murdered by state paid community police as always, the photos show people turned into hamburger, the favorite product of the government paid assassins...

  5. Im from Durango. Its not as bad like in guerrero. But im from a little pueblo and theres alwayd two d.e.i agents encapuchados always going to our town and drink and try to take people money any way possible. But one day my tia said she saw them in her back street loading up marihuana bundles for the people that sell there. The town got tired of it and one time the two dei came to the town again and someone called the marina and they got into a shoot out and took them in


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