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Friday, June 19, 2015

Gates, Elite Police that combat narcos in Coahuila, lower the crime rate

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article

 [Subject Matter: Gates (Groupo de Armas y Tacticales Especiales
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required]

 "Here there are no narco's of the last letter (Los Zetas), here we call them by their name and we combat them for what they are: killers and leaches: Military will change State Security"

Reporter: Acosta M
Saltillo, Coahuila: In Coahuila some come to the Grupo de Armas y Tacticas Especiales (GATE), created in 2009 by the State Government to combat organized crime, like a blessing, they are attributed a decrease in the crime rate, and have quelled related activities of Los Zetas and Cartel del Golfo, who have for years had a violent dispute over territory.

In 2013 in Coahuila occupied sixth place in the national league of the most violent states in the country, according to the statistics for 6 types of crimes for every 100,000 inhabitants, (homicides, kidnapping, extortion, rapes, robberies with violence), by 2014 it had improved and they were 11th in the list.

According to levels recorded by the Secretariat of the National Systems of Public Security, in 2010 Coahuila had 16th place in the national league for homicides, but one year after, with the increase in activities of organized criminals, things started to worsen, occupying 9th place in 2011, 8th in 2012 and also 8th in 2013. For the past year, things have got better, 12th place this year, and the first three months until March it shows 13th place.

For the crime of extortion something similar occurred, 20th place in 2010 and better with 24th in 2011, and this year 2015 we are in 28th.

When it comes to kidnapping, there have been fluctuations, Coahuila was third nationally in 2010, improving to 24th in 2011, and this year it is 11th.

In crimes of federal order, we see something similar, the majority are going down, after Coahuila being near the top of the list. According to the levels of the Secretariat, in 2012 Coahuila occupied 15th place out of 32 in the country in crimes linked to drug trafficking, (production, transport, traffic, commercial, supply, possession and others) we are in 16th place, and in 15th for crimes against the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives, but stay in 7th place for violating the Federal Law against Criminal Organizations.

For 2013, it was better, 16th place for crimes against health, and 17th in narco trafficking. Also better in violation of Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives in 18th, even though it has worsened in violation of Federal Law of Criminal Organizations, in 4th place nationally.

In 2012, 74.6% of the inhabitants of Coahuila ( 10th place nationally) perceived their state to be insecure, according to the National Survey of Victimization and Perception about Public Security that every year publishes the INEGI. In 2013 things worsened: 82% of the citizens (7th place nationally), while in the past year the feeling of insecurity was at 78% and 8th place nationally.

At town level, things are better, in 2014 it was down to 62%, 9th place nationally.

The blessed and the narco C4

In the streets, where there are businessmen, students, taxi drivers, hotel staff, citizens walking, most of them recognise that they live in relative tranquility. The ambiance in the streets is very different to before, when gun battles were an everyday occurrence and people travelled in state of paranoia.

They had reason to be scared, already the criminal controlled the state in many ways: for example a high functionary of State Government revealed to Milenio that the plaza boss of one of the cartels in Piedras Negras had his own C4 ( closed circuit TV system). His own control centre, with feeds from 50 cameras elevated to a point where they can see all of the city on lamp posts and other high standing buildings and poles.

The Capo had access to the cameras via an application of his smart phone and a tablet. He didn't only rely on the work of his halcones, he had this system so his Lieutenants knew, in real time, the exact deployment of Municipal, and State Police and Federal and Army, with which in seconds he could prepare an ambush of not only Security Forces but against members of adversarial cartels.

This is the reason the citizens lived in fear.

Before, you left home when you had too and looked where the battle was, to know which different route to take, to one side or the other, or if it was better to stay at home. It was a case of dodging the bullets, remembers a chauffeur, who remembered that his children never left home other than to go to school.

When one sees the GATES, already I feel more calm because they carry arms. They are a blessing, said a woman business owner who approved of the general idea of these police, black uniforms, with square faces, armed with rifles and armoured vehicles, they confront whichever group of Sicarios they encounter, which inhibits the presence of the criminals.

In the Government of Coahuila, they have little doubt that GATES have been a good decision. The Commissioner for State Security, Captain Hugo Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, who was in the State Mayor Presidential with Ernesto Zedillo and Vincente Fox, who doesn't hesitate to expound the elite Police unit, nine have died in combat and five have been reported as disappeared), they have received training from Army Special Forces, and training from Spanish and Israeli forces, they are paid 30k pesos monthly, they are provided with housing. Also they have a psychologist dedicated to them and their families to council for the constant stress they live in.

Here, they are taught to give no quarter to organized crime, a GATE has the capacity, the volume of fire, training specifically for the Military, by personnel from Special Forces for Special Operations and interdiction operations, urban combat, personal defence, and stress shooting situations.

This group was formed in 2009 from 60 elements. In actuality we have 215 elements competent and trained, and 200 more that belong to the Metropolitan Operations Reactions Group (GROM), that administratively depend on the Municipals and operationally they drive GATES at the State Commission for Security.

The Captain supposes:

"You ask a child :"What do you want to be?". and before the child answers, badly, with a big apology that he committed a crime, they say they want to be Sicario's. Now you go to the schools and ask a child what he wants to be and he says: Soldier or GATE".

To sacrifice your freedom in the area of Security: all that work in drugs, have the hands of killers".

"What role did GATES have in reducing the crime rate?"

What's more important, is that I feel that GATE would be the nerve centre, a neurological point to combat the narco traffickers and organized criminals, that have free reign. They start by selling all types of drugs, after they start extortion's (cobra de piso), they control the sale of alcohol, they control the black market, they control money laundering, slot machines, and kidnapping. Its no only a question of reaction, but through proposed legislation. The Law of the land, to not permit licenses for table dancing, for the black market. So they cant present semi-nude or nude in spectacles or in bar events. They cannot install casinos.

Sacrifice certain freedoms in areas, to cut the financial flow to these people?

Exactly,  but it will not violate or cut the freedoms of the citizens. This we have been permitted to use in some towns to reduce by 90% the deaths that are catalogued for violent collisions in road traffic accidents, related to ingestion of alcoholic beverages. After two in the morning, already, one cannot sell, nor have an establishment open that sells alcoholic beverages.

Here they speak a lot about the Zetas leaders. Is this territory free of this cartel?

With certainty one can say right now that we don't have any grand capos of this criminal group. We are combating the cartel that is, the group concerned, we are trying to eliminate to the minimum to its minimum expression this scourge of society. For us all here that sell drugs in the streets have the hands of killers, who decimate humanity.

Do you combat everyone?

What are you trying to say? Here we call them by their names, here we have no fear. To know that Coahuila is a place where order prevails, where the law prevails, and where the State Force prevails.

What do you mean you call them by their names, to ask, alluding that usually nobody wants to mention them.

Inferring the group of Los Zetas, of the group Cartel del Golfo, or inferring La Familia Michoacana, because there are some that say: the last letter. Here we call them by their names, and what they are: criminals, killers, leaches of society.

The houses that are confiscated (from criminals) are destroyed? I'm asking about the tens of houses of capos that have been destroyed after confiscation.

A raid in which we make confiscations and detentions stay abandoned, and become populated with homeless, or wrong doers that use them to take drugs or steal, and its a symbolic, an apology for the lavishness in which they felt untouchable. They search for legal mechanisms to proceed with destruction of the same.

Welcome to Hell

This is what they call the place where GATES are trained: Hell. This represents the extreme training that they receive. Practising shooting with rifles, training in the desert sun, explosions in underground caverns, tunnels filled with water. GATES are people of few words, they are addicted to adrenaline and danger.

They talk about Ranger, 25 years of age, two years in GATES. By trade he is a mechanical engineer. He climbs in a armoured vehicle today his is the top gunner. His face covered by a balaclava like all his companions, so they are not identified by organized criminals who will move against them and their families.

What motivated you to come here?

Well I saw in the streets the black uniforms, the pride they have you can see it. They come to the streets full of criminals and want to help to clean this. This is what motivates me most. To see that GATES are making the changes.

What did you say to your family, were they scared?

Yes, they said to me it would be very risky and dangerous, but I don't want to look at other work, an other vocation, but inside I want to be GATE and change things, no other vocation calls me.

Is it stressful?

Since the start I believe God guides and cares for me, I leave with him and return with him, and I like the adrenaline rush.

Is the six months training difficult?

No, whatever I have to do to qualify for GATES, its very difficult training that nobody want to finish

Our weapons are a trusted part of us, and like the military we will never give them up or lose them.

Your weapon is like your woman, always be faithful, never leave it alone, never abandon it. Its that it is going to save your life, you and your gun are together.

They live for confrontations, risky situations...

Yes if we come up on them, a brief confrontation with criminals, in which you can hear the wizzing of passing bullets. Here you are going to learn to control your impulses. To know how to manage the risk.

When bullets whizz by what do you feel?

A cold chill, more than anything because you feel that one centimetre either way and it could have been you. To control yourself is the best help.

How do you keep cool during battle?

To think, to feel the pulsations, to calm yourself, to think of tranquil things and to have vision. To have the field of vision for where you are working and to have control.


She is 29 years old, with six months service in GATES, she is one of the few women that form part of this elite body. She wants to be the Commander of the Group, as one of her colleagues has already done. They call her "Roja", the mother of three children, she says she is treated equally to the men.

The women are treated the same as the men, we have the same training, the same tiredness, everything. We are equals. There is no distinction, and no allowances. The truth is the training is very hard, we sleep very little, and all day is forces training, physical training.

Your family say you are crazy to come here?

The truth, yes, to start with it took them by surprise and they didn't accept it. But now after a little insistence, they have given me their support. My brothers support me a lot. They told me they would come and look after my children whilst I was training.

You are not scared?

Yes I get scared, it worries me, I have two very young children and sometimes I feel anguish for them, but I like that. The stress. I put my faith in god and I have the support of my family, when god decides it, I know my children will be ok.

The gun battles

The truth is they stir up strong emotions, and I like the adrenaline.....


The commissioned, the Military in the streets carrying a Glock pistol and two rifles, a Galil and a Beretta, and in their office are photos of Bill Gates or Tom Hanks, are proud of their own. But there are people that have denounced their excesses, some of which have been documented by the State Commission for Human Rights. There is a video, where an apparent execution by GATES in front of Soldiers, that is another story.

Part 2 GATES accumulate allegations of Police Abuse (the other side of the coin) coming soon

Original article in Spanish at Milenio


  1. The powerful zetas and their narco operations were bertie boy moreira's shit, after miguel angel osorio chong had bertie boy exposed as a ratero to get him out of the secretary of governance, brother pelon moreira is having his own state police paid for by the citizens, to protect his ass, not the citizens' but crime and drug trafficking remains the same, this time under gate racket protection ...

  2. Awesome. I heard the GATES motto and message to the criminals is 'Mess With The Best, Then You Will Die Like The Rest'

    Good work GATES keep it up. The mexican people support you. The women and children know your heros. The ruthless cartels need to be cut down.

    1. Everybody here in Coahuila knows that g.a.t.e works for sinaloa cartel.. And sinaloa works for dea..can you believe this?

    2. If you want to learn the truth, please atlest read the History of Coahuila since 2000, drug cartels has changed Coahuila, and this is true, this group is working for another cartel, since the Moreiras and zetas division happened lots of wars begun in Coahuila, zetas disclose Moreiras money laundry, zetas betrayed Moreiras,Moreiras didnt get more money from zetas, zetas ambush Ruben Moreira in saltilla, Ruben created and organozed the gates, gates other cartel planned to take piedras negras, z40 order the realise of mor than 132 inmates in PN to work for them as a sicarios, Moreira ambush zetas through gates and kill lots of them in Monclova and sabinas, then in PN, even a z40 treviño nephew had to die in those confrontations then z40 ordered the execution of Ruben Moreira known as Lalo Moreira, and story goes on and on, but please do not try to see another picture in Coahuila believing that grupo gate is just a police or Govt armed wing.

    3. The gates kill alot more innocent people then the cartels

  3. It is a no brainer. Free gasoline (plenty of oil in MX), free electricity (state owned), free housing (Infonavit/Isste homes are crappy but for poor people a house is a house), free public college for them and their children. Some benefits could be for life, some could last for as long as they stay in the force. If the government cannot pay them well due to lack of funds (stolen by corrupt politicians) these benefits that could make happy, incorruptible agents. Imagine how happy men and women living in poverty would be if they get a job like that. If you exploit them like the rest of the population all you are doing is provide qualified mercenaries to organized crime.

  4. Free tickets to hell. Come to your nearest Gafe office for details.

  5. no one supports the gates as much as you think..
    they also kidnap and kill and disappear people

  6. when they coming to Tamps,

    1. leticia salazar has hercules teams they are like swat teams same like grupo gate, in monterrey are called policia elite, they are like swat teams, in jalisco and many other states are called gendarmeria, and mex marines operate better than all ofthese black uniforms, the difference is that marina get orders from the federal govt.

    2. 6:35 Lety salazar's Herculos are state police, under the command of state police commanders, their commander is the governor, and they do not "look" like crossing guards...
      --She explained that in person, no municipal police...
      -- she and her "boyfriend are not being prosecuted or investigated...
      --what IS your problem?

    3. What about the three teens that her Elite Team killed about 5 months ago. Who investigated her or her boyfriend due to that the vehicles of the deceased were all found in her boyfriends car lot. Se Tapan Con La Misma Covija

  7. Off topic but anybody got news on the attack on a beer distibuter in monterey supposably 10 dead?

  8. These gates are no good they are just taking over the drug game in acuna and piedras thats all. But i must say they do have better dope than Zetas (coca)so dont cheer them on same game different players thats it.

    1. Are the Z still operating in Coahuila PN and places or are they being killed off by these guys on sight?
      The Z would cut the balls out of the coke you could imagine?Maybe that is a sign things have changed?

    2. We are everywhere my friend, don't you worry..

  9. These guys seem very dedicated. Not all government forces are bad.

    People like this are what is going to save Mexico.

    1. Hahaha yeah ok, just like the (hope in the children) dream. Keep dreaming!

  10. all of mexican organized crime is owned by the politicians, the military brass and police, with businessmen in the middle at all levels, the gates will just jump in when needed or when the opportunity arises.
    whatever the "perks" they are worthless, when they retire the gates will come to the US any way they can

  11. This celebration of increased militarism by the Narco Police State dictatorship in Mexico by Borderland Beat is a big reason why I seldom come here anymore.

    1. Is it now mate?

    2. 12:42 please don't quit and let them win, I don't wanna be here all by myself, BB does not run anybody away, but quitters go away on their own, grow up and stand your ground, mister !!!

    3. General Patton would slap you on the snout for quitting...
      --What you do is call it as you see it, any celebration of any mexican governing narco-mierdocracia action is a corruption of the purpose of the great majority of BB terroristas (us), we are against it, no like, and let the chips fall where they may...

  12. We will see for how long, cartels are in a break right now in that state.

  13. I am surprised more comments on this to reject it outright.
    GATE has gone to the dark side maybe influenced by Seguridad Publica Acreditables, who are kidnapping people who vanish. you need to read respected social media site dedicated to Coahuila. not this government crap. it is sad because we remain a virtual black out narco news state.

    the news is by design. I thought BB knew this by now since some of your reporters are in Coahuila. remember pelon has the same gene pool as Humberto, the entire family are corrupt liars and thieves.

    remember the tornado a few weeks ago? all the donations from state gob the pantries with cleaning supplies and equipment was diverted to PRI campaign bodegas and given at rallies for votes.

    absolutely nothing has changed expect for the worse, because it is even more covert no pasa nada.

    1. LIKE @1:34, like, like...☆☆☆☆☆ tell mommy...

    2. the only people they kidnap are zetas, they would kill them.

  14. This gates are the same scumbags that killed the teennage kids that were U S citezens. Remember they picked up the girl and her boyfriend and when her. Bro. Tried to help they took him as well. And they later found their cars for sale a used car sale lot .Don't give them too much respect their on a payroll like the rest of the narcos.

    1. It wasn't the GATES.they're only in Coahuila. It was grupo Hercules,which are in matamoros,tamp. Gates are respected and do their job to rid of any and all criminal elements. Doesn't matter from where. Hercules are there to do what ever the mayor tells them. She plays both sides of the field

    2. they are the same but with differents names and operates under different governors, hercules are for leticia salazar in matamoros supported by cdg, groms and gates are for pelon in coahuila supported by cdg and sinaloa, policia elite de monterrey works for some majors in metropolitan mty supported by cdg..

    3. --The Herculos are state police, paid for and owned by governor viejidio cantu, in Tranzaulipas, mayor lety salazar said so, her city does NOT have municipal police goddamnit!!! How many times do we have to repeat it?
      --But shit has happened in guauhuila too with extra judicial killings, kidnappings and disappearances, certainly the moreira's owned paper radio and tv self censored and there is still a news blackout, except when rageddy rags like milenio get chayote to print all the news they get paid to print, OBVIOUSLY, JERKLOCK...
      --'member, Time got paid to save peña nieto's ass, it did not work, but they got paid.

    4. it wasn't GATES and they were drug dealers indebted to the cartel. score settled.

  15. when u let local government take over their owe security they get it done,

    1. These are feds

    2. No they are state and in Coahuila only, a creation of Humberto

    3. 5:51 right, I like...
      --AutoDefensas comunitarias, autonomas, without heavy expensive weapons or well trained killing human machines, do a better job of policing their communities.
      --Problem starts when government from any level starts giving them their blessings and support and infiltrate them with their corrupt sicarios...

    4. The army only goes around murdering once in a while, when their name can be soiled safely away from prying eyes and they can murder with impunity...
      --the mexican governors are like the local capos or godfathers now, they must or will do their own clean up, only their mafia delegates are to have plaza and report to the local branch of the state police, see the pattern...
      --Also policia nazional "general", porro enrique francisco galindo ceballos hired all the elements that failed the tests, that was his #1job, he and miguel angel osorio chong are surrounded by known crooks, their own and genaro garcia luna's...

  16. GATES are some mean dudes, most people are more scared of them, than the actual narcos. La ribereña is a nice quiet highway, but don't let GATES stop you on it at night, not even, they'll beat you first ask questions last

  17. Maybe not all the gates are corrupt murdering sicarios of the governor, but more than enough are...all the state police on all the states, as policia judicial del estado, AFIS or autodefensas recruited and paid for by the state are corrupt, hallooo?
    --otis reports from england what milenio says, and milenio says government paid for propaganda, no wonder the people do not believe, we live there with them...

    1. dont be naive, we live in coahuila and we dont believe in fairy tales or an utopian world.

    2. Bertie Boy Moreira is not your flesh and Bones prince, I hope...
      --Can you elaborate regarding the news blackout about guauhuila state's crime and corruption politics?

    3. 8:58 and you report from guauhuila mil mascaras, but you never report anything but about how safe it is there, and about how nothing happens to you, and about millie's whining...oh and about how you married mexican woman, thanks, she may sleep so good in spite of the "headaches"...

    4. You are gates' biggest cheerleader, mil mascaras, you are in heat as soon as you imagine them on their uniforms, you live there with them, ask the guauhuilians what they think of the gates ojetes, AND find out if milenio speaks the truth or got paid to save el pelon's ass mister jealousy jelly jell-o...

  18. GATES,acreditables, gatem....are the ones responsable for ALL the killings n kidnappings in Piedras n some cities they support Z or Golfos(cDS) ... Here in acuna people disappered dayly!!!remember all the girls beaten found dead...acreditables(z) comandante janky but he switch sides to golfo now hes after contras in torreon... But dont b fool los viejos aqui andan tambien! Gates n acreditables (state police) r doing the same!!steal, kill n kidnaping!! In other words they r cleaning plaza for cartels! News are not allowed to publish... Coahuila is worse!!! Golfo cant fight them alone, niether cds, they r the same crooks just w a badge to kill!

    1. This is terrible i knew somethig was up when i stoped hearing news on couahuila,

    2. Los viejos u must live in acuña or piedras that is what zetas are called there few years back thats all you heard in acuna los viejos


  20. Saquenle toda la ropa sucia a los cabrones, a todos, para reirnos de ellos y de sus putas madres que los parieron.

  21. Who the fuck cares they violate any scum fuckers human rights. They are fighting the cartel scum and there is always collateral damage regardless. The more cartel scum they execute the better. I like GATES they don't like taking prisoners.

    1. The nazis violated a lot of scum's rights, but the "scum started it" they should never have been born, at least not in germany, or knocked up hitler's mom...
      --but history has not absolved those them there nazis...

    2. Only a dumb bitch supports nazis. Pobre pendeja.

  22. 8:15 ok, as long as you recognize they are shitty hanging judges and on the take and will kill anyone for un peso, the gates are not there to save anyone's ass but the moreiras and the pendejos on their side are as guilty as the gates...


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