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Saturday, June 6, 2015

CIDA:Cartel leader arrested while organizing PRI rally for gubernatorial candidate

Lucio R Borderland Beat material from Reforma, BajoPalabra, Digital Guerrero

Elections Mexico Style: Threats of punishment in failure of attending PRI Rally

The long road of electoral campaigns for the election of  Sunday July 7 in Guerrero, ended the same way it began, punctuated by acts of violence, vandalism and invasion of organized crime.

Highlighting the latest intrusive acts befallen the campaign wind down, was the attack early hours of the day ensued at the offices of the PAN (National Action Party) in Guerrero, where unidentified persons threw an explosive devices, and the arrest of Carlos Sánchez Villafuerte aka Ulises Hernández Ramírezan  (left) alleged financial operator of the Cártel Independiente de Acapulco (CIDA).

Sánchez Villafuerte is attributed for organizing a rally for  PRI Guerrero gubernatorial candidate, Hector Astudillo Flores.  

The candidate, whose election theme was “A warrior for order and peace”,  has been mum about the arrest of  his advocate, Sánchez Villafuerte.

The PRD party however, issued a statement; the state president of the PRD, Celestino Cesáreo Guzman, at a press conference announced his party's position regarding the arrest of the alleged kingpin Carlos Sanchez Villafuerte and / or Ulises Hernandez Ramirez, accused as the financial operator of the Independent Cartel of Acapulco (CIDA ), information circulating in national media.

Celestino Cesáreo requested to the media that the federal authorities, especially the PGR investigate alleged links to organized crime in the campaign with the PRI candidate for governor, Hector Astudillo Flores, since the detainee stated as who organized an event for the tricolor flag bearer party.

Official statement from federal police regarding the arrest which they announced was cultivated after a 3 month investigation.

Official statement from federal police;
"(The suspect) is identified as the financial operator of a criminal group in the state of Guerrero and likely responsible for the transfer, sale and distribution of narcotics as well as extortion, kidnapping and executions. 
From the subject was seized;  a handgun, .45 mm, two magazines, 13 rounds of ammunition, four cell phones of different brands. The suspect was transferred to Mexico City to be turned over to SEIDO of the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office."
According to reports, since Wednesday,  a group with a man identified as “El Chico” was sent by Sánchez Villafuerte to the Central Market trading posts (Mercado Central) to determine how many people would attend the PRI rally.

It was demanded that residents attend the rally with a minimum of one other person or else they would charge 200 pesos failing to attend.

Traders at the Boulevard of Nations were also threatened with a penalty for non-attendance.  The penalty was having trade “privileges” suspended for a month.

At the time of his arrest, in the interior of a shop, the cartel finance capo wore a campaign shirt of Astudillo Flores.

The rally was cancelled. 


  1. Hector is innocent he does know this guy

    1. u mean doesn't know the guy, correct? I believe you.

    2. Tongue firmly implanted in cheek?

    3. We believe you :)

  2. Maybe the problem Mexico has,is,the way in which it does it,less sophisticated?
    This happens all over the world,why yes,even the well developed countries..

    1. are probably correct.
      P.S. if you put a space after your punctuation, it makes it a whole lot easier to read..........

    2. Yes, you hear and read it every day in the U.S. "Campaigning for governor, rally organized by local crime figures, candidates dodged molotave cocktails and AK rounds." Nobody does it quite like Mexico!

  3. They need to arrest the candidate for complicity and bar him from running for any political office in Mexico.

  4. I don't understand the political system in Mexico.
    Who are the Democrats in Mexico ?
    Who are the Republicans ?
    Who are the Independents ?

    1. News Flash the PRI bosses r in San Fernando Buying Votes/. Will all voters of SF pick up ur $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. Disappointed in NietoJune 6, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    For the last 8 years I could not figure out why the Mexican Gov. would allow these killings, now have the answer, BRITH CONTROL. Mama don't let your Boys grow up to be Cartel soldiers . Well so long my way back to San Antonio

    1. Cartel de las lomas president peña nieto is more than 8 years old, and the pri party has been at it since the 1920, all priistas are more than 8 years old and corrupts for life...
      --Of course you just got made aware...

  6. Disappointed in NietoJune 6, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    The Pri is in charge

  7. Who is this Paco Cerda?

  8. 45mm handgun?! I thought my 10mm/40sw and 45(cal.)acp where big.

  9. This exemplifies the core of the problem. Mexican politicians have to be some of the dirtiest in the world. And before anyone replies back "this goes on in america too, american politicians are as bad as mexican politicians" stop to think a minute, when was the last time an oranganized crime figure was captured while promoting a political rally in America? Is it true that American politicians are so advanced they can engage in the same level of criminality as Mexican politicians and get away with it consistently?

  10. American politicians have evolved, they still promise to restore american government on the white house to their rightful place in the heaven of decency while sinking it a deeper in the shit, all of them playing on the right field for their masters, even John kerry has been corrupted...
    American politicians only take duly laundered money from approved lobbyists, while they still use some of it to cover up sins of the past...
    -- like former US rep and speaker of the house dennis hastert from Yorkville il. who used to rape his students and wrestlers he coached in high school and has been caught paying about 1.7 million bucks to keep it quiet...


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